* ूི-̭͡- ૂ ྀ⁎☆ \(`-´メ) Bad bug! Go away!

The husband and I: 。.*:・’゚:。'(((+_+)))。.*:゚・’゚゚:。’・゚

The teenager: ₊·(ϱ॔﹏ᵕ๑॓)‧*

The youngest: ε-(>.<;;

Well, the husband is over his fever but I know he’s still tired and feeling ick; yesterday he went to his work’s clinic which told him he had a virus, not the flu which is 102° and up, and that he should go home and rest. He stayed at work and is back today. I’ve caught his icky chills, aches, and sinus junk. No fever.

When I picked up our teenager her eyes were at half mast; she said she had a headache since 2° and was cold even though she had a hoodie on and the heat was on in class. I asked her why didn’t she go to the office; she said she couldn’t miss school. I took her temperature yesterday and it was 100 point something, going up to 101. So our firstborn got soup and meds, did what little homework she had, and conked out. Our daughter was well enough to have dinner and more meds and slept. She’s still home with a 100.6 fever.

Then this morning, the littlest said her head hurt when she coughed (her cough started up again). I made her take her temperature and sure enough 100.9. Tears started running down her face because she didn’t want to miss school and have work to make up. We used another thermometer and it was 101. I told her she needed to stay home to rest and she doesn’t want to get others sick. This daughter finally calmed down after chatting with her Bella and reading her teacher’s message to her.

Luckily my neighbor took pity on me and said she’d pick up her kids today so I can rest. So the heater is on, I’m having some poppyseed muffin with an Aleve, and will be taking a nap. If you don’t hear from me the rest of this week, you know why.


16 thoughts on “* ूི-̭͡- ૂ ྀ⁎☆ \(`-´メ) Bad bug! Go away!

  1. Oh NO!! My kids would get sick around now with all the school stuff going around. It seemed it was a yearly problem. Im so glad you will all be over it all by next week! Drink drink drink. BIG hugs. Sending you cyber soup: it is chicken broth with klugle noodles, skinny carrot sticks , celery and tiny bits of shredded chicken. Hugs


  2. feel better all of you!! My daughter was like that, she would get off the bus and tell me her head felt funny and she had a temp of 101! Crazy. She hated to miss school. My son was okay with being home sick any day 🙂


  3. Hope you and the family feel better fast Stef! I have to say, as a fellow Mom, and person in public, thank you for keeping your sick people at home. I wish some of my coworkers would just keep it at home, ha!


  4. Oh no! I’m so sorry you all got hit. It’s always awful when you’re not feeling well and then the kids go down because that means no rest for you. I’m glad your neighbor helped out so you could rest and I’m hope you’re sleeping soundly right now! Feel better soon!


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