Once Upon a Sock, four

Sound the trumpets! I give you the new header for Once Upon A Sock…

Ever since I joined the group, I wanted to make a header for our monthly posts. I at first thought to draw it by hand, like a kawaii chibi knitting a sock, but my perfectionist streak totally gave me drawer’s block. Then I thought of word art and poked around Pinterest. I tried Cool Text but wasn’t feelin’ the results. I tried Tagxedo and Wordle, but our laptop doesn’t have the needed plug-ins and I do not dare install them as the mister would go Donkey Kong if a virus happened. So I then read this pin, and proceeded to hunker down and put stuff together via Microsoft Word. There was a lot of tinkering, manipulation of text, and editing but I finally got to where I wanted to go. Kat, Katherine, and Paula will feature this header in their posts as well. Right now, since mine is prepped, I won’t have their direct, Once Upon a Sock post links until tomorrow.

I have made terrific progress on my Yule Ball sock. The leg is completed in the Hermione’s Everyday Socks stitch pattern. I inserted the heel placement yarn for my afterthought heel; this comes from Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks pattern. I won’t put in the heel until the end.

Thinking ahead, should I use contrasting yarn? I don’t really have anything to go well with this Space Cadet yarn as my sock yarn is pretty much variegated. I do have some solid colored yarn but the colors I have, like black, brown, or green, don’t complement this pale pink. So something to think about because I would rather not buy yarn just for this purpose.

That’s all I got for today. Please check out Kat, Katherine, and Paula’s posts. I will update their links Thursday after drop off but their names in green will take you to their homepages. 05.05.: All links have been updated. Thanks for comin’ by. TTYL.


20 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, four

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    • Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I like the stitch pattern as it’s easy to memorize and it gives me good practice in knits and purls with Portuguese knitting.


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  3. One of these days, I will get back to my second sock in this pattern 🙂 Yours look fantastic! I’ve linked you up…and I absolutely love the header for our monthly posts! Thank you again for making it 🙂

    Just an FYI…that green color for the links is very hard to read. I almost missed them. Maybe it’s my eyes?


      • That color is so much easier to read! Thank you! I meant to ask you, have you ever bought mini’s with the express purpose of wanting to use them for contrasting toes and heels? I have several skeins like that…I just used two of them to make my baby mitten socks. That way you don’t have to buy a full skein of yarn. Just a thought!


      • That’s a great idea. I’ve bought minis once and traded w/another knitter a different time. They’re all variegated though and I had planned to use them for a Cozy Memories blanket.


  4. I love the header! There’s a few different things I’ve been wanting to make a header for but am not real great at the actual hunkering down and doing it part! I didn’t know you could do something like that in Microsoft Word. I’m intrigued! I love the socks though of course have no advice. If you ever run out of people to make socks for I wouldn’t turn down a pair!


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  6. I loooove how these are looking! And I actually love the yarn you’ve put in for the afterthought heel (even though I realize that’s probably not what you want long term!) Have you looked at all at mini skeins for the heel? Hedgehog Fibers has some pretty ones!!


  7. I just read that you knit the Portuguese style, I thought I was all alone knitting that style 🙂 For years I used to knit with the yarn around the neck, but for the last decade I switched to knitting pins and lately, because I keep misplacing them, I use simple paper clips, inserted in the neckline of the blouse I’m wearing.
    That sock looks yummy!


  8. gorgeous socks and you could go either way with contrast or no contrast. I guess it’s what you are feeling like when you get there. I am excited that today I had no hiccups on my computer….today is going to be an awesome day.


  9. Fantastic header. Im off to check out the others blogs. Thank you for the easy links!!! Id go no contrast with those beautiful socks. too delicate to mess with


  10. The header looks great! I love the yarn you’re using, I think a variegated yarn would look cool as a contrasting heel 🙂


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  12. Thanks for the pin for the subway art…I would like to try my hand at that for cards too. I am on the 2nd Hermione sock and now I too have it memorized which makes it so much easier but I am more a plain SS sock gal. I can’t wait to get back to regular old generic socks! LOL! I love yours and your work is so impeccable….all your stitches are perfect. Practice makes perfect I hope because I need to improve and also on my speed too. The afterthought heel scared me but I will attempt one of these days! Good for you!


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