Please help Jen.

Jen of Jen Joyce Designs has lost her home to one of the Northern California fires. Her home I learned in this post was actually built by her and husband 16 years ago. You can see what their beloved home was reduced to in Jen’s latest post.

I’m catching up on blogs today and just read a post of hers that was blogged a week ago. I’m sharing it below – where its link can take you to the full post – on how to help her best.

Facing the long process of recovering a life even remotely similar to what was ‘before the fire’ could easily drive one to depression in merely a thought, a blink of an eye. I have discovered that I am very much a person influenced by Things. Sentimental things are good, craved, needed, and unsentimental things (as […]

via Recovering — Yarnings

I’ve bought two of her patterns: Calidez and Calidez Cardigan. I have all of this bulky weight wool that needs to be used in my stash. These patterns I think would be perfect for the yarn. Love you, Jen and hugs!


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