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Good afternoon. It’s 2:25 p.m. here. I haven’t made any big progress on my new cowl WIP which is why I haven’t posted lately for Year of Projects. In addition, I totally avoided the cards this week so I had nothing to post about. However, I slated this weekend for sewing and I just finished the projects today!

In early August, I bought this fabric on Etsy, in Spindle and Rose. My BFF’s oldest daughter, a fourth grader, is into sea life right now. Isn’t this material kawaii? I love those little, baby whales in the print.

I used a rotary cutter for the first time, passed down from my mama. I was nervous to use it and all worried about how to cut this large print. I don’t know how long it took me to cut two pieces out. Inside lines a heavy, red cotton.

The Deets:

  • I loosely followed Something Turquoise‘s tutorial again.
  • cut dimensions: 17″ tall x 18.25″ wide
  • ½” seam allowances for one vertical side and the bottom
  • 5/8″ seam allowance on the other vertical side = Because I don’t sew often enough, I was rusty and realized I had sewn the lining pieces together right side out instead of wrong side out. So I ripped out the three seams I had sewn and while doing so, my sharp seam ripper tore a bit into the fabric.
  • Box bottom (enables a bag to lay flat at the bottom): 2.25″ x 2 = about 4.5″ [If you’re curious about how this is done, look at Something Turquoise’s tutorial which has plenty of pictures.]
  • about ¼” top seam from the edge & a ½” top seam
  • handles were place 1″ in and each was reinforced with a sewn square + an x in the middle
  • final dimensions: 13″ tall x 17″ wide

The youngest daughter, a little spitfire, is into cats. I found this fabric from the Etsy shop, Polka Dot Secrets. I love the cute doodles of the felines.

The youngest is a first grader and I was reminded of her size from my neighbor’s son who I pick up with his sister along with Jellybean. He uses a regular sized backpack so I had a visual of how something for an upper grade child is too big for the body size of a six-year-old.


  • cut dimensions: 15″ tall x 16″ wide
  • ½” seam allowance for the sides and bottom
  • box bottom: 2″ x 2 = about 4″
  • about ¼” top seam from the edge & a  ½” top seam
  • handles were place 1 and 1/8″ in and each was reinforced with a sewn rectangle + an x in the middle
  • final dimensions: 11.5″ tall x 16″ wide

The two girls are also getting these crocheted amigurumi, something you have already read about when I came back from my online hiatus. I’ll work on a hello card tomorrow and send everything off Tuesday.

I’m happy to check these off of my list! I can’t wait to start the next sewing project, something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do. Until then…thank you for hanging out with me today. TTYL.


17 thoughts on “4 Sewing

    • Mahalo plenty ^__^. I’m glad to have looked on Etsy and will definitely shop around for fabric on there more. I’m currently waiting for a picture of the girls with their goodies to be sent to me from my BFF.

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  1. Those bags are adorable. I have yet to use a rotary cutter. Mine is still in it’s package. Thanks for putting all the details for the bags on here.


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  3. I love Spotify! I haven’t had it for that long but wow, it’s changed my musical life. Now I always have good music. 🙂

    Those baby whales are adorable! I love that one and especially knowing it has the red inside!!! The smaller cat one is also amazing and those two girls are going to love their package!


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