2017 Mini Advent Swap, Day Two

┗|o・⊥・|˖. Good morning! .˖୨୧|・⊥・o|┓What are you up to this Sunday? Us? R&R. The baby is getting over a bug. The teen has a batch of cookies to make for her girlfriend.  The husband has a mini flu. When I got home last night, I took his temperature and it was 100.1. He’s still fighting chills and aches today. Me? Knitting and a much-needed + well-deserved nap – need to pump up my immune system’s walls because I don’t want to catch his bug. I still have two weeks of carpool duty so I forced myself to get up early so I’d nap midday.

Today is the second Sunday of Knit Equals Joy 2017 Mini Advent Swap. I stayed up until past midnight so I could open Carla’s gift – a cute, Jolly Wee Elf. I’ve seen it around on IG, decorating many a mantle, secretly wanting one. Now I have one and I love it!

The red yarn is so soft. I like the tweedy bits. I love how my elf has a warm, green scarf wrapped about its neck. I’m yearning for some dark green sock yarn or a jumper in such a shade.

I’m very happy to have another Christmas decoration for our fireplace mantle! Man, I totally didn’t realize when I joined this swap that I would be receiving such wonderful decorations for our little home. It just warms my heart as last year the fifth grader complained about how we hardly had any to make our house festive. Carol, I’m joining in next year!


I’m afraid what I gifted Diana isn’t as exciting. I had an idea to craft for this day last but I had spent so much time on the other days that my mojo candle was sputtering.

While at Target, good thing I had rechecked the swap’s rules because I had thought Day Two was something in a pointy hat; I originally missed the red pointy hat detail. I combed through their Christmas section and found this cute Santa. I liked how he was made mostly out of knitted material and his welcoming face and arms made me think of the unconditional love grandparents have for their family (Diana is a proud grandmother.). So I picked the best Santa out of the bunch and brought him home.

I was ear burned on Ravelry by Diana who is happy with her new Christmas ornament. That made me smile.

Alrighty then, that’s it for today. I’m off to make more organic tea and to get some knitting in before my eyes cross. Have a relaxing Sunday. TTYL.


10 thoughts on “2017 Mini Advent Swap, Day Two

  1. Im having so much fun seeing your swap stuff!! Love your sweatered ornament. Im glad your pal liked her Santa. He’s darling. DONT catch that flu. Or catch it now, so you can be DONE by Christmas. Nah just dont catch it!


    • Thank you, Kathy. I’m trying to keep healthy. I bought some echinacea tea today and made sure to take my vitamin C. Yeah, this swap is fun. I really like receiving fun decorations. I can worry less about making Christmas decor next year and work on fall and stuff.


  2. I love your new ornaments! This swap sounds like so much fun! Stay healthy! The flu is no fun though I have had it hit one person and the house and not spread so you could be safe.


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