Once Upon a Sock, seven

◙▒◙♫♩♬ (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince & Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Original Motion Soundtracks)

Aloha. How was your Halloween?

My neighbor took this pic of Jellybean and her son yesterday after the Halloween parade. This daughter was organized this year. As soon as October came she wanted to order her costume on Prime. The ten-year-old has been some species of cat the past few years. All we could find was a tiger costume so she ended up choosing that. Hmmm…(*ゝ(ェ)・)ノ.。o○ maybe I’ll be a good enough sewer by next year so that I can actually sew her a costume? That would be some goal, yeah? I also think I’d like to make a Harry Potter cloak for myself.

Jellybean and I ventured out near 7 p.m. and just walked the blocks she felt in the mood to. I looked at my phone and saw we walked a mile. Last year we had walked the whole two miles of our neighborhood niche.

The houses behind us give out the most candy as many of them are lit up for trick-or-treaters. I was amazed at how many little ones live in our neighborhood. I’m glad our niche represented because I feel it’s important to support our neighbors who want to give out candy.

Well it’s that time of the month again where Kat, Katherine, Paula, and I share what’s going on with our sock projects. Those of you who are fellow sock knitters, please think about joining in each month. We’d love to have you in our circle.

When the ladies have their posts up, I’ll update their links so you can drop by and see what they’ve been up to:

  1. Felinity Knits
  2. Fiber and Sustenance (updated)
  3. Spin a Yarn (updated)

Knitting for myself is still on the back burner. Earlier during the month, I managed to get a bit farther than this in my San Diego Roses WIP.

So before I had started knitting this pattern I had read in one Raveler’s notes, that next time she’d place waste yarn in-between where the toes would be. I thought that was a very good idea because it made me think of Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks pattern and how easy it was for me to unravel the yarn where the afterthought heels would go.

You see in the photo what I ran into after unraveling the toe placement yarn. I almost freaked out. (/-(エ)-\) However, I got it together and realized it was okay:

  1. Cut this piece in half.
  2. Place each sock’s loose stitches onto DPN’s.
  3. Working on one sock first, rip back a little on it.
  4. Split splice one end of the yarn ball to the sock end.
  5. Recount the number of rounds I have on the foot area; if I need to knit some more to get to that recorded number on my stitch counter, then easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  6. Continue on to knit a rounded toe.

So that’s the plan for each sock’s toe. After that I would move onto the afterthought heels. I hope to finish this pair of socks by the winter holidays as I want to cast on for Little Bobbins’s annual, Christmas Eve Cast On.

That’s it for today. I’ve been good on responding to your comments via WP if you blog via that or back on your Blogspot blog. I do need to catch up on blogs again. I been feeling more relaxed about reading blogs since I’ve come back; I promised myself I don’t need to panic or get anxious if I can’t read right then and there what’s posted every day because we all understand how life can get busy, giving priority to other tasks. ٩(*ゝڡ◕๑)۶ Mahalo nui loa for your visits and for hangin’ ten with me. TTYL. Aloha.


14 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, seven

  1. Well hooray for a neighbor hood that trick or treats!! Your cat girl is darling. Perfect. We went into town and saw some trick or treaters. THey were having fun despite the cold and windy weather. It was freezing!
    As for posting, don’t worry about my constant posting and the need to follow. Whenever folks drop by, I’m happy. I know I may even post too much!


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  4. I love the little one is a type of cat every year. It’s pretty adorable. I love that you have a bunch of families and littles in your neighborhood. Feels good, feels hopeful seeing them. Maybe I’m just end of year sentimental. Socks bring happiness too 🙂


  5. They both look so cute in their costumes! I miss dressing up. I might make myself a silly Halloween patterned dress for next year just for fun! I need to find sewing money in the budget first though! Enjoy your sock knitting! I think I’ve given up on socks for now…in fact, I’m still trying to find time to knit! I haven’t joined in to the Ravelry group since we got those 2 extra dogs…it’s hard to find my routine again! I sometimes feel like you do Stefanie…slightly anxious about answering comments and visiting blogs, but you’re right. It really should be fun and relaxing and done when you have the time! 🙂


  6. I love her costume! She looks adorable! Our neighborhood isn’t great for trick or treating but one right up the hill from us is amazing. Good luck with the socks! All the corners and curves make it seem impossibly hard but I”m sure it will come together.


  7. Hi! As you know I was away over Halloween and haven’t been able to get around to all the blogs yet since! So here I am!

    Jellybean and that little Storm Trooper is adorable! And YES to a HP cloak! I’d like some Quidditch robes please!

    The socks are looking good! We don’t really get to wear lots of warm wooly socks in our hot climate so I stick to all cotton and bamboo blends because it’s too dang hot!

    And YES to the blog stuff. Life comes first! This is a hobby! I know we all have lives outside of this digital space of ours! I’m feeling better about being behind too. 🙂


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