Week 5: A Year of Projects

Aloha. I’m linkin’ up with YOP1718. What are you up to today? I’ve had a productive morning of starting laundry and prepping chicken – drumsticks (salt & pepper), thighs (marinade), and cubed breasts (a different marinade) – for today’s BBQ. I feel this is a test run for our upcoming ohana’s family get-together in August. There’ll be 13 of us, my grandmother and my youngest aunt and uncle will see our home for the first time, and it will also be the first time E will be BBQing for the ohana.

It sort of feels like a Catch 22 as I love entertaining but at the same time, it’s stressful (I can get pissy.). I always feel I have so much to do beforehand. Summer is now half over and I’d like to get at least one big, house project done before school starts. We were busy with summer math and then enjoyed two weeks of R&R. Now it’s time to buckle down some and take care of business.

So it’s been a busy week running around with the girls and I’ve added back in weights, squats, and crunches to my workout. Oh and I got my hair did so I updated my About Me page. It’s only this weekend I’ve gotten to my knitting:

I finished the Little Houses lace chart and I’ve started the applied border! Susan B. Anderson is a genius. Working this applied border is a cool technique; what a neat way to add it and bind off at the same time.

And can I just say mahalo ♪ヽ(▽ ̄ )ノ/(_△_)ヽ(  ̄▽)ノ nui loa for putting in your two cents? You know I totally doubted my original vision of everything else in black after the garter stitch section. With your voting, I feel I snapped out of the funk and you helped me move forward. Switching back to the speckled yarn for the applied border was a great idea! I love it. I noticed after getting several points on Edginess I had forgotten to switch back to the smaller needle (only one size down) but I figure it’s fine so I’m letting that one minor detail go.

Off to check laundry, prep tomorrow’s book post, and I have a la hanau card to make so I can send that and my penpal’s off to international waters tomorrow. Have a good Sunday and TTYL. Aloha.


17 thoughts on “Week 5: A Year of Projects

  1. I am amazed at all your projects…and your cooking! You probably take it all as part of the necessary tasks of the day, but I got in such a habit of NOT cooking that I’m now labeled the “non-cooking” mother. Sigh. Single parenting and a full-time job that often went overtime. No excuse, of course, not to cook now that I’m retired. But again…excuses. My galley kitchen is not conducive, although my son and DIL did plenty of cooking in it when they visited.

    I must just accept the label. LOL.


  2. Um your hairs great!! I SO LOVE the teeny weeny bangs. I may copy that!!!! And I get pissy with company too. My friend Madelon once said, Relax Kathy, it is nobody’ s last meal. That helps me a bit. Its my company mantra. I wouldnt put it past me to serve cereal someday!


    • Thank you, Kathy. ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) I have a slight, graduated/inverted bob with textured ends and micro bangs that have also been textured. I went a little shorter with my bangs; they were usually one finger (horizontal) above my eyebrows after drying. I do feel better once everything is done and ready right before the company rings the bell. I’m grouchy leading up to the day, LOL. I’ll remember Madelon’s line. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You are so cute and I love your new ‘do’….it looks great on you! You remind me of a little ball of fire with all your zooming around from one project to another and getting so much done. I adore that shawl in exactly those color combinations! It is gorgeous and I love that edging. I do love SBA’s patterns too so I may have to add that one to my list. It is one stunning project! Your dinner sounds delish and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for the reminder about Book Date tomorrow too!


  4. Hi Stefanie! LOVE the ‘do!!! :)) I’m getting my hair done this week…it will be a lot shorter, maybe as short as yours but with longer bangs…I’m scared lol…I had one bad hairdresser years ago and I get antsy now when I go!!

    Your knitting looks so pretty, I do love the black a lot. I remember the days when I only wore black lol…now I dress according to pet colours so the pet hair doesn’t show, how’s that for lazy, makes for less laundry! I hope your bbq goes well, the food sounds delicious!!!


  5. Love the new do and having your hair just the way you want it is a great thing, tiny but means so much. I love to chop and change as the mood strikes, which I’m currently in the process of at the moment. I love your shawl and I’m glad you stuck with your colour scheme, it has totally paid off! Applied borders are just the best, just a few stitches and they help you bind off as you are going, they are my favourite thing to use. Good luck with the BBQing and I’m sure the family BBQ will go great, I’m always the same, love it but can be a bit pissy beforehand so I get it.


  6. I think I’m free on August 13th and love the city you live in. I woukd be happy to help eat all that food and become honorary ohana lol. Seriously though…..Kathy is right…..relax…be yourself and just let ut all just happen. Enjoy the tine with family .

    Your shawl is amazing and I absolutely love your new hair style.


  7. gorgeous knits and I do love the new hair do. I wish I was as adventurous as you!! However, I’ve grown mine to almost touch my shoulders and feel quite accomplished. I gave up on the bangs, I had them cut like regular, I could not handle the growing out phase at all.


  8. That is such a cute cut and looks so good on you! I’ve been growing out my bangs for a couple of years. They are now down to my chin and I’ve got the urge to cut them again 🙂

    Your shawl is looking so good and I can’t wait to see the final product.

    I too, can get bitchy, when getting ready for a dinner party. My husband thinks that I am a SAHW (Stay at Home Wife) since I work virtually; however I work just as hard at home as he does in an office 🙂 That being said, I probably need to work on my “asking for assistance” skills. Have fun with your BBQ and ohana time. I hope your recipes turned out awesome and that you’ll share soon 😀


    • Thank you, Paula! I understand how growing out bangs is a pain in the arse which is why a lot of women don’t want them. I like the drama of them and originally cut some because my forehead seemed nakedly glaring when I don’t wear make up around town. You DO work and good for you for sticking up for yourself and validating yourself. You go, sister!

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  9. You have been very productive and I hope the BBQ went well and you didn’t get toooo pissy 😉
    I hear you about wanting to get some things done in the summer but eek….it is August tomorrow. TIme flies by on these summery days.


  10. Your hair looks great – and it fits that “ball of fire” personality (that comes through your posts) that Sandra mentioned. 🙂 Your food sounds awesome and I’m now hungry three hours before supper. And the shawl is beautiful. I had no opinion about it when you asked, but I’m so glad the others came through for you. It’s perfect!


  11. Love your hair and I hope the bbq went swimmingly. I love cooking, but do get a little stressed by the big occasions too, for me it’s the timing that puts me into a tailspin!


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