Week 1: A Year of Projects

So at first I was (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ) debating on whether or not to partake in a fresh new year of A Year of Projects. For 2016-2017, I had felt like a failure, thinking before last Sunday (6/25) about how I had bombed on one pullover and how I’ve been avoiding another. But you know us, crafters…dreaming ꒰◍ᐡᐤᐡ◍꒱ᐝ.∗̥✩⁺˚⑅ about the next project and picking out patterns is exciting and happiness full of unicorns and rainbows. So here I am again.

Last year my list was about me. This year will be the same but with the new addition of crochet. I won’t be including socks for 2017-2018 as I am already a part of the monthly Once Upon a Sock. I know there are others whose lists will contain other crafts that don’t use yarn, but I don’t plan to. I like to keep it neat and tidy and doing so enables me to blog more often during the week. That’s just how I roll.

If you’d like to see the sewing and cardmaking I do, pls feel free to follow my blog. Go to the homepage and scroll all the way down. You’ll see a little plus sign under “Older Posts”. Click on that and you’ll see options to follow the blog either through WordPress, email, Instagram, or Bloglovin’.

*rubs hands in glee* Alrighty then, the list!

WIP’s to Deal with and Finish

  1. From Another Place Crop Top by Leah Coccari-Smith – Rip out ribbing in sleeves and in v-neckline & reknit for better fit.
  2. Idlewood by Cecily Glowik MacDonald – Poll time! (see after the list)
  3. Pioneer Girl by Susan B. Anderson – I’m ~( ~´・_・`)~ having doubts; in my mind, it would have looked awesome to have the garter stitch body in the speckled neons and then a dramatic black lace edging but now I am uncertain – Is it going to look funny and that black edging out of place? Maybe I should poll.


  1. Circle to Square Granny Square Tutorial by Just Be Crafty – I have always wanted to crochet a traditional granny square blanket and I’d like one for our living room to go with our Hawaiian theme.


  1. Cowgirl Cowl by Pam Powers – I love the tassel! *imagines the genie and the flying rug high-fiving*


  1. Knotted Headband by Stephanie Jessica Lau – My first one is raggedy so I need a new one.
  2. Triple Luxe Headband by Stephanie Jessica Lau – I love rockin’ headbands in public.


  1. Primrose Ascot by Pam Powers – I’ve always wanted to make this.
  2. Strawberry Cake Scarf by Twinkie Chan – Something fun; I like her bacon and eggs scarf but brown and yellow are a bit boring.


  1. Affinity by Louise Zass-Bangham – I want to use some crazy fingering.


  1. Beach House by Teresa Gregorio – It’s hot in the east bay and I need more coverage over my ribbed tanks.
  2. What’s Love Top by Wool and the Gang – Hot weather, modest, cool coverage

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to vote your two cents! You got two polls to let me know your opinions.

No matter what, I will be frogging what there is of Idle-Plummy-Wood. Here are the striping options (I PM’d each knitter to get her permission to use her photo.) mentioned in the last three choices of the poll:

(Each photo’s description below is linked to its project page.)

  1. Jean’s Using Up Some of My Yarn Brick – I liked how she had striped the top after the raglan increases and then made her sweater solid below.
  2. Louise’s Stripy Brick – I thought it was cool how she used Fibonacci numbers to determine her rounds of striping.
  3. Kristin’s Miss Winter Sailor Sweater – I liked the simplicity of her traditional striping.

I’m feeling really tempted to frog what I have of Edginess. I am bummed at thinking of all that work gone, but if I don’t feel happy with the end results, I won’t make use of it. Click here to see to see Susan B. Anderson’s photos of the pattern (Pioneer Girl).

Voting is open for until Saturday (7/8) of next week. Have fun clicking your two cents. Have a good Sunday and TTYL.


19 thoughts on “Week 1: A Year of Projects

  1. What a great list Stef, I love how varied and interesting it is and the option of polls is a creative idea. I love the option of using your purple and yarn brick to stripe Jeans and if you have enough of one shade of the purple to do that, that’s what I’d opt for, otherwise buy the tweed you’ve had your eye on. As for your edginess I opted for the middle option, after seeing what you had done last week I can see that the middle option is really going to pop and look amazing.


  2. Right, firstly, we do this for fun, so at no point are you to regard yourself as a failure. Secondly, I love the interactive blog post! Have voted and can’t wait to see what comes of it.


  3. How fun to get to vote! Seems like you had the same idea I did about the WIP’s. You have a great list for this year and it is always a joy to read your blog. Even when it is about the ‘other’ craft. Watching your girls grow up for the past years has been a joy too. They were so little when you started and now look at them. You are truly blessed.


  4. That was super fun Stef! I say alternating skeins in the first poll as it seems an easier way to stripe. I didnt’ really like the neckline in the middle sweater photo. That’s just a personal preference for ME. You may look great in it. Also, it is admirable that you plan your knitting for the year! Loosely followed or not, that’s a great ambition. And you go on that granny square blanket!


  5. I voted but at the end of the day you should do what makes you happy. I’m hopeless with garments because they’re never what I imagined. I guess it’s not surprising – I see things I like on hangers in a shop and then they look dreadful when I try them on. Similarly I see things that look meh on hangers and then am startled when they are flattering. That’s another reason why I stick to socks.

    I’m glad you’re back this year. I always enjoy your updates, hearing about your travels, your meal choices and what the princesses are up to 🙂


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  7. So fun! I voted, but it doesn’t look like my vote is the most popular. All of these options are great, and striped sweaters are easy to wear- I’m sure you are going to make a great choice!


  8. Voting on what someone else should do makes me nervous, so I’ll probably pass, but I’m totally with you if you’re thinking you’re not going to enjoy it in the end, to not keep working on the thing. I never consider ripping out something I’m not happy with a waste of time, but continuing on with something I’m not happy with…. I’m seeing is. I’m realizing that now after finishing a large (and too-expensive-for-something-I-don’t-love) project. Hopefully, I can redeem what I spent on that (time and money) by learning my lesson. And Stef… I LOVE that you linked to all the projects above you’re considering making. I checked them all out. Also want to say that I love Stephanie Jessica Lau’s patterns. She creates simply beautiful things – and I have found her pattern instructions easy to follow and adapt, even. The crochet lover in me is so excited to see what you make with a hook and yarn this year! 🙂


  9. Lookit all these posts I’ve missed by being a bad blogger lately! I’m so glad I’m catching up .

    I’m glad you’re doing the Year of Projects again – I didn’t think you failed at all! I’m a book blogger so I don’t know much, but your round up post looked pretty good and I hope that this challenge can help keep you motivated.

    Hope you’ve had a great week and enjoy your weekend!


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