2 Sewing

Hello! I just finished this project for Jellybean! This is her new library tote as she doesn’t have a proper bag for our trips and has been using a Japanese grocery bag. I’ve been wanting to make her one for ages and felt bad every time I saw her try to lug it around the library.

I wanted to use a Youtube tutorial, but because I was lining the tote, I found Something Turquoise’s tutorial (via Pinterest) instead on the process (I did sew double seams like she did because I know Jellybean’s tote would be banged about.). However, my dimensions are different due to being a beginner sewer. I also of course took quite a while to put this together because I had run into beginner mistakes:

  1. I realized I only needed half a yard of fabric.
  2. When I cut the yard in half vertically but I then realized that folding the print in half made the backside print upside down. So I cut the yard to have two, separate pieces.
  3. After cutting what I needed for the lining, I discovered the lining and the print fabric weren’t identical in width and height. I adjusted both to easy numbers.
  4. I should have reminded myself of the dimensions of the lining because I learned my print fabric was one inch shorter in width so then that had to be fixed.
  5. I thought boxing out the lining would be easy but I messed up on the first corner; I guess I didn’t pay attention to making sure the seams were lined up when sewing across the corner. Stitches got ripped out and resewn.

Sewing Notes

  1. Fabric from Joann Fabrics – (hedgehog) Home Decor Fabric + (lining) cotton
  2. Handles: Cotton Webbing, 1.5 yards
  3. Cut-Fabric Dimensions: 17″ high x 20″ wide
  4. Size of Paper Square: 2.5″ x 2/5″
  5. Pinked the raw edges of the tote
  6. Sewed 3x over handle areas (forward, backwards, forward) at seam allowances, 0.5″ & 0.25″
  7. Finished Tote Size: 15.5″ high x 19″ wide
  8. Size of Boxed Bottom: 4″

My seams are not 100% perfect but they’re pretty good. I couldn’t believe there was so much to think of for what was supposed to be a simple project. However, I’m very proud of my second sewing FO!

I hope you’re keepin’ cool today. It’s 87° outside which is why I busied myself with an inside project. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. TTYL.



15 thoughts on “2 Sewing

    • Thank you. I told Jellybean to please baby it. I’m debating on whether to sew rectangles and x’s in their middles to strengthen up the straps more.


  1. You did a great job.. cute fabric choice too..
    argh so many little things to think of.. so many calculations.. which is why I would totally fail as a seamstress. The last time I hemmed something (m’s pj bottoms) I made one leg a little shorter than the other.. lol


  2. What a fantastic bag! The size looks really useful, and it’s beautiful – the outside fabric and the lining contrast really nicely.


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