No longer a tween…

Because she’s now a TEEN! As of 2:19 a.m., Cupcake turned 13 years old. She’s had two celebrations already.

  • With the ohana two weekends ago

Her Bella asked her what did she want for dinner and this spoiled granddaughter told her chicken pot pie and potatoes. The cake is from a local bakery.

  • Last weekend with her friends

I used this Pinterest idea for dessert. I should have filled up the glasses more with M&M’s but oh well, oops. However, it was enough sweets for our tolerance anyways.

I mastered the bi-colored swirl finally. I had bought a kit at Michael’s last year but the nozzles have small holes. This time I filled one piping bag with some vanilla buttercream, another with chocolate buttercream, and then placed both bags into a piping bag that had my 1M tip in it. I was so happy it worked!

  • Today, with the just the four of us, I’ll order from Bonchon for some Korean fried chicken and before book club, I had picked up a caramel apple pie from our go-to pie place.

I can’t believe our baby is 13. She has grown so much and has developed into her own person. I like how our teen is goofy and marches to her own drum. Happy birthday Cupcake. I love you.


19 thoughts on “No longer a tween…

  1. That is wonderful that she has had lots of celebrations! Becoming a teen is an amazing thing! Soon she will be driving!


  2. Happy Birthday to your new teenager! It sounds like she has been appropriately spoiled. All the food looks fantastic! The cupcakes are brilliant. You have totally impressed me with your frosting!
    The baby photo is so cute:)


    • Thank you, Karen! I love that pic of her. I remember putting her in the costume, ready to take her to work but then of course she does a big poop that goes up the back so I had to get her out of the seat to change her before getting her into that costume again.

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  3. Aww, so sweet! And a happy Mother’s day (1) to you! Looks like there was a lot of happiness in those celebrations. The treats and sweets look fabulous!


  4. Happy Birthday Cupcake! 13 is a tough age but she sounds like she’s got her head screwed on straight! All the celebration food sounds amazing – I’m especially jealous of the Korean Fried Chicken! I love her flower costume at the bottom. Too adorable!


  5. Oh! What a cute baby pic! 😍😍😍 Gorgeous!

    Wow, a teenager! How has that been? πŸ˜„ Lucky girl to have so many celebrations but it sounds as though she deserves it.

    I love the look of those desserts! I have never thought about trying to put two different bags in a bigger bag! I haven’t quite got the knack of the dual colour icing yet but I’m going to try that next!


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