Week 4: A Year of Projects

Good morning on this YOP1718 Sunday; it’s 73° already and only 9:54 a.m. There wasn’t much cold air brought in last night by our house fan so the house is starting at 72° today.

Yesterday was mid-90’s; oh boy was it hot when I opened the front door and stepped out. E and I were able to go out for dinner since our girls were at a bowling party with the neighbors. The two of us were going to drive over to Palo Alto for lobster rolls but my man was so sore from his insane bike ride up Mt. Hamilton (the tallest peak in the Bay Area). So our favorite, sushi place was our second choice; they have at least three pages of creative rolls. It’s always fun to look at the pictures and see what I’m in the mood for; I try to pick ones I haven’t eaten yet. I may have to keep a list. What’d you have for dinner yesterday?

So last week there was no progress at all. My procrastinator defense mechanism had kicked in before that and I was spending lots of time watching Gilmore Girls and winding them up as mentioned here. I dug out more from my bulky and worsted weight bins and started on those. That’s what they look like. I SMH at how dumb I was to think, oh I can figure out what it is later.

I used to tie yarn remnants to its label years ago but they all had gotten thrown out. I started doing that again and maybe I need to organize that as well by keeping them in a binder somehow, yeah? I tied these tags onto the balls tight but they could come off. I have to get a bin for these as they’ve taken over the coffee table and the side table.

My husband looks at them and asks, “What is this?”

I naturally respond, “This is my area because I don’t have my own craft room.”

Recently, invisible deadlines loomed over my head so I got back up on the horse and worked on Edginess. I am practically almost done with this lace chart – ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉ hoorah! Two weeks ago you saw it at row eight. I’m now on row 15 which is the last lace row and then 16 will be purls.

I’m grateful you helped me decide which direction to go for this WIP. I feel so much better about having a solid section of black after the speckled, garter part. I can’t wait to get to the applied edging in the speckles which will be a new technique for me.

Okay, I’m off to read the other YOP posts and then I have a baby hat to block and another baby beanie to cast on as her ETA is in 19 days. Have a good Sunday and TTYL.


20 thoughts on “Week 4: A Year of Projects

  1. Oh Stef……..72 sounds heavenly to me. We have been well over 100 for 6 weeks now. Thank heavens for A/C. Your shawl is gorgeous. Love the way the black helps pop the speckles. My LYS taught me that after I use my ball winder to take the label, fold it up and as you pull the ball off the winder, put the label in the middle of the ball. I knit from the outside of my wound balls so this is perfect. No more labeless (I made that word up ) yarn.


  2. Oh your Edginess is going to look stunning, I suspected it would be seeing it almost there packs a wow punch. The solid section of black is going to break up the speckles but also make them pop. You are going to have one beautiful shawl real soon Stef.

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  3. How you work with wool in that heat I don’t know. But I guess you have air conditioning most likely. A craft room, now wouldn’t that be a dream!!


  4. WEll of course you need a craft room! Wink. Love your shawl . Lace looks so pretty in dark colors I think. Good for your man and his cycling. Mine is sound asleep on the couch. 3 pm. He’s done two tough rides the last two days. Im watching the Great British Baking show. I Love mary and paul


    • How neat your husband is such an experienced horseback rider. I have to give that show a go once I’m done with Gilmore Girls. Love you and hugs!


  5. You can’t be as hot as we are or can you? LOL! It seems like it’s the same everywhere. Good for you setting an example for the rest of us with those unknown balls or tangles of yarn! I love your labels too. Your shawl is the bees knees and I just love it especially your color combinations…..scrumptious!!! I want one just like it!
    Stay cool! Being from the midwest I’m not really into sushi but in my defense I did try it at the Hotel Niko in Chicago…..if you’re going to try something new I feel you should try the best if you can to be fair but I still didn’t like it…..what can I say…..in the midwest we’re not really raised with seafood. I do like shrimp, crab and lobster and I eat fish but not raw. Glad you enjoy it! I wold have gone for those lobster rolls….the best lobster I ever had was deep fried and dipped in melted butter…..a heart attack waiting to happen! LOL! So good though! Have a great week! (Now I’m hungry! lol)


  6. We had 95 on friday and I wilted (and complained). I hope you get a corner of your own somewhere – I never had a room of my own until the kids grew up and moved out. I turned the guest room into my studio then.


  7. Oh! A dinner date! That’s so nice and a sushi place with great creative rolls is awesome.

    Dinner yesterday for us was rather pathetic. We had coconut chocolate cakes and hot chocolates. Ha ha. Because we are adults and because we had a large lunch of curry and paratha. 🙂 The little one did however have chicken and chips for her dinner as much as she would have loved cake and hot chocolate too! 🙂

    I am meant to be rewatching Gilmore Girls and watching the new specials… oops. I haven’t begun yet. We’re still busy watching Season 3 of Heartland and then I’ll be rewatching some Game Of Thrones in preparation for this season playing now.

    Hope you will be featuring the baby hat and beanie?

    As for some Fantasy recs… Wow. Put the pressure on! 🙂

    It really depends on what you are after… If you want some good YA Fantasy:

    The Grisha (you’ve read my reviews of these recently)
    Six of Crows (heists, adventure and fantastic writing and set AFTER the Grisha trilogy but you can read them either/or)
    Red Winter – This is an AMAZING Japanese mythology based trilogy that I can’t rave enough about. I loved these books and if you’re remotely interested try them! The first book is a little dense in the beginning getting you situated in a new series, but overall it’s amazing.
    The Wrath and The Dawn – this is a duology with a middle eastern feel based on 1001 Arabian Nights and written beautifully by Renee Ahdieh.
    The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – Cinder being the first. Part sci-fi but mainly good old fantasy these are all retellings, the first being of Cinderella.

    If you like classics you might also like the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik – psuedo classical historical fiction these are how our world may have been if there had been DRAGONS. I have only read the first 2 books so far but I loved them and really want to continue soon.

    Let me know what you are going to choose! (even if it’s none of these and you have something else on your TBR.)


  8. lol. I got a chuckle out of your ball winding while watching Netflix. I do that too when my pattern is too intricate to watch tv. I like your tagging ideas. I have a craft room but still the coffee table and tea trolley are covered in my crafting projects. I have a long suffering spouse!


  9. That’s pretty organized to label your yarn like that. Mine are all in various bags all over the place! I don’t have a craft room either! Oh lobster rolls…how I miss thee. I used to live on the East Coast of Canada on Prince Edward Island and the lobster was a-plenty! I haven’t had any for years now. I do love to eat! 🙂


  10. At least you are making the effort to get organized. My yarn stash is a mess and frankly I’ve lost the motivation to organize it. Some ladies in my knitting group actually take pics of all their yarn and load it onto Ravelry which I think is amazing. Jealous of your sushi dinner date! Love how Edginess is progressing!


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