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Hello. I haven’t been able to concentrate on much and have been loopy for days because the pollen around here have been ruthless. I finally decided to hypothesize that the Costco Zyrtec wasn’t working for me anymore and that I was immune to it. So I went to Target to its allergy medicine aisle; oh goodness the stock was practically annihilated! There were so many empty spaces. I ended up choosing to try out Target’s version of Allegra. There is a noticeable decrease in my suffering but I do have itchy eyes sometimes; I’ve been rinsing them out when necessary.

Last Sunday I finally carved out time for sewing. I disappointingly didn’t get to it during the week. But today, I worked on finishing it and now I’m able to show off my finished results!

The tween, Jellybean, and I have handcrafted Christmas stockings. The husband has had a store chain one for years now. I’ve always felt bad about that. After hearing Candace of the Pinfeathers and Purls podcast talk about her quilt sewing, I was inspired to get my butt goin’ on my first, big girl, sewing project!

I originally intended to use this Simplicity tutorial to make my honey a Superman stocking. However, when I went to Joann Fabric I didn’t like what it had of Superman. Therefore, I bought this Star Wars fabric of a U-Wing fighter that was in Rogue One. Oh boy, you should have seen me, a total newbie; I was all Googling grain line and selvage because I wanted to make sure the Simplicity pattern #1577 would work with the print’s direction.

The pattern has you use the same fabric for the inside but I got cotton fabric in this orange to match the print’s orange. You see above a close up of the print and how the inside looks.

Last Sunday I got up to the cuff pieces. I messed up and sewed them backwards because I didn’t pay attention to the fabric key. I mixed up the pattern key with the fabric key. Ripping out small stitches was like facing a huge mountain to climb but I luckily found a tutorial on how to rip out seams fast with the seam ripper! So that was taken care of then.

Today I was feeling timid about putting the cuff together because the fabric is thicker with the interfacing. But I was able to do it. Basting made me scratch my head a bit because I know you could do it by hand or by machine. Hand seemed easier for my beginner self. I didn’t like how the edges were lined up together while freestyling the basting so I pulled it out, pinned the unsewn cuff edges first, and then hand basted it. I even redid the basting of the stocking pieces before sewing them all together. Oh boy was I sweatin’ sewing all the layers together (All four layers of fabric together created an even thicker fabric.) but I took my time. I use washi tape to guide my fabric so I have straighter seams; it helps immensely.

Boy oh boy I am all chuffed about this finish! I can’t believe I did it! Now my husband’s Star Wars Christmas stocking is in the Christmas decorations bin, waiting to be hung and used in December. I’m already rubbing my hands in glee in planning my next sewing project! Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. TTYL!


14 thoughts on “1 Sewing

  1. Such a cute stocking!
    Allergies here are horrid! H and my husband like Xyzal. It made me very tired so I’m taking generic Claritin. I hope you find something that takes away all your symptoms.


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  4. The stocking turned out super cute! Has your hubby seen it and if yes, did he like it? Or are you going to surprise him at Christmas time?

    I hear you about the allergies 🙂 My husband can only take Loratadine (Claritin), so I buy the generic version of that and we both take it. I haven’t had issues with it so far. My husband also swears by the Neti pot; however I can’t handle the water going up my nose. My fur baby also has allergies (she’s allergic to grass!) and take Benadryl every day.


    • Is your husband only able to take Claritin b/c he’s allergic to the other meds? I took that first and when it didn’t work for me anymore, I switched to Zyrtec. Now it’s Allegra. Yes, my husband has seen it and he does like it. He’s an engineer so he likes the print of the layout of the U-Wing fighter.


  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your allergies. I hope you get some relief soon. I keep forgetting that the northern hemispherians are dealing with spring!

    You sound super organised getting Christmas stuff done before the middle of the year is even here and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed with how much you went through to get that stocking perfect! I don’t have the patience I’m afraid. I always start a project and then want to rush through to the end product which is never good for quality!

    Absolutely love the star wars themed stocking! Way to go!


  6. What a cool stocking! Love the pop of orange for the contrasting cuff and the fabric is pretty awesome as well. I am totally clueless when it comes to sewing. Maybe one day! My son suffers from really bad allergies as well. Zaditor drops helps with his itchy eyes.


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