6 Sewing

Good afternoon. How did you spend your Sunday?

My whole weekend has been about the upcoming Christmas Eve Cast On, hosted by Dani of the Little Bobbins podcast each year. I have been sighing over all of the Christmas project bags being sold and bought by fellow knitters &/or those who sew (Side Note: I dislike using the word, “sewer,” because I always think of its other definition.). I told myself I would make one for myself which was a great excuse since I seriously need more practice sewing with zippers.

Joann still had a wide selection of Christmas prints. I chose this cute snowman fabric as I really liked its background color and the graphics made me smile. I knew this time around I wanted to have a contrast in fabrics which would also be a good, small challenge for me in preparation. Out of all the light blues in stock, I picked out this icy blue cotton for the bottom half and for the inside lining.



  1. 1/3 yard of snowman fabric
  2. 1 yard of icy blue cotton
  3. 18″ zipper
  4. a box of Quilting Fusible Fleece
  5. Thread – I planned to use what I had at home.


  1. Snowman Fabric cut 8″ x 16″ (2)
  2. Icy Blue cut 9″ x 16″ (2)
  3. Lining cut 16″ x 16″ (2)
  4. Fusible Fleece cut 15″ x 15″ (2)
  5. 2 – 3″ x 5″ rectangles of icy blue


  1. (a) Zipper tabs folded in half the long way to crease, then long edges 5/8″ of a way in before folding each at the original long crease & (b) Each piece folded in half short end to short end, then short edges to the middle, with 3/4″ cut off from each frayed, short edge.
  2. Zipper cut down to about 16″ – secured with double threaded needle before top stop and edges cut off up to bottom stop. Zipper tabs sewn on to cover about half an inch on each end.
  3. Each icy blue rectangle right side up in front of me, then each snowman rectangle laid wrong side up (snowmen standing up) with bottom edges lined up – 1/2″ seam allowance = 1″ total when the panels are laid open
  4. Fusible Fleece laid upon each fabric panel’s wrong side, adhesive side down; damp tea towel on top of fleece, and steam iron pressed in sections.
  5. Finished Dimensions: 12.75″ wide by 14.75″ tall

What I Learned This Time

  1. I’ve been using the wrong bobbins for my sewing machine. I should have paid attention to the model number because the ones I bought at Joann actually have this small, heightened circle on top and on the bottom of each bobbin. My machine came with bobbins in the same circumference and height space for the thread but are totally flat on top and bottom. Some of my recent sewing has had trouble with tight enough thread coming up from the bobbin; I was getting tiny loops.
  2. However, in using a correct bobbin, I ran into that same loop trouble and so I tried on fabric scraps a stitch length of 6 where I was trying to sew with a 4 or 5. I got much better results for this zipper pouch!
  3. (a) On the third or fourth try (endless seam ripping), I decided to pin the zipper to the lining when making the first, layered “sandwich.” This helped keep the zipper from moving around while I adjusted and pinned the facedown panel to the zipper. You can see my results in the side of the zipper teeth that is spaced further away from the fabric. I was happy I had more even results and when I topstitched, I eyeballed to make sure I was keeping the same distance from the side of the zipper foot from the edge of the fabric. (b) When doing the second side, my fabric ended up closer to the zipper teeth but I was pleased with even results and just left it.
  4. My zipper tabs were too thick this time around. I had to handwind the wheel to go over one side and but the other side wouldn’t work so I had to hand sew a running stitch back and forth over the area.
  5. With a 1/2″ seam allowance and my zipper tabs placement, I can’t even see the zipper tabs! What a waste of time and energy. I did so well with the last pouch that I’ll show you next week.

I used a 2.5″ Post-It note to draw squares on both sides of all corners when the lining pieces were sewn together and when the mixed fabric panels were as well. This then boxed out the project bag at the bottom at about 5″ which you see here to the left. I didn’t mind such a wide bottom since the pouch was going to be so tall.

I have used 950F ShirTailor on the past project bags I’ve made. I thought I’d try fusible fleece. This one for quilting is lighter so my pouch doesn’t stand up much but it’s not really filled up anyways.

You see here I’ve wound up a skein of Nomadic Yarns, her Twisty Sock dyed in a Harry Potter inspired colorway, Harry. I’m all ready for the 2017 Christmas Eve Cast On. What about you? Will you participate in it this year? If you’re not a sock knitter, have you participated in anything related to a hobby you are interested in?

Thank you for all of your well wishes in the last post. Our crew is feeling better and getting over the last of this virus. The teenager got a shot for pharyngitis (her cold settled in her throat) Thursday as I was worried she had strep; thank goodness she was negative. Theraflu helped me the past two nights and I felt a positive turn for the better.

Thanks for dropping by today. TTYL.


17 thoughts on “6 Sewing

  1. Hi Stefanie 🙂 I hate all names for sewing, I just sew lol…Your fabric is fabulous! I think the bag looks great! I used to have bobbin troubles…it turned out that it was just the tension setting…those machines can mess with a gal. I still can do zippers very well and I really haven’t tried in ages, so cheers to you! Or should I say cheese to you? 😉 The Christmas Eve cast on sounds like fun! Don’t ask me why but I’m a-scared of knitting socks…maybe I just don’t have the know-how just yet, but I really would like to try in the new year!


  2. Thanks Stefanie, I’m going to check those out, I do need to actually see how to do certain stitches and techniques, I’m very visual. Reading a pattern makes me run for the hills sometimes lol! 🙂


    • Thank you, Kathy. I really love making the zipper pouches but oh boy do I spend a lot of time on them, LOL. I’m excited for you and Al to be knitting away this holiday!


    • Hey Mama, I think so! I want to try mug rugs and have quilted panels for a zipper pouch. I’d love to make a mini quilt first too. I was thinking of cutting squares out of these childhood flannel fabric my mum’s used to make the girls’ pajama pants and making mini quilts for J’s teddies.


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  4. In reply to your comment: thanks! The beanies were all store bought.. we have no talented knitter like yourself to knit us something like that. 😦
    IKEA sells a really great train set that my boys have loved and still have!


  5. The bag turned out so great! I love the cute snowman fabric. What a fun choice of yarn for your Christmas Eve cast on. I’m still undecided but no doubt something will jump out at me tomorrow.


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