Post XI: What’s cookin’ good looking?

/╲/\╭ºoꍘoº╮/\╱\ Happy Halloween! ∋━━o(`∀´oメ)~→ Do you have any plans for tonight, like taking your kids trick-or-treating or passing out candy? I’m taking Jellybean out; she’s a tiger this year. We ordered her costume off of Prime at the beginning of the month.

While on Overdrive one day I saw a cookbook that had delicious brownies on its cover:

I learned Fat Witch Bakery is popular in Chelsea Market in NY. I thought it’d be fun to check out the hard copy and make at least one recipe from it.

The husband was hanging out on the couch with me while I had thumbed through it. The blondies recipe made him drool.

I’ve never made blondies before so I set aside time last weekend to make them. However I ran into two snafu’s:

  1. You can see my brownies are not blonde. I realized afterwards that light brown sugar is needed to make the brownies blonde.
  2. I didn’t use the right pan. I had used my Pyrex 8 x 8″ when I need a true, brownie pan – the metal 9 x 9″ one. I ended up having to bake the batter 10 more minutes because the middle was jiggly raw.

They still tasted good. I like how there is some crumb and cake texture to the outcome. The brownies still came out moist. I also used chopped, dark chocolate because the teen had used up the chocolate chips in her friend’s birthday cookies.

I may try to make this recipe again. We’ll see how much time I have.

E recently wanted a break from meat so I’ve cooked some vegetarian dinners. We had tried teriyaki stir-fry udon noodles from Costco for two nights. It was good. I like how the udon was chewy and thick; its texture and taste reminded me of dukbokki.

Then we had Japanese curry (Daiso sells a box for $4.) for three dinners. Besides garlic and shallots, I cut up organic ingredients:

  1. carrots of many colors
  2. russet potatoes
  3. firm tofu
  4. mushrooms.

The youngest wasn’t pleased with one of the ingredients I had put in; she said she was tired of the curry which meant she didn’t like how there were mushrooms in it and she was too lazy to pick them out. How rude. Brat.

Okay; I need to take off and work on my swap gifts. The clock’s tickin’. Thanks for dropping by. TTYL.


15 thoughts on “Post XI: What’s cookin’ good looking?

    • So you have picky eater too, yeah? Jellybean is still picky at times but I’m pretty lucky they eat normal vegetables. I’ve had past students tell me they used to only eat white food, etc. My 2-going-on-3 nephew refuses to eat rice or noodles that have “stuff” on top or mixed in.

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  1. Alright, give a girl a break. I am not super crazy about mushrooms too, but yeah, I’d just pick them out. LOL. So funny I made a big batch of this Thursday night. We did the usual potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli. My brat was upset there was no tofu pouch. But I have to get to the “right” Asian market for that.sigh. Its always something. We fry some of the precooked pork belly from Trader Joes and serve it on top for a little crispy porky protein. I like your multi-colored carrot! i must add carrot next time!

    Can never go wrong with brownies! It’s fun to try different recipes for them, but you wrote the KEY word, moist. hehe.


  2. mmm brownies! Hope you guys had a fun Halloween night! The kids all went off on their own with friends this year, I handed out candy to only 26 kids. We really bought too much candy too, we used to get so many more kids at our last place


    • 26 kids ain’t bad. The youngest had fun last night; we hit houses for a mile until her dogs were barking. Last year we did the whole two miles. I like supporting our neighbors.


  3. Yum I love blondies and brownies. Yours look delicious. I usually cook one vegetarian meal a week, usually stir-fry tofu, falafel, pasta or curried chickpeas. I’ve seen some new meatless meat products in my grocery market that I might try.


  4. Your blondies look great even though they are more brunette! I love blondies – especially if they’ve got the right textures and these sound like they have it. I’ll have to look for this cookbook. I think my library has it. I love Udon noodles but I didn’t realize that Costco had them. I may have to make a visit soon!


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  6. I don’t have a proper brownie pan. I also use a pyrex one! And I feel like I would be obligated to bake (and therefore eat!) more brownies if I got one… So I’m sticking to my pyrex becuase my wardrobe is already bursting at the seams. 🙂

    Ha ha – kids and their eating. I’m working on getting my 3yo to be more experimental but she’s a very visual eater and doesn’t like eating stuff she hasn’t tried before if it looks funny. 😦 I think the curry sounds delicious though!


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