Once Upon a Sock, five

I almost forgot it’s the first Thursday of the month! My memory got a reminding kick when I saw the posts of fellow members:

  1. Paula (Spin A Yarn)
  2. Kat (Felinity Knits)

Katherine (Fiber and Sustenance) will probably get hers up later of which I’ll update her link then. now has her sock post up. Her link has been updated.

So on my end I skipped June with all that had gone on. And while I had slouched on the couch, Yule Ball gave me the salty eye. It has not progressed past this old picture. I really feel my gauge is tight as the fabric feels like that. I think knitting with these Karbonz DPN’s just don’t work for me. I know I didn’t feel relaxed like how I usually do and perhaps with my gauge swatch having been knit as a flat one, the gauge isn’t entirely accurate.

I want to frog it, Someone thought I shouldn’t and to let it just hibernate because I had gotten that far and maybe I’ll want to pick that back up and work upon it another time. (・・。)ゞ I dunno. I feel like it’s hanging over my head and I already have two garments doing the same thing. I don’t like that feeling. Things that make you go hmmm…

So lately my being was craving some zen because my crafting mojo has been all over the place. I wanted something easy while I watched more Gilmore Girls (finally on season 5). To assuage that restlessness, I cast on a vanilla sock:


This Opal Der Keline Prinz, The Little Prince line. When our crew holidayed in San Diego three years ago, the last day we checked out yarn stores. Arañitas Yarn by Sofia was the only one open. I was thrilled to find she sold Opal sock yarn, one that I’ve never found up in the city. I picked up two skeins from The Little Prince line, feeling like when the announcer yells, “Scoooreeee,” in a televised soccer game. The colorway is The Rose of the Little Prince. I like how it’s knitting up; the feel is slightly rustic but still soft gentle enough in texture and drapey.

Okay; I need to go make some caffeinated tea as my eyes are getting droopy. Thanks for dropping by and TTYL.


18 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, five

  1. I’m on the fence for the frog. I have the opposite problems, I have a pair of bamboo circulars knitterz pride that I’m working a sock on (or was rather) and they are almost too bendy. I’m worried I’m going to snap them. But I’m going with it. They are on hiatus. I will finish it though. I am with Nothingbutknit2. work that vanilla and see how you feel. The mojo may return and if not, you’ll have another lovely finshed pair.


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  4. I know how you feel about frogging – sometimes I just want to get rid of something that’s hanging over me. But that sock is so pretty… maybe give it another month? And if you’re still all ‘ugh’ when you think about it then frog it then? Lovely vanilla socks!


    • Thank you for the advice. I think I will do that. Yes, vanilla is soothing. I feel I really lost my mojo with sock knitting and felt a bit sad b/c the Hermione pattern is actually easy. I really wanted to fill a box of sox but it’s okay; there’s next year. I just may knit vanilla.


    • Mahalo. I think I will have to give that book another chance as I wasn’t fond of it via its audiobook; maybe I can find a better one. I just wanted Opal so bad. I wish I had known about the Harry Potter line they had done way before.


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  6. I am in love with the Opal sock yarn color! Vanilla socks are so soothing sometimes and I love that the way the yarn is changing colors helps keep it interesting without having to worry about a pattern. I agree with others on the frogging! Give it a little time and then frog if you still don’t want to work on it.


    • Okay; the consensus seems to be wait on Yule Ball. One friend suggested trying it on. I’m thinking of putting in waste yarn and wet blocking what I have to make sure it’ll fit in the end.


  7. Oooo, love that Opal colorway! I would maybe try Yule Ball on and see if the fit of the leg feels good for you. If it’s too tight, I would definitely recommend the frog pond and start over with a different set of needles. Gilmore Girls makes for fun tv knitting 🙂


  8. Do like I do and stick it in a drawer and forget about it….I do that unintentionally all the time. The Opal yarn is really pretty in that colorway….and as always you do such beautiful knitting.


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