Week 15: A Year of Projects



(This Is: Janet Jackson, a Spotify playlist, playin’)

Good afternoon. Did you have lunch? Our crew just did – sandwiches on Boudin sourdough.

So upon review, it seems I’ve hyperspaced from week 5 to week 15. As mentioned before, while I was on a blogging break, I had finished Edginess (teased back here). Finally this morning I was able to tackle the long process of wet-blocking. One hundred and ninety-one pins were used to pin this baby down onto my Knit Picks blocking mats (five six used). Each blocking mat is about 12″ x 12″. The wingspan of my shawl is long so I used at least four across. I used two of their blocking wires to make the top edge straight.

It’s supposed to be about 80° this Sunday so I have my FO out in the backyard. Them next door cats and those crazy squirrels betta stay away from it.

So what’s my next project?

Well, have you heard of Jen Joyce? I found her via her blog which probably had been recommended on WordPress. Jen is a sweetheart and a fellow Californian. She lives in this lovely home of wonderful wood, has a beautiful GSD named Emma, and she always has her beautiful nieces model her designs in the Napa area.

Jen had generously gifted me with one of her designs: Altitude Cowl. I love the Feather and Fan stitch pattern. It’s like comfort knitting to me so I’ve named my project, Feather to the Fan.

This is the yarn I’m going to use for it. I have had this yarn in my stash for ages. I think I had maybe ordered it from WEBS? I’ve decided to use all three colors – Dove, Snowy Owl, & Midnight – to make my cowl tricolored. I’ll be able to wear it with anything since these are neutrals. Hmmm…I think I will probably just do blocks of color instead of striping and most likely keep this order of color.

Off to pop over here to read other participants’ posts for YOP and I must update my list on my A Year of Projects 2017-2018 List.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. TTYL.


19 thoughts on “Week 15: A Year of Projects

  1. That is some fabulous yarn! I can’t wait to see it in action:)
    We skipped lunch today and went out for ice cream:) I’m making broiled chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans for dinner.


    • Thank you; have you used it before? It’s from Maine. Do you totally cook the chicken under the broiler? I don’t use my broiler much. Mashed sweet potatoes sound yummy. I have organic green beans in the frig too from my Friday Costco run.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used boneless chicken breast and lay them out flat on the broiler pan. They cook about 10 minutes on each side and then I check their temperature to be sure they’re over 165. I like mine with just salt. N likes his with bbq sauce and my husband likes ranch dressing to dip his in.

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  2. The yarn is gorge as is that pattern…way too complex for this novice knitter. We are having slow cooker bbq’d ribs and bbq’d baked beans…the ribs are amazing…they literally fall apart!


    • You’re on WP now so I can respond to you this way. You can comment on my blog via the WP app or from your desktop. Thank you. I haven’t used Swans Island before; it’s made in Northport, Maine. I think I had bought it because it was organic.


  3. I love that shawl and have from the moment you started knitting it! Mostly because of the yarns and colors you chose….such a great combo! I love Jen’s designs and I’ve seen Swan’s Island before on Purl Soho? It should be lovely to work with too. I can’t wait to see it.


  4. I can not believe you counted the pins for our shawl. LOL I would have given up. That is a massive amount of pinning to be sure. The colors for your cowl are super nice and will really go with everything. It is nice to have you back again too.


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