Once Upon a Sock, six

Good morning. How is your morning going? Mine was productive. I took the dames to get their flu shots. I learned I should get them inoculated once the new flu shots come out in September. So I got mine yesterday afternoon and scheduled them for this morning before school started. Jellybean was eager to get to school because she didn’t want to miss computer lab. Her and her sister were each only 10 minutes tardy.

Well, my gosh it seems like forever since I’ve last posted with the group. It’s been a good three months, yeah?

I have a quick post today. I haven’t been knitting much lately. The reason why is because I’ve been focused on making cards so I could put away my supplies before this weekend – the tween’s having friends over Saturday evening.

However, while I was on hiatus, I made tremendous progress on my San Diego Roses:

To refresh your memory, I’m using two patterns:

  1. Afterthought Everything Socks by Erica Kempf Broughton
  2. Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson.

I labeled every part of this long tube.

  • Afterthought heels are inserted after the main parts of the socks are done.
  • I added in waste yarn for the toes. At this point the tube will be divided in half, the live stitches will be placed on two sets of DPN’s, and then the toes will be knitted up.

You can see my WIP is a bit skewed. I discovered that in the area of foot #1, I had dropped a stitch! I had to go back and pick it up and kind of forcibly make space for it for at least 60 rows. I hope everything will block out okay in the end.

When you can, please pop on over to the posts of my lovely group mates:

  1. Paula has her post up first at her blog, Spin a Yarn
  2. I will update Katherine‘s link when she has her post up on Fiber and Sustenance.
  3. I will update Kat‘s link when she has her post up on Felinity Knits.

Okie doke. I must run. Laundry is demanding to be addressed and I have cards to make. Have a good Thursday. Thank you for dropping by. TTYL.


25 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, six

  1. I love your socks. Im not a big fan of afterthought heels. Mine did not come out round and soft. I also get to fiddly with the tiny stitches. I see a sock in my future, but it may be awhile yet. I m a huge fan of flu shots!


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  3. That is such a cool idea! Although I enjoyed doing the after thought heel on my last pair of socks, I think that a heel flap/heel turn/gusset fits my foot best. I absolutely adore the color of the yarn. It’s so Christmasy 🙂


  4. Looks like you’ve got some technique sock party going over there! I think it is pretty nifty. I love the yarn.

    I got my flu shot yesterday and the husband got his on his day off, we still need to get the kid done. We are working on that. Takes a few weeks for it to be effective, you did really well getting you all done early in the season!

    I just want to knit socks now. LOL Have a great day.


  5. Wow, I LOVE this idea for socks. I’ve done afterthought heels but never this — what a great way to do some traveling socks! Love it! Sorry I’m late with my post — I’ve had a cold and it completely slipped my mind yesterday! But just going to do a post now 😀


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    • Thank you. I wanted to try this pattern because I wanted to battle the second sock syndrome. I’m trying to keep my momentum going because I know I may lag when it comes to putting in the heels and toes.

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  9. I’ve never seen this, so interesting – two socks in one tube, though it makes perfect sense! The yarn is so Christmas-y! I’ll be casting on socks today and I’ll do the afterthought heel too, mostly because I don’t think I’ll have enough yarn and I might do the the heels in a different color.


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