A Year in Crafting 1

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*yawns* (ι´Д`)ノ Good afternoon, folks. I’m a yawner today. Whenever it’s muggy or about to rain, I have trouble sleeping. We’re having a light, wet day today here in the Bay Area and supposedly thunderstorms are coming to us especially in the east, still waiting to see that happen.

In my little brain, when I think of what I’ve accomplished in a year, my mind automatically goes to knitting. Since it does, I always feel I don’t have much to show. I guess it’s because I see the work of other knitters on IG who’ve been flashing their boxes of socks or stack of knitted sweaters. BTW, have you seen Dana (Yards of Happiness) whose collage of 2017 FO’s consists mostly of brightly colored garments? Her blog is one to follow. While my yarny parade of FO’s is small, I am pleased with what has come off of my needles or my hook.

1 sweater for the teenager

4 pairs of socks for moi

1 shawl

This is the first time you’re seeing Edginess finished. I want to have a photo shoot of it but have been lagging on what to wear with it. Hanging it on Jellybean’s door will suffice for now.

3 ornaments

3 dish cloths


1 cardigan, toddler-sized

1 bunting

(photo was taken by Amber, the recipient)

3 baby beanies + 1 adult one

and 2 amigurumi

Altogether? I knitted/crocheted 20 items. Last year I had a total of 28 but I had participated in more mini swaps in 2016.

Not bad, huh? I need to remind myself that my interests in the crafting world are diverse and that I spent a lot of 2017 learning about new products and new techniques which show here:


1 Christmas stocking

5 tote bags

5  zipper pouches

The zipper pouches you see above the Halloween one are new. I whipped them up before going over to a friend’s house, one whom I had met through a local, knitting group. Christmas was over but I wanted a winter print. Her MIL visited during the holidays and is a fellow knitter so the three of us had the best time chatting about knitting, looking at yarn online, and showing off our projects to one another. I also got to try their homemade cheesecake and cookies during those two and a half hours. My belly was happy and I was thrilled to have been able to connect with knitters during this winter break.


Roughly these are the numbers for the cards as there were multiples of the same design in a few of the categories:

  • Birthday: 28
  • Congrats: 1
  • Hello: 4
  • Party Invites: 8
  • Party Table: 1
  • Pen Pal: 2
  • Tags: 5
  • Thank You: 25
  • Thinking of You: 1

2017’s Crafting Equation:

20 yarny FO’s + 11 sewing projects + 75 cards = 106 items made by my hands. Now that is a better perspective on what I’ve crafted last year. I is happy ꒰•́ॢ৺•̀ॢ๑͒꒱ now.

Okay, off to take care of laundry. Thank you for hanging out with me today. I’m happy to report I’ve responded to those of you who have commented over the past couple of days and that I’ve caught up with your blogs. TTYL.



13 thoughts on “A Year in Crafting 1

  1. Congratulations on a very fruitful year! You made a lot of awesome stuff and I’m happy to see the diversity in your projects as well! You’ve also read a lot, which I totally miss doing. I’m not sure where all my time goes but I need to make it a priority to get in more books.

    I checked out the other blog and was absolutely amazed at the amount of sweaters…and matching sweaters for her fur baby too 🙂


    • Thank you. I was so much happier seeing the collages show how much was accomplished. It felt really good. Yes, isn’t it adorbs how she has her and husband match their canines? Too cute and Dana has such a spot on eye for color combinations.


  2. Knitting seems to be a very companionable activity. You never have to be very far, from another knitter, and from a lovely chat.


  3. That toddler size cardigan is so cute! I love the sweater and the socks and just everything. I really want to learn how to crochet or knit but haven’t taken the time to do so. Maybe this is the year!


  4. What an amazing craft-filled year! I love seeing all the varieties of projects in your round-up. The Sunday Sweater turned out super sweet and I totally love Edginess (would look awesome with black jeans & a black top). I hope that 2018 brings even more joyful crafting your way 🙂


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