It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Aloha . ><{{{.______). I’m preparing this post early because I will actually be posting again on Monday. The ninth is a special day in our ohana. If you’re curious, please do come back.

How was your reading week? I have book club at noon at a nearby coffee shop. We’ll be discussing News of the World by Paulette Jiles. I’m curious to see how the group lays out and manages its discussion as this is all new to me. I didn’t take notes. Am I supposed to? How do you prep for a book club meeting?

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I only finished one book this week. As mentioned in the Once Upon a Sock post, I spent the week making the last of the October babies’ cards which were for my daughter’s friends. I haven’t posted about them yet but oh boy did I do good! I’m excited to show them off.

Katherine (I Wish I Lived in a Library) has mentioned this Ruth Galloway series time to time on her blog. I was curious about it and happy to read the protagonist is an archaeologist. I do love archaeology so I loaded it up on my Kindle and started reading.

Sadly, overall I found this book awkward from how Ruth’s connection to the officer developed and to how the few red herrings were thrown in. I do understand Ruth is an ordinary woman in the world of academia and she does have a bit of spark in her at times. But I found the ongoing journey of the mystery stumbling. I didn’t really find anything appealing about any of the characters or a feel a sense of finesse like in the Chief Inspector Armand series. The only parts that really interested me were the bits about the Iron Age artifacts and its rituals. I do wish there were more details because everything referenced to was already over and done with years ago.

I gave this read two stars. I will give the second installment a try whenever but honestly, I’m not hopeful.

May your Monday go smoothly and quickly. Have a good one and talk to you soon.


14 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. It’s hard when you don’t love a book that a friend absolutely loves but reading is so individual…I have read this series and liked it…is this the first book in the series? Sometimes you really need to start with the first book.

    As to book club…I have not done that yet…I don’t like talking about books with a group of people…heeheehee…I like moving on!

    But…have fun!


  2. I am really enjoying the frequent posts!!! I’ll see your MOnday post later. I post late on Sundays because MOnday is volunteer morning at the barn. Off we go. Al’s coming to watch


    • How fun for Al to see you in action! Maybe she’ll get to help out a little bit? I think your volunteer work is so awesome. It’s different and interesting.


  3. Your coffee and book club sounds fun! I am not sure how I would prepare? Maybe post it notes in the book? Is that super nerdy? Lol.

    I am sorry to hear that the Ruth Galloway series was a bummer! It sounds good, but..sometimes books are better than they sound. 😦


  4. I usually don’t take notes while reading unless it’s a name spelling that I want to be sure I get right or a particular issue that I don’t want to forget but that’s really only for review writing. I hope you enjoy the book club meeting! I have mixed feelings about the Ruth Galloway series. I LOVE the concept but the book was only 3 stars for me for the reasons you describe and while I keep saying I want to continue with the series it’s been over a year and I haven’t yet which is saying something.


  5. Oh dear! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the book. I hate that! It always takes so much to get into a new book and you wouldn’t pick it up if you didn’t think you would love it in the first place! What a disappointment. 😕

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  6. I was so sad to hear you didn’t care for the book as my daughter loves archaeology too and I was going to recommend it to her. I will still tell her about it but with a warning.


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