Once Upon a Sock, nine

Well, what’s goin’ on in your area? Crazy winter weather? High temperatures? We here in the Bay Area got a good, ol’ fashioned earthquake, about a 4.5 magnitude; it happened past 2:30 a.m. I live in the eastern part and our home is located near the fault line so our mirrored, closet doors were shakin’ good. When our crew used to live in the middle of SF, earthquakes would just be a hard jolt and that was it. Here, the movement was stronger and longer.

Before I get into today’s post I want to mention my domain at this address will expire February 6th. I’m thinking I may change the blog’s name. I feel change in my bones for this 2018. There are things I’d like to experiment with and things to try. I will probably copy/paste this paragraph into future posts to remind you. I am very honored to have you as a reader; I hope you will continue to follow me in the future.

Well it’s that time of the month again where Kat, Katherine, Paula, and I share what’s going on with our sock projects. Those of you who are fellow sock knitters, please think about joining in each month. We’d love to have you in our circle.

Two ladies already have their posts up for your pleasure reading:

  1. Kat of Felinity Knits
  2. Paula of Spin a Yarn

When Katherine of Fiber and Sustenance gets has her post up; I’ll update her link has been updated.

One thing fantastic about our knitting community is the fun KAL’s (knit-a-longs) that are created. Some have specific rules while others are lax where you can enter a WIP (work in progress) and double dip, meaning participate in other similar KAL’s as well. With my current sock WIP, I am also taking part in two KAL’s besides Once Upon a Socks’s monthly posts:

  1. Little Bobbins Knits Christmas Eve 2017 Cast On
  2. My Sister’s Knitter Personal Sock Yarn Year 4

The first of course had to be started on 12/24. My Sister’s Knitter MSKsockyarnclub18 allows previous sock yarn WIP’s; the theme for January is yarn or pattern inspired by your favorite book.

Days before Christmas Eve I mulled over which skein of sock yarn I was going to use. Because all month fellow knitters on IG were flashing their December-inspired sock projects, I really wanted to use one that was festively dyed. So Harry by Nomadic Yarns won out. What kismet it is that this yarn also goes with MSK’s theme!

I am in love with the work of Nomadic Yarns. It’s the red, you see. As a big Harry Potter fan, the color makes me think of the series’s theme of love, of friendship, and of trials and triumphs.

I originally had cast on with the Harry yarn, but remembered that a color change would occur soon. I didn’t want to have two colors in a cuff, a part I was planning to knit longer (20 rounds instead of 15) so I frogged and restarted. The black cuff is Cascade Heritage in black. The red cuff is Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20; I’m not sure of the colorway name; it may be Red Maple. Serenity 20 has cashmere in it; it is divine!

I am knitting these socks concurrently. I basically go through all the color changes on one before switching to the other. It’s about 25 rounds to do so. I cast on with a US 2 (2.75 mm). I then switched to US 1’s (2.25 mm) to knit each cuff. Now I’m using US 0’s (2 mm) to knit the rest of the socks. My DPN’s are Clover Takumi bamboo; one set is 5″ long while the other is 7″.

So I will steadily work on these socks. The four of us have been watching a Harry Potter movie just about each night. This WIP is my go-to as it’s vanilla knitting and soothing at the end of the day.

Thank you for dropping by today. TTYL!


32 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, nine

  1. Oh Stefanie I love those colours! They are perfectly Harry Potter and Christmas. We’ve been working our way through the films too 🙂

    I’m excited about your new change in direction for the blog (I hope knitting is still on the agenda) and will still be reading, of course. x


    • Yay for more Harry Potter fans! We started the sixth movie last night but the husband had to go to sleep for work; I told him we’d wait for him as he’s off tomorrow and can stay up tonight. Thank you for your sweet support and thoughts. I appreciate your friendship. XO

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s wonderful. We don’t have regular TV anymore since we had given up cable years ago. My mum and I had bought the movies long ago so it’s nice to have the standard DVD’s for whenever I’m in the mood to watch Harry. I told my girls we’re marathoning the series every winter break.


    • Thank you, Kathy. We’ll get used to the harder shaking here. Yes, fist pump for vanilla knitting. I love sock patterns but am lazy as heck. By the end of the day I want mindless knitting to make me happy.


    • Mahalo plenty, Patty. XO Since it’s vanilla knitting where I don’t really have to worry about pattern directions in the leg and foot, it’s just knit, knit, knit.


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    • Thank you, Karen. I love the colors as they make me feel I’m at Hogwarts. Thank you for thinking of us. Growing up with earthquakes has desensitized us some to them, LOL. I’m sure you’re used to the snow and what comes with it, yeah?

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  3. I have to say Stef this earthquake was definitely one of the longest and strongest shakes we’ve had in a long time. H had a friend spending the night. We went to go check on the boys after. H was dazed, but his friend, C had slept through it. LOL Bay Area kids, amirite?

    I remember one of the first things I related to you was your true love for Harry Potter. H and I watched a little bit, though right now, he is mainly into more grown-up items – I’d like to blame art school, but we can blame his Dad. I on the other hand have been watching it anytime I have a moment and it’s on t.v./cable (even though we own them). He will come in and give me a squish and sit with me for a moment. Thanks HP! I’ll take it!

    Anyways, enjoy your Harry Potter as much as possible and your beautiful socks.


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    • Thank you! I’m a bit worried everyone will expect huge changes but I just want to try a few new things and will have to think about other things to refresh.


  5. As far as the earthquake, I had gotten up to use the powder room about 5 minutes before it happened so I was still awake. I swear I thought my hubby was having a seizure until he asked “Do you feel that too?” Cray, cray…right? I adore those colors and love that you were inspired by HP. I haven’t watched any of the movies in awhile and would love to do a marathon with them again. I would also love to read the whole series again. Maybe I will make that one of my goals this year 🙂 Kudos on another super awesome start to 2018!


  6. I love that you too love Harry Potter (I’m a huge fan!). You are inspiring me to cast on my first pair of socks. I don’t know why I am so intimidated by socks ;(


  7. You can have your earthquakes! I was in CA once on business in a high building with elevators when one hit and I was terrified….they said it was a small one but it was enough for me! I think it’s all what you’re used to…I’m used to tornadoes so they don’t bother me but also they don’t affect everyone like an earthquake does. I hope you stay safe and upright! We have some here but tiny, tiny ones that you would barely notice. I was in the tub once and there was a mini-tsunami in there with me! LOL!
    I love your socks….what a gorgeous color and I like your contrasting cuffs. I need to do that one of these days. Your progress keepers are so cute too!


  8. Hi Stefanie 🙂 I LOVE the colours you chose for your socks!! Beautiful!
    Oh my earthquakes…we don’t get those too often. The last one that rocked my world was way back in the late 1980’s…I remember the bed moving across the room and I was in it lol…very scary. I’m sure there have been tremors but nothing close to what you guys feel on the West Coast. Mother Nature is upset about something!!!


  9. I hope that your area didn’t suffer too much damage from the quake. How scary!
    Such fun yarn and socks! Love the different colors of the cuffs. Also digging the Harry Potter theme. I have only seen the first movie but am vowing to watch the whole series this year. Also listening to the audiobooks which are really enjoyable. There are so many HP references that I have encountered over the years from knitters that I appreciate more now after listening to the books.
    Good luck with any future changes to the blog. Change is exciting & I will definitely be looking forward to following along!


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