Week 2: A Year of Projects

Aloha. Howz it? Our ohana has had one busy week. This weekend has wonderfully been the opposite for us. Our crew has been chillaxin’, sleepin’ in late and passing the time away in the ways we know best. Warm weather has enabled my Big Kahuna to get more BBQing in which really helps me as all I do is prep the meat and he takes over the cooking + the house doesn’t get hotter from a used oven.

So here are the results of one poll:

While I know straight up that striping the black and the speckled would have produced awesome results, I would have hated to frog all that garter stitch work since I had to knit my way up to 303 stitches. So I like the option that won. I think it will result in an interesting shawl.

Yesterday I focused only on Edginess. As there are over 300+ stitches on my circular needle so progress was slow as I was only able to add on five more rows while listening to Inkheart:

The first photo gives you somewhat a whole picture of how my WIP is turning out so far. The second obviously shows you a close up of the Little House lace pattern. I have the first eight rows of the chart completed. In row nine, the instructions change a bit and I kept confusing myself last night reading that part, so I wrote Susan and am waiting for her response.

In the meantime, your two cents have spoken:

Jean’s Using Up Some of My Yarn Brick was the clear favorite:

So I will work on this week frogging Idle-Plummy-Wood. I originally thought to keep the plum on top and then stripe it with one of the other colors. However, if I use the light grey, I don’t think I’d like my jumper to go from a dark color to a light one. If I use the teal instead, I feel that would be too many dark colors, thus having no contrast. So I just may use the light grey on top and have it stripe with the plum which will be on bottom. That would mean I’d have to order more of the grey yarn. But that brings up another issue: I need to recheck if the alpaca/wool mix goes with the plum Cascade 128 Superwash. ( ु⁎ᴗ_ᴗ⁎)ु.。oO Lots to think about but fun!

Okie doke. If you’d like to read more #YOP1718 posts, click here. If you’re a crafter of any kind, you are more than welcome to join in. A year’s list is not set in stone which makes it fun and realistic. And before I sign off, I send a mahalo ミ(・・)ミ nui loa to you for hangin’ ten with me this week and for taking the time to say a few words. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Aloha.


12 thoughts on “Week 2: A Year of Projects

  1. I commend you for wanting to do sweater body/sleeve match striping. You are a brave one! Dont worry about the slow go on this shawl part. It is looking fantastic so far!!!


    • Thank you, Kathy, for your loving support ^__^. I’m glad to have buckled down on more of that lace chart. I’m glad I at least put in those stitch markers every 12 sts because that helps me keep on top of the each lace repeat for a row. The ones you gave me with that cute, felted sheep pouch are my favorite right now. I’m using them along with every round Chiaogoo one I have; the dangly ones started getting on my nerves as they were too heavy and big for fingering weight yarn fabric.


  2. Edginess is looking so cool with that black edging. Love the contrast with the colorful speckles. Seeing all of those yummy kabob pics on IG has me motivated to get out the grill. Although my husband is a notoriously bad griller….everything ends up slightly burnt. Grill duty will be mine!


  3. Nothing quite beats a relaxing week and after a busy one they are just what’s needed I find. I love the option that won for Edginess and I think it’s going to look amazing when done. You are making great progress on the lace what with it being over 300+ stitches. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Plummy-Wood starts to work up as that was my preferred option as well. Hope you have a good week Stef.


  4. The ‘poll idea’ was a great one and it came out loud and clear on both so that must make you feel better. Edginess is looking so pretty and glad you know where you want to go with Plummy-Wood….I too would want the dark at the bottom. Both are simply great projects!


  5. So glad to read you’re happy with the votes that came in. I look forward to seeing how your Edginess and your Plummy-Wood turn out. I know they’re going to look great! How do I know? Because everything you make looks amazing. 🙂


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