It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Hello. Happy Father’s Day to those of you (male or female) who dedicate unconditional time and love to your families (human or canine). It’s hella hot. Today is supposed to reach up to 93°. Last night only cooled down to 70 and our Sunday morning started with 70’s. E tried to run today and said forget it; he went off to work to work out at their gym.

So we’ve been having a quiet weekend as requested by my husband.  Friday morning I made sure to plan out meals he would like for the next few days. Yesterday I diced up kielbasa, gold potatoes, green & red bell pepper, and an onion to make hash over rice. Today we’ll have loaded hot dogs of our favorite toppings – mushrooms, shredded cheese, caramelized onions, and jalapenos.

So how was your reading this week? I’ve got two books to talk about.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

I was on this audiobook’s waiting list for like forever! It was a few months before my turn came up.

I didn’t get hooked on Norse mythology when I had read the first book of Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase series. but since I had liked Gaiman’s writing style in The Graveyard Book, I thought I’d give his version of Norse mythology (I believe his is based upon what’s really known about it.) a go.

He is a great narrator; I liked the sound of his voice and how he voiced each character.  Because of him, I enjoyed this book.


  • Man, that Loki never rested from tricking others and he really brought trouble upon himself.
  • I liked the way the Gods paid back those who may have been wronged in some way
  • Compared to Greek gods, the Norse ones seemed less selfish and perhaps had less debauchery.

A Minus;

  • The last chapter I thought was okay because I kind of felt I was going on this safari through the lands of the Norse gods and then suddenly it was pedal to the metal and I hit the end abruptly.

Overall I give this book a solid, three stars. I’m looking forward to adding more of Neil Gaiman’s works under my reading belt.

The Newcomer (Thunder Point #2) by Robyn Carr

Many of you are hardcore series followers where you’re good about keeping up with installments. I wanted to continue with some of the series I had enjoyed and are curious about this 2017 so I revisited Thunder Point.


  • This series is in truth, light reading. However, the characters actually deal with real life issues such as sexting, the reappearance of a deadbeat parent who had abandoned the family years ago, learning you have a kid out of the blue, job transfer, and teenage sex.
  • I liked Ashley’s storyline which delved into the teenage drama of a broken heart and the cause and effects of it. It was a bit scary for me to read as I have girls who are nearing their teenage years!
  • I was surprised at how the couple from the first book had a big presence in this second one; sometimes you can’t help but miss the characters that made you like the series in the first place, yeah?

A Minus:

  •  While I liked that we still got to follow the first couple, it was also a bit weird at how they seemed to overshadow who the book was supposed to be about – Mac, Gina, and their families.

In spite of that, I gave this second installment three stars and will of course, continue on with the series.

Currently Listening To:

  1. Caraval (Caraval #1) by Stephanie Garber
  2. A Dog’s Purpose (A Dog’s Purpose #1) by W. Bruce Cameron

Currently Reading:

  1. A Taste Fur Murder (Whiskey, Tango, & Foxtrot Mystery #1) by Dixie Lyle

Okay; the timer has gone off. It’s time to make some chocolate, cream cheese cupcakes for our crew. Thanks for hangin’ out. TTYL.


13 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. What went through my mind is that you were really busy during your quiet weekend! You do really give all f yourself to your family. Try to stay cool!


  2. I am usually much better at starting series than finishing them. I seem to move on to the next book and seldom circle back. I do like series books and hope to have more time to read them now that I’m retired. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  3. Those loaded hot dogs sound so tempting! Thanks for putting that image in my head…LOL. I also love anything with bell peppers.

    I love the Robyn Carr books…they are light reads, good for hot summer days. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. I’m not a big hot dog eater but those sound pretty good. 🙂 What is it about food ha ha? And sorry to hear you guys are roasting over there- I love summer but when it gets THAT hot I sometimes wonder why! We were hot here too (90’s) but it’s moderated a bit now.

    I’ve been debating whether to read Norse Mythology, I love that mythology but I’m not sold on Gaiman. I know I’m in the minority on that probably. 🙂 Glad it was mostly good tho.

    Have a great week!


  5. Our weekend was less great.. we are going to take a rain check on the father’s day celebration. The boys and I were sick in bed. Plus fasting makes it hard to celebrate.. 😦
    Saturday is the last fast.. Sunday we are going to partey!!


  6. Sounds like a wonderful Father’s day weekend! Yeah I am a hard core reader of Robyn Carr any series and actually totally agree with you on this one.


  7. It sounds like you had a great weekend. And it seems like the heat found you! Keep cool!!

    Hmm. I have the audio for Norse Gods, my husband listened to it with our audible. I don’t usually do audio books but maybe I will give that one a shot! I have wanted to read it, and haven’t gotten around to it.


  8. Glad you got a nice quiet weekend and it’s so nice that you planned such nice meals for hubby! We didn’t celebrate Father’s day last weekend because we left hubby halfway through the day for work so we’ll be doing it this coming weekend and my Father In Law will be with us too so it will be a double hit and more fun for the little one.

    I saw another review of the audio for Norse Mythology and decided I’d love to try it that way. You’ve reminded me now that I need to see if I can get it in Audio from my library.

    I can’t wait to hear what you make of Caraval. I got an ARC of that one and read it just before it was published and I really enjoyed it.



  9. I read a book from the Sullivan’s Crossing series by Carr that I really enjoyed. I had read the first book in the Thunder Point series and while I liked it I haven’t felt the urge to pick up the 2nd book yet. I’m glad to hear that Gaiman is a good narrator. My library has a few that he’s narrated and I was wondering how he did. I’m curious about the Norse mythology now!


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