It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Good morning. How is your Monday going? Mine started off productively after getting sleepy girls to school. I ran by Target to stock up on tea; the TAZO Chai line (Chai Organic, Glazed Lemon Loaf, and Vanilla Bean Macaroon) was the big attraction for my tea fix. I’m currently finishing up a box of TAZO Chai Vanilla Caramel which I really like. I also picked up a box of NUMI Organic Jasmine Green which is also a favorite of mine. Then it was off to TJ’s to pick up some organic spuds, tofu, and milk as the dames wanted potatoes and tofu in their Japanese curry tonight. On my way to the post office I stopped by Boudin’s to get a loaf of their Oval Dark Bake; this bread is a must in our house. E had picked one up last Friday and it was gone by last night. What is your favorite, daily drink? Are you into fresh bread like us?

How is your 2018 reading coming along? I finished my First Book of the Year last night. I’ve been busy making cards at home all this time so I’ve only been reading at night.

This is my second time reading a work of Agatha Christie. I was curious about the Miss Marple series so I chose this for 2018.

When I had first started the book, I felt like a helicopter dropped me down into a flurry of activity where there’s a crowd of villagers gabbing about. So it took me a bit to get used to who was who at first. Then I felt I was moseying along and at times dreaded I had picked the wrong book to start off my year. Thankfully the plot picked up and I was interested in seeing who was where and when.

There was a herring or two that really threw me off. I was surprised at who actually killed the Colonel. Talk about devious! I have to admit though, despite that factor, I gave The Murder At The Vicarage ☆’.・.・:★’. Miss Marple was hardly around. I thought she would be the main character in charge of things like Inspector Armand Gamache, but it was the vicar who bustled about and who would think about the facts.

In last week’s post, Katherine had commented, “… I’m so glad you’re giving Miss Marple a try for 2018! I love her though Murder at the Vicarage isn’t her absolute best so don’t get discouraged if you don’t love her right away!…” I don’t know if this refers to what I felt above. Perhaps this first installment is just an entering gateway to Miss Marple’s character and her habit of playing detective? Maybe there’s a partnership with the vicar? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well, I will give book two a chance but I’m not in a rush to right now.

On My Nightstand

  1. Silk is for Seduction (The Dressmakers #1) by Loretta Chase and
  2. The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay
  3. An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

I’d like to mention again that my domain at this address will expire February 6th. I’m thinking I may change the blog’s name. I feel change in my bones for this 2018. There are things I’d like to experiment with and things to try. I will probably copy/paste this paragraph into future posts to remind you. I am very honored to have you as a reader; I hope you will continue to follow me in the future.

Off to finish my tea and brainstorm birthday cards for the twins. Thanks for dropping by today. TTYL and Happy Reading to you.


20 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I used to love watching Miss Marple on Madterpiece Mystery Theatre…so much fun. We love bread…artisanal bread…good bread…toasted bread! I will be curious about your thoughts about “Ravens”…soup, cheese and bread is one of our fave combinations!


    • Yay, another bread lover. My Jellybean will eat a slice plain for breakfast and for snack. So I continue to buy Boudin bread fresh from the store. I’ve tried buying the two loaves from Costco but once, one loaf got moldy; what a waste!


  2. Okay so at least you read it! And Katherine is most likely correct – she usually is! Hmm so you are thinking of a new name for your blog so we’ll watch this space! I like Loretta Chase but haven’t read this one.


  3. There is SO much going on in Murder at the Vicarage. Miss Marple is sometimes in the forefront and sometimes in the background in a more advisory role. You may find Sleeping Murder or At Bertram’s to your liking. Both have much smaller character lists and I think the mystery benefits from that. The Loretta Chase sounds really good. I’ve yet to read anything by her. The tea flavors all sound amazing! I’m finishing off my last box of a Yogi Tea blend that involves positivity and tangerine. It’s good but I wouldn’t mind some variety. Have a great week!


    • I really liked The Mysterious Affair at Styles which features Hercule Poirot. I will Miss Marple another go some other day and see how it goes then. If you’re not in the mood to read her, that’s all good. Life is too short to read what’s all hyped up. Read what you like.


  4. Love fresh bread! Sounds awesome. and so does the organic green tea and the Tazo chai. I’ve had a problem with Agatha Christie where I got bored and fell away- so I need to pick carefully which one I read next, I think. But I’m looking forward to finding the right one!


  5. Favourite drink – coffee – basically any kind! I have a penchant for Nescafe Cappucino sachets, at the moment enjoying Caramel, or the Nespresso machine pods, love Caramelito – ooh think there’s a theme there. January book – just finished one for our bookclub – The Girl with Seven Names by Hyeonseo Lee. A good read, but written a bit like a list sometimes, guess there was a lot to cover. It followed a good book, The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Patrick Phaedra. For me, just before Christmas, an unputdownable book, an easy and enchanting read


  6. I will follow you where ever you end up 🙂 I am an Agatha Christie fan. It’s been a while since I read Murder at the Vicarage. Remember Ms. Marple seems to solve much from being almost invisible to everyone else because she’s old and not of consequence. But she sees all! hehe.


  7. Enjoy your bread everyone!!!!! Some time ago, I discovered that all my IBS issues disappeared, when I went Gluten Free. So…. Even though I do miss real bread, my life is so much better, without the IBS, that to live without Gluten (in all its forms), is a no brainer. But! Enjoy your real bread!

    I just finished a book too… “The Ghost of Marlow House” and enjoyed it, so want the next in the series. Have another book going though. And books to pick up from the library. So, I think I’ll wait a bit. I can’t juggle too many books at once. Unless one is fiction and another is non-fiction.

    Thank you and others, for the prompt, to get going on my reading again!!!!!!!


  8. Oh and I wish you well, with a change, in blogging. I did that, very recently.

    Decide on what you want, and keep us updated!!!!


  9. Hi Stefanie 🙂 Oh yes, I have a favourite few drinks…chamomile tea with some passionflower in it (to help with anxiety – it works!) and I have some wine each night with dinner. Love it! 🙂 I make my bread now so that’s my favourite, though I’m a sucker for Montreal bagels!

    Remind me again when the time comes and I’ll happily follow you to your new domain name!!! 🙂 Congrats on the reading!!! 🙂


  10. Thank you for the tea recommendations. There are so many delicious ones to try. I am making my way through a Harry and David Christmas tea sampler tin that was gifted to me. I love the Agatha Christie novels featuring Hercule Poirot but never read the Miss Marple one’s. Have you read any of Elizabeth Peter’s mysteries featuring Amelia Peabody? Such fun books. I am thinking of re-reading the series starting from the beginning but there are so many new books out. Hard to decide!


  11. Hi Stefanie! What went through my mind was how I love how your blog gives me a window on a world a million miles from my own and always makes me feel happy! When I leave your page I’m full of sunshine and family and food and yarn and books and it’s a great place to be. Thanks.


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