Yarning Along, Gift Knitting IX, Charity Knitting/Crochet 1

Good afternoon. I’m joining in with Rachell’s Yarning Along. It’s 4:59 p.m. here as I’m sitting under the dining area fan trying to keep cool with this week of high temperatures. The dames have started their late morning, summer math classes which means this chauffeur is busy running around. I drive them a little bit farther than what I used to when they went to school in the city which means by the time I come home, I only have an hour to do whatever before I have to before I run out and go get them. So with this new schedule and the heat, my crafting in general has hit speed bumps.

As you know, the Ravelry group, Itty Bitty Knits, was created to follow and support Susan B. Anderson’s designs. Each month, a charity drive is hosted by one of the group members. I was going to wait for Greg’s (Knitting Daddy) turn to come around again but I felt I needed a break from all the knitting right now. This June Jen and Susan are hosting a washcloth drive for Athena House which provides transitional housing for homeless, female veterans in Tampa who struggle with alcohol and drug dependencies, PTSD, and adjustment disorders. So I clicked open my Free Dishcloth (Crochet) bundle and picked a pattern.

The one you see above is the Chrysanthemum Dishcloth pattern by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. My mum had hooked up a few of these that I use to grab hot pot handles or use to rest hot dishes on. I dug around in my remnants bag and found some Blue Sky Fibers Worsted Cotton in Aloe and Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in white. I basically crocheted this up while listening to an audiobook. I hope to hook up two more washcloths of different patterns.

There is progress on my niece’s December gift.  I finished knitting up the body of her Sunday Sweater.

This was the best shot I could get of it; third time was the charm. I hope to start on a sleeve this weekend.

And because Rachell likes to read what we’re reading, I’ll address that here:

  1. On my Kindle is a cozy mystery – A Taste Fur Murder by Dixie Lyle. While I usually don’t like ghosts in what I read, I am enjoying the ectoplasmic dog-changing specter and the reincarnated cat companions of the protagonist.
  2. I’m listening to Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I’m deep into the book and want to know who, what, and why!
  3. I’m also listening to A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. If you are a dog owner or even a dog lover, this is the book for you. It’s entertaining for sure and deals with some real life situations canines are in.

Well, the husband is on his way home which means I need to start getting dinner ready. It’s so hot that I don’t want to use the stove or the oven after the marathon cooking of last weekend; I was such a crab apple by end of each day from the oppressive heat. Therefore, I got homemade tabbouleh in the frig and our crew is having sandwiches again. I picked up a dark, oval loaf of Boudin sourdough and some more lunch meat, freshly sliced from Whole Foods. Thanks for stopping by. TTYL.



12 thoughts on “Yarning Along, Gift Knitting IX, Charity Knitting/Crochet 1

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  2. It’s called Yarning Along as in sharing something we’re making with yarn and talking about what we’re reading – which is the other kind of yarn. Clever eh? And I can’t really take credit since it’s following on from Ginny, but not an exact copy of her name. (Close enough!)

    I’ve done non cook dinners too: cold smoked fish, salad and couscous in a bowl covered with just enough boiling water to cover it and cling film for 5m. This week has been the hottest in the UK since 1976 when we had a summer long heatwave and drought!


    • You are so right. I totally forgot about yarns/tales/stories. Sometimes I totally compartmentalize things. Thank you for sharing the cold pasta ideas. We still have tabbouleh and I love it. I think it’s the first time I had made it but used quinoa as I couldn’t find bulgur wheat at the store, probably looked in the wrong place.

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  3. Love your projects…as usual…and WF is where we always get our favorite breads and meats…sandwich suppers are some of my faves but we usually do them on Sunday. I have Caravel…now I need to start it soon…try to stay cool!


  4. Your charity knitting is so simple and sweet. I LOVE It. THe gift sweater rocks. I will read Dog’s purpose thanks to you after I finish Zoo Story. HOoray for an easy chill dinner. IM withyou!


  5. Haven’t the temps been ridiculous? I couldn’t believe it this past Saturday when they kept climbing and climbing until it reached 106! I’ve never seen so many days in the 100’s in northern CA. I really like your FO and WIP. I’m going to go check out the washcloth pattern. I also want to read the books you are 🙂 I have to finish A Man Called Ove before book club on Sunday; however I hope to pick up one of these directly after. Stay cool!


    • I hope it’s been slowly cooling down you, Paula, since San Jose is more inland, yeah? We’ve been closing the windows in the morning and having all the blinds closed and the turning on the house fan once it’s around five. The washcloth pattern is a good one that you can use solid or patterned cotton yarn with. I’ve heard good things about your book. It’s one I want to read. Did the movie come out already?


  6. Sorry about the horrible temps AND the time being spent as chauffeur! I hope you get some time back soon.

    Your chrysanthemum turned out great! And you get to craft and audiobook at the same time! Wow! I don’t know if I’d be able to concentrate on both!!!

    The sweater is gorgeous! Lovely gift! I can’t wait to see more progress although December is a long way off!

    I hope you’re enjoying Caraval – I liked that one.

    Also A Dog’s Purpose, was that recently made into a movie? I think someone told me about it?

    How are you feeling by the way? ANy updates?


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