A Year of Projects 2017-2018 List


WIP’s to Deal with and Finish

  1. From Another Place Crop Top by Leah Coccari-Smith – Rip out ribbing in sleeves and in v-neckline & reknit for better fit.
  2. Idlewood by Cecily Glowik MacDonald – [Status 1 as of 7.09: Frogged; will shop for light gray yarn @Imagiknit.]
  3. Pioneer Girl by Susan B. Anderson – Poll Says, “Leave the speckled, garter stitch body as is. Then knit the lace section in black AND THEN switch back to the speckled yarn for the applied edging.” [Status 1 as of 10.08: Blocking in the backyard]


  1. Circle to Square Granny Square Tutorial by Just Be Crafty – I have always wanted to crochet a traditional granny square blanket and I’d like one for our living room to go with our Hawaiian theme.


  1. Cowgirl Cowl by Pam Powers – I love the tassel! *imagines the genie and the flying rug high-fiving*
  2. Altitude Cowl by Jen Joyce Designs [Status 1 as of 10.08: Chosen the yarn]


  1. Knotted Headband by Stephanie Jessica Lau – My first one is raggedy so I need a new one.
  2. Triple Luxe Headband by Stephanie Jessica Lau – I love rockin’ headbands in public.


  1. Primrose Ascot by Pam Powers – I’ve always wanted to make this.
  2. Strawberry Cake Scarf by Twinkie Chan – Something fun; I like her bacon and eggs scarf but brown and yellow are a bit boring.


  1. Affinity by Louise Zass-Bangham – I want to use some crazy fingering.
  2. (added 7/09) Arika Cowl by Jane Richmond – I could possibly use those two, teal yarn cakes of Misti Alpaca that I ended up not using for Idle-Plummy-Wood.


  1. Beach House by Teresa Gregorio – It’s hot in the east bay and I need more coverage over my ribbed tanks.
  2. What’s Love Top by Wool and the Gang – Hot weather, modest, cool coverage