2 Charity Knitting/Crochet

Taken off from the Itty Bitty Knits forum thread: June Charity – Athena House: Program for Homeless Female Veterans

{Susan (eidree70) and Jen (jenb69) co-hosted the June charity.} We will be supporting homeless women veterans in Tampa, Florida. There are almost 18,000 homeless people in Tampa, the highest in the nation. About 900 of our homeless are veterans.

This month we will be collecting knit and crocheted washcloths to support the Athena House, a 24-month transitional house, which was founded specifically to help homeless women veterans in Tampa.


Athena House focuses on the specific needs of female veterans who often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol and drug dependencies and adjustment disorders.

There are only two programs like this in country (the other is in Boston).

My washcloths were currently mailed off to Jen as of 10 something Thursday morning. While I had listened to the rest of A Dog’s Purpose last week, I crocheted the second and third ones. Here they are + a better pic of the first one:

The Deets

I pretty much used Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn; it’s just the chrysanthemum one that has some Blue Sky Fibers (aloe).

I feel really good about hooking up these charity contributions. When I hear the word, veteran, honestly, males ones automatically come to mind. I’m glad Susan and Jen chose a charity that focused upon female veterans. I know these patterns classify them as dishcloths but that always seemed synonymous to washcloths to me. I hope they are liked as I know most participants in the drive knitted typical, square ones.

What’s my next charity project? Well, I promised Kathy of Compassion Knit that I would make at least one fiddle mitt to put toward her charity goal. Her mum recently passed away from dementia and it was through Kathy that I had learned about fiddle mitts. Do you know what they are? Dementia patients wear one and fiddle with the items sewn on top; it keeps them for example, from tearing off wallpaper from their rooms’ walls. Here are three, knitting patterns I’ve pinned:

  1. Twiddlemuff by Warrington Hospital
  2. Twiddle mitt knitting pattern by The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals
  3. Twiddle Muff by Shirley MacDonald

I hope you join in with me. TTYL.


13 thoughts on “2 Charity Knitting/Crochet

  1. Stef…thank you so much for committing to a muff. And for blogging about it!
    I love your rounded washcloths. I love this charitable cause you have found. I may knit afew and send them in my mom’s honor once I finish the mitts I promised. I’m getting there.


    • It’s the least I can do. I am a little worried about what to attach but I need to get started first. I’ll be digging around in my bin for washable chunky yarn. I know I have some. It was suggested to knit the tube in one color only?


    • Thank you. I have always believed in good karma. I try to do little things. I wonder how many female veteran are helped via the VA every year. We cannot forget them too.


  2. What lovely washcloths! I am sure that they will brighten someone’s day. I’ve seen something similar to twiddle mitts being used with individuals on the autism spectrum. Makes total sense that they would be helpful in patients with dementia.


  3. I’m so glad I did not miss this post! I like that the Itty Bitty Knits group (which I am a member of and forgot! LOL) are doing a variety of monthly charitable knits/crochets…great idea! Your cloths are lovely and so pretty…I faved all of them! I always love your projects and yarns. I would still like to send to Athena house…we’ll see…my intentions are always good but you know the old saying….”the road to hell is paved with good intentions”…action is what is needed! I totally want to participate in their monthly giving. Thank you for such an inspiring post!


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