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Good afternoon. How was your weekend? What have you been up to today?

This was like a three-day weekend for me since E was home. Friday and Saturday I had myself focus on my swap partner’s gifts. This year, since I didn’t participate in the usual swaps, I signed up for the 2017 Mini Advent Swap in Knit Equals Joy. In the beginning it felt intimidating to have joined because there are five, required gifts. I plan on making all five of them which had worried me because many have hinted at how they’ve found cool items at so-and-so store or at some festival. But with support from the group and once I got started I feel better. I finished the first item which required a lot of hand sewing but the FO is kawaii enough that the teen wanted it! I skipped the second day’s theme to the third and finished the item last night, but I feel I need to add a little something to it.

Sunday seems to be my sewing day as I told myself I would make time to sew today. So guess what?! I have an FO to show you. I present to you…My first zipper pouch! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) The pouch’s dimensions are 9 and ½” tall by 12 and ½” wide.

I followed Dana of MADE EVERYDAY’s tutorial on zipper pouches, using my own dimensions. The fabric is from JOANN Fabrics and Crafts. I kept seeing everyone flash their Halloween project bags on IG so I told myself I would make one for myself which would also teach me how to sew with a zipper.

Materials Used

(If you follow this tutorial, please read what I’ve learned as I’m a total beginning rookie.)

  • Sun Yellow 12″ zipper
  • 1/3 yard Halloween fabric
  • 1/3 yard heavy, quilting cotton in neon green
  • 1/3 yard Pellon 950F ShirTailor
  • black thread

It’s not perfect.

  1. I had tried to box the bottom but I didn’t do it right because I was lazy to make and to use a 1″ square. However, I kind of got rounded edges as a result.
  2. I was unsure of how close to sew to the zipper. I at first sewed between 3/8″ & ½” but I was 1/8 of an inch from the zipper’s teeth! So I ripped out the seam and sewed ¼”. I found this seam allowance to be a bit tricky though because since I used a zipper foot, the tiny edge of fabric would go a bit awry; this is the first side that is farther away from the teeth. The other side went much better as I firmly stayed on top of how the material ran through my machine; this is the side closer to the zipper teeth.
  3. My lining is a bit baggy inside.
  4. I looked at other blog tutorials and saw some had sewn a whole seam down the bottom of the lining instead of just closing up the gap like how Dana did. So I did that although I’m not sure about how it looks. Maybe I have doubts because the black thread is more noticeable against the neon green.

What I Learned

  • I learned that a zipper’s length is from where the zipper’s teeth start and finish. I thought a 12″ zipper would require 12″ long pieces of material but the zipper from end to end was 13 and ¾” long. Material should generally match the length of the zipper although others have done it differently.
  • I will need more interfacing next time. The light interfacing I had cut was only 12″ wide by 20″ which I think was 1/3 of a yard. So what I did was cut the interfacing in half and ironed it onto the backsides of the printed fabric. I then cut each piece of interfaced, Halloween material 13 and ¾” long by 10″ tall. Therefore, the vertical, short edges of each rectangle wasn’t covered by interfacing which I figured was okay since those would go into the ½” seam allowances.
  • Be more aware and on top of the sewing of the lining. My tote bags never had baggy lining.
  • And use a square to box bottom the pouch.

All in all, I’m pleased with how this pouch came out. I’ll probably use it for knitting socks. I can’t wait to make more! (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ Yay for getting my feet wet with zipper sewing! And oh boy, woo hoo for ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ graduating from tote bag sewing!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Thank you for dropping by. TTYL.


17 thoughts on “5 Sewing

  1. Hi Stefanie 🙂 Your pouch looks great, as does your zipper seam! I’m hopeless with zippers…and sleeves, those are my two sewing arch-enemies lol…I still do them, but they always look a little wonky!


  2. How cute! I have lots of unfinished little bags because I need to put the zippers in and have yet to brave it with the sewing machine. I may just hand sew them in but that requires a bit more effort because I think zippers are fiddly! Nice job on yours!


    • Hey Mama, thank you very much. I sewed slowly. Dana had a great tip where she started sewing down past from the zipper pull which was all the way at the top. Then after reaching the bottom, she pulls down the zipper pull and sews from the top to where she had started further below. That was very helpful for me and helped my fear of zippers.

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  3. Love it! The charity I give to just put out a call for pouches like this. My material is sitting on my ironing board ready to go. I’ll check out that tutorial (I also have been looking at the pattern in the book School of Sewing). Great job!


  4. Congrats on graduating to zippers! The bag is super cute and will be perfect for sock knitting projects. Can’t get over how adorable all of your fabrics are. Kinda makes me want to dust off my sewing machine.


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