A Year of Projects, Week 52 – The Round Up

Good morning. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗYes, I am up early, been up since 5:56 a.m. I was feeling slightly dehydrated so I put on the kettle and made some TAZO Mint Mosaic which made me feel better. The husband got up with me but he went back to bed; the dames of course are (-, – )…zzzZZZ snoozin’ away. I’m smackin’ my lips as I’ve just finished off some Elvis toast (Skippy peanut butter on Boudin sourdough, topped with banana slices) so my belly’s happy.

Can you believe a whole year of A Year of Projects is now on its last week? I totally fell off the YOP1617 wagon. I mean if you look back here, you’ll see my original list. I maybe worked on two of the listed projects.

I seriously thought I had nothing to show in today’s Round Up and just had the small progress on Edginess to show you. However, I surprised myself after going through old YOP posts. But let’s take care of the unfinished first, shall we?

#1: Idle-Plummy-Wood

OMGosh, remember this one? Honestly, I don’t know where I’ve stashed this WIP. It’s somewhere in the bedroom closet. Having different dye lots and then the striping of the teal and grey not working really put me off this WIP. I think my plan will be to frog the whole thing and use the yarn for something else.

#2: Pink Flamingos on the Lawn

Sadly, I don’t have an updated photo of Pink Flamingos on the Lawn. It still hides in its project bag, stuffed into the coffee table. This HFO knows I’ve been avoiding it. With the weather having warmed up, I didn’t want to deal with a heavy top. But it is cooling down a bit so I will tackle ripping out the ribbing of the neckline and the sleeves out and reknit them to better proportions this summer.

#3: Edginess

You see here what I’ve knitted up to. I finished the first section of garter stitch, over 300 stitches. This part was a good WIP to work on during pick up and swimming lessons.

Then I got to the lace section which isn’t hard, but I have to pay attention even though it’s simple. So my progress halted as I had found it difficult to concentrate even while watching Gilmore Girls.

A close up of how the black yarn is a dramatic contrast to the speckles:

And here’s a glimpse of all the stitch markers (basically used them all) I’m using to keep track of lace sections:

And now for the finale! I present you the FO’s I’ve managed to get done within the 2016-2017 year:

Top Row: 1. Frankie & 2. Speckle Me Waffles

Bottom Row: 1. LBK Christmas Eve Socks (a.k.a. The Fraternal Twins), 2. Wool & Company, & 3. Ravellenic Games 2016 Beanie

I’m happy I have a couple of projects to show diligence and completion. I may participate in Year 7. We’ll see.

Off to make some more tea and to read the posts of those who have posted already. Thanks for poppin’ in today; have a good Sunday. TTYL.


13 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 52 – The Round Up

  1. That Plumy Wood is such a lovely color. And your Flamingo sweater has such interest on it. I hope you do finish those up this coming year. The shawl……………………..I love that shawl and the colors you have chosen for it. I think it will be wonderful when completed.

    You did complete items! I see photos of them LOL. I also remember you have other crafts you do and think you should add those to your finished lists. You make some amazing paper crafts come alive!

    See you next week with a new list.


  2. You did great! And the pieces you finished are wonderful. I love that hat. And I love that Flamingo sweater. Beautiful colors!

    My SIL knits – she is working on a hat for Lyra-Bean (my niece) right now, using alpaca wool she bought at the nearby alpaca farm. I tried to knit but I can’t pay attention to save my life!


  3. Oh, you can’t frog that beautiful plum colored sweater!!! It’s gorgeous….what’s wrong with it? It looks absolutely stunning from here! I hope you come back this year! I always love your projects and you still finish more that I do! I know…that’s not saying much! LOL! The flamingo sweater is so awesome and your color choices, yarn choices and pattern choices are always such an inspiration plus I love hearing about your lovely family and your ‘goings on’…not to mention the food! Yum!!! Take care sweetie and I hope you come back! I would miss you but at least I know where your blog is! TTYL!


  4. You have many fo’s, and gorgeously photographed they are too. You do so many other things as well, never beat yourself up. I love the flamingos sweater, hopefully it will soon be cool enough to rectify the fitting issues.


  5. I love the shawl and all your pretty stitch markers. I too use lots and lots of markers when I knit lace. I too am not sure why you want to frog that lovely sweater – but if it isn’t making you happy then that is the thing. I remember hearing from an experienced knitter that we never regret frogging, but we often regret not frogging! Looking forward to following your updates next year.


  6. I’m so glad you found the picture of your Plummy Wood. That color is beautiful and I hope you find something to make with it that you will love (if you decide not to finish the top). I love the collage of your FOs. Your projects are lovely and your photos are so fun. I think I saw in the group that you’re back for another go. Yay! No matter how many things you complete, I love seeing your progress, and the things you share are insightful and often instructive. I look forward to seeing whatever you bring to next year’s YOP.


  7. I just discovered that my tea tin is just about empty and it’s time to replenish it. I think Tazo Mint Mosaic sounds perfect. 5:56 is far too early for humans! I’m with the dames on the still snoozing away. Elvis toast sounds like a fantastic breakfast. I’ve made that in sandwich form like a grilled cheese but toast sounds even better. I love seeing your projects! That’s too bad that the plum sweater didn’t work out but that color is stunning and I think it’d look gorgeous on you or your girls so I hope you turn it into something soon!


  8. Ahh, I love seeing some of your stuff that I haven’t seen before being a newer follower. I know some of it you aren’t happy with but there’s hours of work in there! I didn’t realise that different yarn lots could have such a difference in colour but it makes sense I guess… Something you have to think about the for sure, right?

    Well done on getting so many projects done or at least underway and I can’t wait to see more for the second half of the year!


  9. Such a shame your Plumy Woods had all that bother and I remember it, the yarn is gorgeous so as you say a frogging and reusing of the beautiful yarn will be better. I love how the black is contrasting with the speckled in your Edginess shawl, it’s going to look stunning! You did great even with falling off the YOP wagon.


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