Summer, Summer, Summertime

Press play for some good feeling, background music. Now bop your head while you scroll down and read.

Hello and thank you very much for sharing what books you’re immersed in right now + what you like to grill and how you do it. I love how you’re seasoned BBQers and exude confidence wielding that spatula and tong.

So, we have been out for summer for four weeks now. Staying local is our theme:

And utilizing Yelp to try out east bay eats keeps our bellies happy:

What’s your favorite, summer, summer, summertime song and what new, local place have you tried this summer? Thanks for droppin’ by. TTYL.


14 thoughts on “Summer, Summer, Summertime

  1. I’m enjoying the Baby Driver movie soundtrack at the moment — it definitely has a summertime feel!! I’ve been enjoying exploring the excellent sushi around LA this summer …. mmm nothing better on a hot day than some sushi, I think!!

    Looks like you and your family are having an excellent summer!!!


  2. Hi Stefanie 🙂 I’m not too much into music. I just prefer listening to the sounds outside in the woods 🙂 Summer hasn’t quite reached us yet. Today was sunny so there is hope, but mostly it feels like November every day, kind of sucks!


  3. If I have to clean the house, I must play My Donna Summer cd. It gets me moving. My brother in law loved her and he passed, so Im reminded of Steve whenever I hear her.
    Zach and I tried the shaved ice at a local Lake Geneva shop last night. pre-dinner. It was wonderful
    Too dah loo


  4. One of my summer favorites is from way back…the 60s, I think: Roll Out Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer. It used to play regularly on the radio, which was all we had for tunes in my first apartment. We didn’t even have a TV! How different things are now.

    Thanks for sharing your tune today! Lovin’ it.


  5. I listen to lots of different summery music but I have a new fave restaurant…Hearth Kitchen! Filled with great new fresh salads!


  6. I’m drawing a total blank on favorite summertime song, but glad to see you’re having a good summer so far! I do like finding fun new places to eat… we have a new bar and grille up the road we’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t made it there yet. Soon… 🙂


  7. I’m like Rain…peace and quiet is my style with birdsong and nature sounds. As for new eating? I took the grands and my daughter to Buffalo Wild Wings for their birthdays (all in July). We don’t have much to chose from and definitely no lovely concoctions as in your pictures! And of course the Goodwill Store and T.J.Max were new to me and I loved them!


  8. When we’re not blasting Backstreet Boys, we love to put on Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake 🙂 we love a good song we can dance to!


  9. Your summer looks like it’s off to a great start! Those crepes look delicious!!

    Somehow I’ve birthday a child who loves country music, a type we had never listened to before. Now, we do a lot lol. I always turn up Old Dominion’s Broken Heart song for some car singing and dancing.


  10. Those desserts look crazy good! Sounds like you’re having a fantastic time and I love that you’re staying local. This summer has rushed past faster than I expected. We only have a couple of weeks left. I’m not sure I have a favorite summer song though Summertime definitely brings back some memories!


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  12. Looks like a fun (and yummy) summer so far! We’ve been keeping it local too since the summer traffic is crazy busy across the island and to the ocean right now. Lots of visits to the pool, nature paths and beaches. Plus ice cream/froyo stands.


  13. Looks like you’ve been having an amazing summer. Love the pics you shared – thanks you!

    We’re in the midst of our winter at the moment so less of the warm weather vibes here. Listening to cozy chillout music. 🙂


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