The Other Craft, XVI


Annyeong haseyo. And how is your Thursday going? I am relaxed. Today I started Beginning Yoga. This first class was a positive experience. I had worried about not being flexible when I had signed up for this Park & Rec class but it wasn’t an issue this morning. I like how my teacher is mellow and explains what we’re doing and how. She walks around the room and helps us. I had help at least twice and didn’t feel too self-conscious; I expected to have some correction as I’m totally new to yoga. There are bricks to use when you can’t quite stretch to the floor. Mine had to stand up. Downward Dog is something I hope to see improvement in by the end of the eight class session. It’s not easy to hold my body weight like that and my heels didn’t touch my mat. I also need to work on my breathing. As a perfectionist I got a little stiff when trying a pose where I would try to hold steady. I know I held my breath at times. I can’t believe how the hour passed by so fast! I’m looking forward to further classes.

Yesterday’s Highlight

So I meant to post yesterday but I don’t know how Wednesday flew by. I had made the Costco run yesterday; I saw my favorite check out cashier who told her teammate, I was one of the nice ones; that was sweet. I told her she’s my favorite and then we talked about The Outsiders again. Have you read that book and/or seen the movie? I had listened to the audio as you know and it was fantastic; Pony Boy rocks. I will watch the movie one day. While my food items were being scanned, I told the woman who was helping to pack up my cart what our favorites were because she had asked me if the granola was good. I told her I didn’t know but saw it was new by the bakery and wanted to try it. The lady by the exit who looked at my receipt, said, “Wow, 40 items? That’s a lot. Weekly shopping?” Is she crazy? My cart was pretty full; to shop like that each week would be me having a family that’s a high school football team. I told her, “No, bimonthly.”


Since the new year started I’ve been living and breathing cards. I try to get thank you cards for Christmas presents done as soon as I can.

I used to take forever on deciding what to use to make a card. I also used to rely heavily on pinned card layouts or on examples I’ve found on Pinterest. I still look at my boards for inspiration but a part of me rebels, spurring me to put together my own design. So that’s what I did for this set of cards. I got stuck on how to present the sentiment while sticking to the vintage-distress theme, but I eventually got inspired and figured it out. Ten of these were made. I’m pretty proud of the design. My dad’s cousin and her daughter in Vegas told my mom recently I was artistic. You know that made me beam like the sun.

 Next up shows you the anal perfectionist in me.

I wanted to make a thank you card for Qi, the knitter who had invited me to her house during winter break. She had liked Cupcake’s birthday invitation so much she remembered it and talked about it to her MIL when I was over. I wanted to make her a card that she could have herself. I also had a new stamp set of roses I wanted to use; in this stamp set, to make one of the roses and one of the leaves, there is a layering of two to three stamps, each layer giving more dimension and more detail. In addition, I looked at examples of rose trellises against houses on Pinterest.

In this first photo, I used my scoring board and created the house-like siding with the trellis right in the middle, as though the owners wanted it as a feature piece for curb appeal. You can see the textured paste pattern from a doily stencil colored in mauves and purples. While it was drying I began to have doubts about it because I felt the placement of the paste was off and looked awkward. Honestly, it looked fake to me. Plus, I wasn’t sure about the color I used to color the trellis; it seemed too bright.

So of course I tried again, this second photo. I thought okay, the rose stamp will be 3-D’d and paired with the sentiment; it should be the pop of color and the focus of this card while everything else should be in the background. I also didn’t want all this color all over the card. I wanted the trellis to be noticeable but not overshadowing the rose. A trellis can be in white but white cardstock is pretty noticeable and I really loved the color of the wall. Because I had vellum lying around, I thought I’d use a different stencil, Gothic, because there was already a flower component and the doily stencil does look like flowers, leaves, and rocks. I chose beige-like colors to color the paste for the stencil. I thought I created the right card background, but then I started feeling that the color of the paste was so boring.

Bring in Take Three!

Let me tell you, it’s work to have to score cardstock and then color it. The vellum piece I had to washi tape down so when I scored lines in the opposite direction, the paper wouldn’t move. Mind you it took me two previous tries before light bulb came on.

In this third try I colored the texture paste two of the colors I had used in the leaf. I felt I had used a little too much of the stencil and that the yellow greens were overpowering. I didn’t want to create a fourth background, so I did two things:

  1. Restamp the background stamp of words and the music sheet which helped to tone down the color
  2. Add a second rose (the mix of purples) to the first one (the trilogy of pinks) to cover a bit of the texture paste. Anchoring two roses instead of one in that left hand corner balanced everything out.

And last but not least…

A HI card.

Lisa, aka DoleValleyGirl, had liked my pine trees background on IG, asking if I was selling them. I was touched by her interest and thus made an extra one to send off to her for free of course. I wanted to put it in a bigger card so I created this one. I knew I wanted to use my vintage camera stamp set. When I think of cameras I think of film. For one of my cousins’ birthdays, I had used the film strip stamp from a Tim Holtz set and embossed it in red; I wanted to do the same here for Lisa’s card and thus found a Vintage Turquoise Red color palette off of Pinterest. I seriously just went with it!

Most of the scoring I have done are usually brick walls or stone ones. I wanted to make something different and so came up with these intertwining lines. I colored it in the neutral color of the palette. The rest of the color scheme consists of real pops of color which I wanted to limit but show off at the same time. What do you think? She’s going to let me know when she receives it.

Okay, dinner time is coming around. I need to figure out what our ga-jok’s having. Kamsa hamnida for popping by today. TTYL. Annyeong kaseyo!


19 thoughts on “The Other Craft, XVI

  1. Your cards are beautiful! I love the addition of the wooden star:)
    The yoga class sounds great! I’ve done yoga on the Wii and tried a few video classes. It is much harder than it looks. I don’t have good balance or flexibility. Be sure to tell us how you progress. I’ve been tempted to try a class at the local studio.


    • Thank you, Karen. The star is actually made from scrapbooking gift tags, a heavier cardstock. I can be obsessed with techniques as I really wanted to make more snowbanks and use that pine tree stamp. I had pinned a video that used a pine tree stamp and snowbanks but hers was only a single pine tree which can create a slightly different effect with placement. Yes, I’m workin’ on balance and breathing. This is a park and rec class so I feel the instructor is more patient since older Asians from the community take it and she’s Asian herself. I don’t know how different Advanced Yoga is from this beginning class but I’ll see how I progress by the end of the session. I think I would personally be more intimidated to take it at a professional studio but maybe in the future when I’m comfortable with it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stef, I love the star and evergreens cards. SO pretty. Qi’s card was quite the evolution but I loved try number 1, 2 and 3! Number 2 attempt was my favorite, is that ok to say ? You put so much love and talent into these cards. You should Be proud and you are an artist!!!!!


  3. Gorgeous cards — I really enjoyed seeing the process and drafts you went through for the thank you card — it turned out beautifully!

    Congrats on your first yoga class!! I’ve done yoga on and off for years, and I’m always amazed about how downward dog changes during the course of regular practice — you go from aching wrists, waiting to be able to get out of it, to it being a lovely resting position — at least that’s been my experience! Good luck with the class!


  4. go you on the yoga! I hope to start up again, but right now the strength training with the trainer is all I can handle (cat…). I’m signing up for more sessions so I might add more treadmill or walking around the town as a goal. Maybe even eat better? (where is the fun in that…) Anyways, lovely cards and I love your crafts 🙂


  5. I always knew you would be a person who is nice to others…you are a teacher after all! I really do want to take yoga…your class and instructor sound awesome.

    Now to the cards…they are lovely…and the detail you put into them is lovely, too!


  6. Only did Yoga, once. A class that is. And it was ‘prescribed.’ Which isn’t the way to do anything. I prefer to choose. It was relaxing. Happily, that time of needing a Dr. to advise me how to live, is long past. 🙂

    Should try a Yoga class again. Come spring. Right now, with Flu rampant, I just don’t want to go “out in public,” except for necessity. And then, with a mask on. -sigh-

    “Elder People” must care for their health. And being someone who is happy-at-home, I don’t mind. A younger person would have major cabin fever!!!!! ,-)

    You-are-so-busy! It is wonderful!!!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


  7. Hi Stefanie 🙂 Congrats on starting yoga! 🙂 I’ve been doing it for years and my heels NEVER touch the ground in that downward dog position. Mind you, I had to quit lately because my hands are bothering me and I can’t do any move that puts pressure on the hands or wrists. I’m working on my own program that will accommodate that. I like the gentler type of yoga, Hatha and Yin styles, it’s just like a big body stretch! And it’s so relaxing, good luck with it! Namaste! 🙂

    I saw the Outsiders…five times???…when I was in high school..those boys were so dreamy lol…my fave was Johnny though, poor kid. I have a soft spot for the underdog! 🙂

    Your cards are fabulous. I think the first try was beautiful!


  8. Nice card work lady! I love the Christmas thank yous and that Hi card! You have been busy in all the crafts!

    I’m glad you found a yoga class you liked. It’s so nice that you have someone that is actually teaching people the positions and not storming through all the poses. That’s why I’m so intimidated by most studios!


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  10. Beautiful cards and I love how you are experimenting with your own designs.
    The yoga class sounds like fun! I have never tried it myself but my husband goes through his yoga exercises and meditates every evening without fail. He has been doing it for about a year and credits both with improving his stress level and mood.


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