The Other Craft, XVIII

Good morning. I’m starting this post (9:11 a.m.) before my appointment in San Jose. The husband is off today. He’s going to be my(。ˇ ⊖ˇ)♡ chauffeur. I’m getting some dental scans done for my periodontist so I’ll be working on this on and off.

It has been a quiet and busy week. Our Bay Area has had daily, even hourly air advisories as the air pollution from the devastating northern wildfires has been carried all over due to the high winds. The husband has been running our fan to clean the air in our house. I ask you to please have your fingers crossed for Jen Joyce. I messaged with her once before; she told me the fires were in areas around her but her and her family were okay. However recently, they had to evacuate. I have my fingers crossed that her home is still there. Our school district has kept the kids in on a rainy day schedule most of this week. The teen was supposed to have a field trip to the stadium but it got cancelled last-minute because of the air. I didn’t receive the email the night before and only due to luck happened to see an email the morning of yesterday. Jellybean and I rushed home to get her sister’s backpack as I didn’t want her to be unprepared for class. We’re lucky I’m home and that we live only five minutes away.

I have a couple of cards to show you today. The theme is texture. I’m not going to go into fine details for each one. I need to revamp my system because I didn’t set up my spreadsheet efficient enough. I’m going to have to reorganize my stuff; I have some Pinterest ideas in mind.

This card was for my paternal, nonagenarian grandmother. Calling her is futile because she can’t hear well and is currently having problems with her ears and hearing aids. So I had the fifth grader write a card to ask her if she’d sponsor her for her school’s walk-a-thon.

I used a part of my new Tim Holtz stamp set – Butterflight. I stamped the moth and the butterflies in permanent ink and colored them with Prisma color pencils, using several hues.

I have a new favorite tool! It is Ranger Ink Texture Paste. It smells like glue and has a consistency of buttercream. I learned how to color it via Jennifer McGuire’s video. I tried to post me using the paste on IG but IG cut it off so I’ll have to redo it one day. I love using it because it’s so neat how I get texture. I don’t have any embossing folders which are a way to add texture and pattern and I don’t own any die cuts yet. I cut out items by hand. I only use this paste with my stencils, a supply I need to plump up.

Here is another example with the texture paste. This card was for the girls’ Gan Ma (godmother in Mandarin). Her birthday was this week.

I’ve mentioned before that my cards may take hours. Part of that reason is sometimes I have to experiment first, especially if I’m designing off the top of my head. This was my refined take two on this card as I didn’t like the first result.

I learned how to make clouds from A Blog Called Wanda. I hand drew a cloud stencil like hers out of scrap cardstock and have used it ever since. I then looked around on Pinterest for an example of a cloud and drew that also.

I really like how the clouds come out. You can use different blues depending upon your card’s mood. I usually start on one end, move down below where I know the ink will clear the top set of clouds, and then move the stencil over three clouds before dabbing ink.

Okay…I’m am so O(≧∇≦)O excited to show off this next card! Why? Because I’m a Harry Potter nut.

One of the teen’s girlfriends loves Harry Potter like I do and is a Ravenclaw like me. I’ve been making birthday cards for the young ladies this year. When N’s birthday was coming up I immediately thought of a castle and the flying Hogwarts letters. Making a castle was going to be too much for me so I went to Plan B. I searched on Youtube for an origami owl, using Happy Puppy Truffles‘s.

Update as of this afternoon: The card and cookies were a hit! The birthday girl shared her cookies and went home with only nine left in the bag.

The texture in this card is from using my Martha Stewart’s score board. For the brick wall, I spaced the scoring closer together horizontally and vertically. The stone wall had scoring that was more square.

I had suggested to Cupcake, who has been baking for each girlfriend, to make her butterbeer cookies. I picked Sugar & Soul Co’s recipe. We had to kind of improvise because I couldn’t find butterscotch pudding mix at Target nor Safeway. So I bought the pudding cups and the teen used one of those with the wet ingredients. Next time I’ll order the dry mix from Prime because I want to see if the dry mix will give a stronger, butterscotch flavor. The butter extract did come from Prime because I had looked in the past for our family, Harry Potter dinner. No matter what, the cookies came out good and the toffee bits were fun in them.

For this card I used the Viva la Verve September Week 2 Sketch I had pinned some time ago. There were two takes. I was originally trying for an autumn color theme. However, upon contemplation, I felt it wasn’t youthful enough. Cupcake’s friend has a Victorian, girly room and this card is supposed to be for her 13th birthday so I wanted it special. This second color scheme is based upon that fabric ribbon tape that is mostly hidden by the butterflies and tags.

There is lots of texture in E’s card. I scored the main background in a lattice like pattern. I embossed resist onto the green panel. The flowery panel was done in texture paste with the upper portion of the stencil from the Butterflight set while the circle is covered in the paste stenciled from the lower part of the stencil.

I am very pleased with these results. It’s definitely feminine and special. Those 3-D like butterflies really give this card somethin’ somethin’.

This one is a Halloween birthday card. The teen thought one of her girlfriends was born on the 31st, but her birthday is a few days earlier. I think this card will still fit.

The texture I put into this card is the main background. I used one of the Graphic Stencils Pair by Hero Arts and placed it on a paper towel. I then took my VersaMark pad and rubbed it all over the back of the stencil. I laid it on the cardstock, placed a paper towel over them, and rubbed vigorously to get that sticky VersaMark onto the cardstock. I then sprinkled black, embossing powder all over. At first the first copy turned out like that, where the stencil doesn’t fully show. However, during the second go I realized it had a cool, visual effect. I then distress inked in three shades of yellow all over so it’s be like looking in or out of a lit window at nighttime.

This stamp set you have seen before. What I did different with it was stamp everything in VersaMark and heat embossed it all in black. I then colored each piece in distress ink. The washi tape is from a Stampin’ Up Halloween set I had won when I had attended a card workshop for the first time.

Okay, my show-and-tell is over for today. I have nine, thank you cards to make. I came up with one design but I’m way over thinking it so I plan to tweak it. I hope you have a good weekend, one of R&R and fun. TTYL and thanks for dropping by. Bye!


21 thoughts on “The Other Craft, XVIII

  1. Your cards are gorgeous!! Each one is more creative and fun than the next.
    My fingers and toes are crossed for all of California. The fires are horrific. I hope they’re under control and out soon.


  2. I love the Harry Potter card! I also like the vividness of the cloud card. I may try something similar with my students in the spring:)


  3. Stef, Your cards are truly amazing. I love your creativity. I tried making some cards and quickly realized they are detailed and not for the girl who got a D in art!!!! I sure enjoy yours


    • Thank you! The teen will be making another girlfriend cookies this weekend and so that butterfly card will go with the goodies Monday. I haven’t heard from Jen lately. I’m sure there is so much to deal with.


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  5. Oh, wow! These cards are amazing!!! I can imagine how much labour goes into them, they are so textured and detailed! I tried to pick a favourite, but they are all beautiful and unique, I like them all!


  6. All the cards are so unique and amazing! It really is hard to pick a favorite but that Harry Potter one is so fun. I love how you use different mediums like origami to create your cards.


  7. Oh goodness! I hope everything was Okay with all the fires! We had a fire at our warehouse/office this week which I’ll show in my Sunday Post this weekend! It was crazy!

    I really adore the card you made for your grandmother! It’s gorgeous! In fact, I sound like a broken record because I think all your cards are beautiful. I hope you find some more inspiration for them soon.

    I absolutely didn’t realise you were on IG so I’ve just followed you there.

    Butterbeer cookies and a HP card! I LOVE it!!!! That’s my favourite card simply because of the HP throwback…

    The Halloween birthday card is also awesome and I think totally works.

    Good luck with the Thank You cards!


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