A Look at 2017 in Books

Good morning. How is your weekend going?

Our crew has been staying up late and sleeping in until past nine. I think my husband dreads going back to work next Tuesday. I may make myself start sleeping the school schedule by next Wednesday so Monday, the 8th, won’t be zombie land.

Today is my mum’s birthday. .*・゚HAPPYヾ(*^-^*)ノBIRTHDAY, MUM!☆゚*. We’re going up to the city this afternoon to celebrate.

For the present, I’ve been spending my days sewing and knitting. Oh, and I’ve started to design thank you notes. I’ll have posts next week of what I’ve been up to. For the time being, I thought I’d pop in and sum up my reading for 2017. Here’s what Goodreads has said about it:

I just went through my whole book list, counting and even doing some recounting. My numbers are off by one even though I counted through my Read list twice, once for genre and the other for format (・・。)ゞ- oh well *shrugs*. The husband of course suggested I keep an Excel sheet to keep track, LOL. Some books, like those of the Harry Potter series, can belong in two or more categories but I chose the one that most represented each book. Here are the approximate numbers:

My numbers are spot on with what my intentions were for 2017. I had intended to read more mystery which I did. I did get sucked deeper into the fantasy genre once I had tried out the Kate Daniels series.

I was inspired to represent my stats like this because Kathryn always sums up each month of her reading. I don’t know how she creates her boxes, but if you’re curious about mine, I used Microsoft Word. The first one I use a text box; the second one I used the shape tool and then inserted a text box inside. When everything was saved, I took a screenshot of each, pasted them into Paint, cropped each box, and then saved each as a JPG file.

ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑) Oh! I just figured out why my count was off by one! I was telling the husband about it when the light bulb went on! There was one, YA audiobook I had started late December and then finished early January. I didn’t count that as a book read for this year because I had started it before then. Goodreads counted it though. I’m fine with a 108 books as a final number.

Obviously, I did well with this challenge. My goal was the status of Stenographer (can listen while multi-tasking) 10-15. Thirty-seven audiobooks were listened to while knitting or making cards. I more than doubled my goal.

So what do your reading numbers look like by today? What genre did you favor the most? Which one did you challenge yourself with for 2017? Please share in the comments.

Don’t forget, Shelia of Book Journey is hosting again the First Book of the Year event. I have my book already and ready to go for tomorrow. I hope you’ll join us!

Okie doke, I’m off to work on a summary of my crafting. I’m curious to see what’s been made and what the numbers are. I hope you have some fun plans tonight for New Year’s Eve. Safe travels to you and TTYL.


15 thoughts on “A Look at 2017 in Books

  1. Happy New Year! I just looked over my Goodreads Year of books to include in my post later but hadn’t thought of looking at genres. I may have to go back and do some more looking:)


    • Hey girl, :*:.。.:*(´∀`*)Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!*:.。.:*: I have always admired how Kathryn of The Book Date tallies up her genres and formats each month. I may try that this year. If I come up with an Excel spreadsheet, I’ll send you it so you’ll have an easier time keeping track if you wish to do so.

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  2. Happy birthday to your MUM!!!! I would sing to her if I could . Id say thanks for having YOU. !!!!
    Books. Well I read a few. I need audio books so I can knit and read at the same time. If your book count is OFF by one, just imagine my STITCH count being off by 6 on a lace row last night ! YIKES…
    My plan is to read STIF beginning tomorrow.
    Books this year were few and far between but I loved the YEar of living Bibically. I ‘m reading non fiction as usual.
    Have a great NYEve. we will hit the hot tub when the fireworks nearby begin. We can see the hotel fireworks from the hottub. It is freezing here. SO SO SO cold. I had thought about doing the polar plunge tomorrow at noon, but have decided that may be cray cray. Just getting the mail is a challenge! Here’s to another great fun year on your blog and mine


    • Thank you, Kathy; that is super sweet of you. I’ll make sure she sees your comment. I am behind in blogs. Hot tub? Holey bagels that is awesome! Good for you! I’m blessed to know you. Happy New Year!


  3. I have much admiration for all of my blogger friends who keep such amazing records…my only records are on Goodreads! Maybe I will do better next year!


    • Oh, you give me too much credit. Goodreads did most of the work but I counted while scrolling and keeping tally on scrap paper today. I may try the spreadsheet thing though which will keep me more sane if I’m to do a monthly tally like Kathryn and make it easier for myself by the end of the year. XO Patty. Happy New Year. No doubt you’ll be cuddling with your fur babies and husband and eating some good grub tonight.


  4. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!!!

    Wow to your Reading Challenge! Super wow! I’ve never done one of those, but I used to keep a list of Books Read for the Year. With very tiny reviews. It was part of a blog I was doing then, and people could look at it, for possible reading ideas. And yes, I even have gone back and re-read a book, I really loved, the first time around.

    My preferences? Never tried YA, before “Twilight.” Since that enchanted me, I have read lots more YA, since. I’m past the vampire stage, though. But always love the Fey!!!! And well written Witch books. I’m now reading a fun series, on Alchemy.

    I enjoy cozy mysteries too. Especially those set in quaint English countryside villages. Quickly get tired of the ones, where the characters are painted in too broad strokes, as to their “niceness” and their “not-niceness,though. The ones where I want to “smack” the heroine because she is a “door mat.” And some of her friends are … Horrrible! ,-)

    Looking at the list of Genres, I see a lot, which I don’t care for. And so, I will keep those to myself. LOL.

    Enjoy your New Year’s Eve!!!!!!


  5. Outstanding reading!!! I’m so impressed as usual! 🙂 I just checked out Sheila’s book post, how fun is that!! I don’t dare join in just yet until I even have my Yop under control lol…Happy birthday to your Mum! 🙂

    But I did start a book last night, let’s see how long it takes to finish it! Too many furry distractions in this house lol!

    I hope you have a fun New Year’s Eve Stefanie! All the best to you and your family for 2018!! 🙂


  6. My Book Totals were one off from Goodreads ( I read 174 instead of 173), but they may have computed the numbers before the year’s end.

    I track my books read on my Curl up and Read blog, where I enter pages for Purchases & Books Read.

    Enjoy 2018! Happy New Year!


    • Did you have a book that you had started near the end of 2016 and finished in 2017? That’s what happened to me. I’ll have three like that for this year’s tally.


  7. A great year of reading! And its amazing how crafting helps add up those audiobooks. I use html for my boxes, I learned a bit of it and then haven’t used it for so long have forgotten again, but I copy it every month!


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