It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Good morning. I now have time to blog. I spent most of the morning buying ingredients and putting together the Shepherd’s Pie for tonight’s dinner. I was making a slow cooker recipe but found I didn’t have enough potatoes leftover from the weekend’s potato salad so I split the beef mixture. Tonight we’ll have a traditional Shepherd’s Pie and tomorrow the filling with rice.

You see here a pic of me (my new graduated/a-line bob and asymmetrical bangs) and the tween. She shocked her Bella Saturday as she has now surpassed her in height. My firstborn thought she was taller than me also but nope! Mo-ded. I still got some on her.

Because my cold progressed this week I didn’t have the energy to do much. (BTW, I’m much better now and can finally get more sleep.) So last week I just read most of the time which is why I knocked out four books!

Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #2) by Heather Graham

When a Civil War reenactment participant goes missing on Donegal Plantation and then ends up dead like the plantation’s patriarch ancestor did during the war, the Krewe of Hunters is sent to Mississippi. Ghosts don’t kill but the evil lurking in the background is of flesh and blood. All of the reenactment actors are under suspicion. But who is the killer?

I liked this book because of its content about the plantation and Civil War. I’m personally curious about Civil War reenactments. I’ve never seen one before but would love to. I have always been a fan of early American history and would love to visit a plantation. I think it’d be cool to stay at a plantation B&B and experience life around one.

The mystery in this second installment was okay. I thought book one was way better especially in regards to the ghosts which had an important and creepy factor. The romance factor was a bit convenient for my tastes although I do believe in second chances at the right place and in the right time.

Reading two in a row was enough for me at this point. I’ll come back to the series at another time. Three stars.

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #2) by Patricia Briggs

Siebold Adelbertsmiter, a.k.a. Zee – a fae who was Mercy’s mentor when she had first worked for him at the garage and who still helps her out there after she had bought the business from him – is accused of murdering a human and put in jail. He wants Mercy to stay away and not get involved but you know Mercy – no holds barred when it comes to helping her friends and finding justice.

The investigation in this plot was like a typical murder mystery. I guess to me, it seemed more human because she had to research a group who were basically nonmagical folk. The danger really ramps up for Mercy but in a way, it’s camouflaged. I was personally shocked and felt helpless as a listener to this audiobook. I moved onto the third book to see what the after effects were. Three stars.

Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue #1) by Katie Ruggle

I’m not going to go all out on this book’s review. I wasn’t impressed with this one. There’s a 27-year-old protagonist. Honestly, sometimes I’m not in the mood to read about a female character in that age range. Sometimes I’m in the mood for someone older who’s been through stuff. There’s a murder mystery aspect but it was unrelated to who was actually trying to kill her. Two stars.

Gunpowder Green (A Tea Shop Mystery #2) by Laura Childs

Theodosia Brown is back in the sleuthing game. As her tea shop caters one of Charleston’s popular yacht races, a high society member falls dead while firing off an antique gun at the finish line.

This is a simple cozy mystery. You can follow Theodosia’s clear thinking and rationale. The characters are straightforward. There may have been a little red herring or two.

One thing I love about this series is it immersed in detail about tea – from where the leaves come from to how they smell and taste to what blends complement one another. I like how the tea shop puts on events, like the mystery tea where a troupe acted out mystery tale, food that had tea as one of its ingredients were served, and a fortune-teller read tea leaves. I would love to learn about tea in special workshops. Three stars, a very enjoyable read.

I hope your Monday is going well. What are you currently reading and what are you having for dinner tonight? Well, happy reading to you. TTYL.


14 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Thank you for the review of the tea mystery. I love tea so I’ll definitely be adding that one to my TBR! Glad you’re feeling better:)


  2. Love the hair…I am interested in how you split the Sheperd’s Pie…I am not seeing it…heeheehee…I have read those tea mysteries before and I do like them. I am finding out that even if I love a series…I need to break them up with completely different books. If I don’t I start to not love them so much!


  3. Love the hair style and hope the pie was very tasty! One thing about being sick is sometimes we read more than we would otherwise a side bonus! If I read cozy’s they would either focus on books or tea. I so love a good cup of tea.


  4. Super cute hair! I think I am going to get my hair chopped next time I go in – it’s time for a change.

    I’m glad to hear you are feeling better!

    I enjoy the Krewe books, but they are hit and miss. I took a looooonng break from them, and just read one recently. It was pretty good. I have to admit, I read them all out of order, and I don’t think I have read them all, despite having read the newest one. Lol. I think my favorite part about them is how there is always a new setting. 🙂


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