2017 Mini Advent Swap, Days Three and Four

゚・:*:・。♪☆彡^・∋/[☆;:* Merry Christmas Eve! *:;☆ ]\∈・^ミ☆♪。・:*:・゚Are you doing anything today? Prep &/or celebration? We will be heading up to Daly City to my brother’s this afternoon.

I’ve still been busy prepping for tonight’s get-together. Yesterday was all about my niece’s gift (I’ll post about it tomorrow.) and baking cookies. When I woke up this morning I promised myself I would carve out time to cast on my socks for the LBK Christmas Eve Cast On and to open today’s advent gift.

However, let me back track a bit…

You see here to the left what Carla gifted me for Day Three’s theme: Something Red or Green. I have always wanted more green in my life, especially that of a forest green! I love the deep hue. I have it sitting on my fireplace mantle right now.

To the right you see what I made for Diana. I’ve always wanted to knit a mini sweater.

I used a combination of two patterns:

  1. Tiny Sweaters by Malia Mae
  2. Holiday Raglan Mini Sweaters by Laura Kanemori.

The second pattern I only used its Christmas tree chart. I shadow knitted it onto the sweater. The mini beanie I think I used Wee Hats by Kim Hretz.

Day Four: Something Inspired by a Favorite Christmas Song

I opened this beautiful, stained-glass star today. I think Carla was inspired by the song, “O Holy Night.”

I made Diana these tags:

The first one is inspired by “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” I didn’t want to just give her one so I made two other tags using my new, Tim Holtz Christmas stamps. Okay, GTG. Need to fix my hair and then make mashed potatoes!

・:*:・。(〃・ω・)ノ由☆*:;;;:*Merry X’mas*:;;;:*☆由ヽ(・ω・〃)。・:*:・゚to you if I don’t pop in tomorrow. Have a holiday full of laughter and love with a lively bunch. I hope Santa spoils you. I’ll catch up with you later this week. Bye.


9 thoughts on “2017 Mini Advent Swap, Days Three and Four

  1. I love your stained glass beauty!!! There is a stained glass store here in town and I’ve yet to explore it soo….
    WE are about to watch our favorite MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL.
    Lifes’ good


  2. We had family over for Christmas Eve Mac and Cheese, made ‘specially by my husband. Afternoon I made an Apple Pie, complete with home made crust. Evening I made a Pumpkin Pie also. Wheeew… 🙂

    And now, we prep for the Christmas Day gathering and dinner and etc. Happily, the dinner is at our son’s next door. But all gather here first for Grands opening presents. then to next door. Carrying pies and my husband’s special creamed potatoes, and a bottle of ‘bubbly’ for me! 🙂

    Happy Christmas!


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