A Year of Projects, Week 45


Aloha. Howz it? Yesterday our crew drove up north to South San Francisco for my second nephew’s (My SIL’s mom and aunt say he looks like me ^_^.) Red Egg & Ginger luncheon. In case you don’t know, such a party in Chinese culture introduces the new baby in the family to ohana and tomodachi. There is usually red-dyed eggs (good luck) and pickled ginger (balance) at this type of affair. I think our six tables had about nine dishes which includes dessert. My SIL’s auntie who is very verbal, funny, and knows her Chinese food said this time (We were at this restaurant two years ago.) the food was better. It was her opinion that since the popularity of Food Network, food in Chinese restaurants have gotten better due to higher expectations. We all have our favorites – Jellybean her honey, walnut prawns and me the crab – my cousin said to just put the platter in front of me, LOL (We actually brought home two take out boxes of ミ(・・)ミ.).

My mum had the brilliant idea to make those candy kabobs as party favors. She ordered candy on Amazon and picked up some more locally. She enlisted the help of my youngest aunty; my mum said they wore plastic gloves while putting together the favors. Aren’t they cute?

This past Thursday I showed off my Yule Ball sock progress for the monthly Once Upon a Sock. You can click here to read that post.

Today I show you just how far I got on Edginess. My circular needle only stretches so far; *light bulb goes on* I just realized I can probably attach another cord to make it longer – duh!

For this garter stitch section I have knitted two-thirds of it. I have 33 more rows to go before moving onto the black yarn.

Here is a close up of the fabric. I love how the black speckles are clearly visible in it. I was worried they would be far and few between. So when I start knitting in Cascade Heritage, it’ll really bring those speckles out and give me that edginess I want.

I hope you’re having a good Sunday. Man does the weekend fly by or what? Twenty-eight more days of school. The keiki and I are countin’ down here. Well, mahalo for kickin’ it with me today. TTYL. Aloha.


17 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 45

  1. Fantastic photo of you 3 ladies. The shawl colors remind me of jelly beans ( not your daughter of course). The black edging will be perfecf too.


  2. The kabobs are adorable! What a great idea. The luncheon sounds fun and the thought of all that food has my mouth watering. That’s an interesting theory on Food Network and Chinese food. There definitely doesn’t seem to be as many bad restaurants as there used to be around here. I’m wondering if Food Network played a hand in that too. We expect more than just frozen food heated up now. Have a great week!


  3. Ohhh. I don’t know if my comment went through. I love the photo of you and your girls. Your clothing sense of style is awesome. I Mean awesome! I love the jeans and boots. Great sense of style. FUn favors and so interesting to learn about this event and its origins


  4. I loved reading about your family and food traditions. I think I would have stuffed myself full there and would have had to take the candy home for later. You are your girls are beautiful (really!!). I’m hoping tonight I’m knitting some more 🙂


  5. Sounds like a fabulous luncheon. I love Chinese food but often wonder how authentic it is at the local places, so it’s always nice to hear little insights like this. And glad your projects are going well. 🙂

    Hope you have a fab week!


  6. I love Red Egg & Ginger parties. I love Chinese food. The candy kabobs are such a fun idea! Good times. Good job on the take home boxes hehe.


  7. the kabobs are such a fun party favor! I’ll be stealing this kabob idea for my kids this summer 🙂

    The speckles in your yarn are perfect!


  8. The candy kabobs are such a fun idea! Thanks for explaining the symbolism behind the name of the luncheon. We have something very similar in Vietnam. Love how the black balances out the neon speckles in your yarn.


  9. Just looking at the second picture, I couldn’t tell what that was. Candy Kabobs sound so fun! I love all the pops of color in the yarn your using for your Edginess. I enjoyed reading about the luncheon. Good food and sweet family time. 🙂


  10. I tried leaving a comment earlier and my pc hung up and I had to reboot…as I was saying…the picture of you and your daughters is gorgeous! You could all be sisters! The party and food looked so wonderful and the favors were beautiful. Your family knows how to celebrate!
    I love the shawl and the yarn you chose is lovely.


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  12. All the food descriptions are making my mouth water! I think the prawns sounds delicious too! The pic of you all is lovely too.

    LOVE that yarn – it’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more progress!


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