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Hi there. Today is the last day of school! ( ´͈ ◡ `͈ ) About time.

Earlier this week Jellybean’s class had a Gold Rush performance; I thought it different as there were hosts who would man the mics and then a group would stand up and start singing, the rest of the stands joining in after a while. Her group had shy kids. I enjoyed it. I thought it was a great way for the fourth graders to learn about that period in time.

Yesterday I attended the Honor Awards ceremony. The nine-year-old received a certificate for her third, Principal’s Honor Roll status! Ain’t that awesome? She also received Best Artist in her class and the day before had brought home a certificate for Perfect Attendance. E and I are very proud of Jellybean; she was really self-motivated this year. Her dad was her study partner every time she had an upcoming test; seeing them work together was precious every time.

So this time I got out gifts early. Last Friday was the last time I was going to help the school librarian so I wanted to get her tote bag done. I was such a rush that I forgot to take pictures! However, the librarian took one for me and I snapped one after-school yesterday of Jellybean’s teacher’s. Each bag was filled with a bag of chocolate chip cookies; I used a recipe that uses cornstarch so they poof and are cake-like in the middles.

Jellybean told me to get orange fabric for her teacher as she wears a lot of that color and of course being a born and bred, San Francisco girl, she loves the Giants. The librarian usually wears neutral colors with some pop of color. This aqua fabric caught my eye in the home decor selection. I felt its vibrancy captured her personality.


  1. Pattern from Something Turquoise
  2. Fabric + supplies from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts
  3. Skinnier than Jellybean’s library tote & maybe as tall as hers
  4. Tried different sized boxed bottoms: (a) Orange Tote – boxed bottom about 6″; (b) Aqua Tote – boxed bottom about 5″
  5. Played with seaming measurements at the top seam of each tote: (a) Orange Tote – The original pattern has you sew near the bottom edge of the top seam of each piece separately; then when you pin the outer bag and its lining together, you sew 1/4″ and then 1/2″ from the top of the top seams. I felt there was too big of a gap from these two parts. So I ended up sewing three times with the pieces together; thus there were four seams total. (b) Aqua Tote – I had three seams total. I sewed near the bottom edge of each separate piece. When the pieces were together, I sewed 1/8″ from the top and then in the middle between this and the solo seam.
  6. Each handle’s inner end were reinforced on top of the printed fabric by sewing a rectangle and then an “x” inside.

I now feel my knowledge of a simple tote bag is cemented in my brain. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ I can hence, move onto a different project – baby gifts!

Okay, I’m off to forage for food before pick up. Thanks for poppin’ in and hangin’ out. TTYL.


16 thoughts on “3 Sewing

    • Thank you so much! Jellybean likes to rub it in her sister’s face time to time of course. Plus she sees how tough her dad can get on her sister when her grades are not up standard so she made sure she gives 110%. She’s not happy about the prospect of her possibly being in a split level class next fall. She of course would rather be with her bestie &/or have a certain teacher. But I told her she’s seen how her sister has struggled in junior high while adjusting; I feel our district is tougher than SF’s. I told the 9 year old that it’s about being in an environment where she can thrive and excel and be challenged because she needs that foundation and that training for junior high.


  1. Love the tote bags as a teacher gift! Can you ever have too many? That aqua fabric is gorgeous. I love the chocolate chip cookie recipes with the cornstarch. Such a perfect texture. Sounds like Jellybean had an amazing year! That’s awesome that her dad is her study partner. Great for her grades and their relationship plus I imagine that’s something she’ll remember fondly always.


    • Thank you. Our girls are actually spoiled; they eat lunch at school; all I do is electronically put money in their accounts. I swear they eat better than their dad does when he buys lunch at work.

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  2. What a great idea with the gold rush performance! That sounds memorable which is always great when learning!

    Also congrats on the Honor Roll! Proud mom moments, right?

    I love your tote bags and I especially love that you filled them with homemade cookies! That’s got to be one of the best presents EVER.

    Jellybean sounds so observant knowing what colours to sort out for her teacher and I love both fabrics although I’d definitely choose the aqua one for myself. 😉

    Baby gifts? Can’t wait to see your new project!!!!!!

    P.S. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave responses to these comments on my own blog. That’s so sweet of you and it means that I definitely see the response as sometimes different blogs don’t send me a notification when there’s a reply to my original comment and I am terrible at checking back on all of the posts! So thank-you for making my blogging life so much easier.


  3. Both of your girls are so bright! It’s so great when they are recognized for their accomplishments. My son struggles in school but I am proud of him for putting in the effort this year. Now we can really chill out and enjoy the summer. Love the tote bags….they really do make terrific gifts. You should take a look at the purlbee website for some cute free sewing patterns.


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