While I’ve been gone…Part Three

Hello. Today’s third installment is Crochet.

Ever since I learned my BFF’s kids liked sea life and cats, I knew I had to make them some amigurumi:

A jellyfish named Jelly-lelly Lelly-jelly (what Sponge Bob sings when he’s jellyfish hunting):

  • One Dog Woof’s Crochet Jellyfish pattern
  • Yarn = Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Paints in Arctic Ice
  • Hooks used – F, G, H

A kitty named Roly-poly Poly-roly (Take 2):

  • Puchimato’s Roly Poly Cats pattern
  • Yarn = Berocco Comfort Solids & Heathers in Candy Pink and Pumpkin
  • For the tail, I didn’t have a pipe cleaner so I used a twist tie and surrounded it with poly-fil.
  • I embroidered the face with black, sock yarn.
  • Hooks used – E & F
  • This was a take two because the first time, which was in different yarns, I didn’t like the gaps in the legs and was cutting them off when I accidentally cut into the body! (╯︵╰,)

These two amigurumi are only half of their gifts. I haven’t sewn for a few months but I ordered cute, printed, canvas fabric from Etsy to make each girl a tote bag. I’ll post about that when I get goin’ on those.

Almost there to Friday. May your Thursday zoom by. TTYL. Bye.


20 thoughts on “While I’ve been gone…Part Three

  1. Stefanie, those are the cutest and I love the colors you used for both! i always want to make everything you make in exactly the same colors because you make such darling things….I’m such a copycat! LOL! I truly admire your workmanship too as your projects look perfect! Those girls are going to squeal with delight!


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  3. I used to crochet with my grandmother when I was a kid and I keep telling myself that I am going to try again as an adult and make some stuff…. You are inspiring me! I especially love the jellyfish!!!!!!! Super cute.


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