It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Good morning. This second to last Monday of this month I’m linkin’ up with Kathryn.

Can you believe it’s the countdown? I need to make a list to see what else I need to get. Last week I got nothing accomplished as the virus was around and I had kids home with a fever three of the days.

So how was your reading this past week? I was on a slight reading kick especially since I had a small stack of library books to get through.

I finished The Deep End by Julie Mulhern first. This Country Club cozy series has been talked about by many of you who had only positive reactions to it. I finally had remembered to move it up my reading list and I was not disappointed.

This first installment made me think of the show, Mad Men. I liked the snark and sarcasm. There was also plenty of dirty laundry aired about – all debauchery, crazy money, and blood. The plot moves well. I didn’t know S&M and bondage existed that far back to the 70’s. I was also surprised at who the murderer actually was. I totally didn’t guess that.

I will definitely continue this series. Four ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆’.・.・:★

I checked The Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson because I saw another installment in its series advertised and loved the cover. This book has a 3.36 rating on GoodReads and normally I would ignore such a book but I have an inner fondness for witches.

I liked the story. Because it’s the first installment, it was more about what was going on in the present and dipping into the past. Also, it felt like the building of a whole layout of patterned dominos where the falling of the first ones affected the pieces after them.

I liked the different characters and their roles in the coven. I was pleased at how everything played out and how the book ended, where everything wasn’t final but just the beginning. Three ★’.・.・:☆’.・.・:★

With Christmas coming up, there are so many fun, holiday memes to take part in. I spent most of the weekend sewing to get ready for an annual, Christmas Eve Cast On. Many of you – Kathryn, Katherine, and Erin – are all talking about reading holiday stories. Therefore I was inspired to read for the first time Christmas themed books. I put myself on this book’s hold list for the Kindle version and received it around Friday. I finished it in two nights!

I like how with my Kindle I can read in the dark all nestled in-between fleece sheets and under two covers and two blankets. When starting Christmas in Snowflake Canyon, I felt like I was sucked into the story. The plot is simple, typical of a Harlequin like book, but it was charming and I liked its progression. I liked where the characters ended up working and its mission. I wouldn’t mind reading more of this series. Four ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆’.・.・:★

While reading blogs yesterday, Shelia posted her annual First Book of the Year post. Will you be participating? I forgot to send her a pic last year but this year I’ll do it for sure. I looked through the list of books I had slated to read this year and found two contenders. I requested them already from the library and am excited to have one ready for January 1st!

◌⑅⃝*॰ॱᒄᵒᵏⁱ(꜆˘͈ෆ˘͈꜀)ᒄᵒᵏⁱ◌⑅⃝*॰ॱ GTG. Thanks for dropping by today. Have a good Monday and Happy Reading to you!


14 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the Julie Mulhern book…it did remind me of MadMen…I love witchy books, too…you really need to read The Black Witch…that’s my all time fave witchy book!


  2. I wish my library had a kindle version of books but they don’t! It’s nice to have a Christmas read or so, just a little bit of added fun to the season. See you at the annual 1st book of the year. I like to do a short video for it so I need to plan that!

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  3. I love the Country Club murders series. So good. Although I’m behind on the sries now and need to read the last two?

    Glad you had a good reading week. Mine was okay but I’m hoping to get a bit more read this week?


  4. Stefanie, I’m really and truly envious of your book reading. I have so many I want to dive into but really haven’t had the time. And when I find the time, I don’t have the attention span!! 🙂 Alex gave me a book last week and it’s such an easy read, it’s Jerry Seinfeld’s autobiography. That is a book I should be able to read over a weekend! I read the first chapter and it’s all full of his jokes, so I think I’ll be able to finish that one in the next few weeks!! 🙂


  5. Love a booklist! I haven’t read a season appropriate book in a while. I won’t have time this year, but it is a good reminder of how much fun it is! Really helps keep you in the spirit of things if you want to be!


    • ღԵհɑղƘՏღ( ؔ✪̤ ◡ ؔ✪̤` ๑) Sorry, I can’t remember if I had responded to you. It’s called procrastination of all things and doing what makes me happiest. ゚・:*:・。♪☆彡^・∋/[☆;:* Merry X’mas*:;☆ ]\∈・^ミ☆♪。・:*:・゚ to you and yours. While my Jellybean is 10, she still believes in Santa so like you, I will enjoy the magic of wonder on my child’s face come Christmas morning.

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  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed Deep End! I really like the series and feel like it’s been progressing well. And yes for RaeAnne Thayne! She writes the best Christmas reads though I haven’t read the one you mentioned. I do like being able to read in the dark with my Kindle. It definitely makes it seem cozier. I’m doing the First Book of the year Challenge too. I’ve decided on my print book and ebook but not on the audio yet. So many choices!


  7. Erin me? 🙂 I love a good Christmas read!!! I think there is no happier book, than a Christmas romance. Guaranteed happy ending, the joy of the season. And RaeAnne Thayne is the queen of that genre in my opinion. 🙂 I am so glad you liked it! And reading it all snuggled up at night – so cozy! Have a wonderful holiday!!


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