Yarning Along & Gift Knitting VII

I’m throwin’ up a tardy post which aggravates me some because you know I’m such a stickler of being punctual, which for me, a post on time is either prescheduled or banged out in the morning. Wednesdays are busy for me since the girls have early dismissal and Jellybean is now swimming.

Many of you have probably participated in Ginny Sheller’s Yarn Along. You know she decided to retire to move onto other things. Rachelle of The Little Room of Rachelle was bummed about it and so decided to host her own Yarning Along. She and I recently were messaging back and forth via WP, and she was so sweet and wrote, “What went through my mind was that I’d LOVE you to join in with Yarning Along on a Wednesday (or any other day as the link will be up all week until the following Wednesday.)” So I’ll join in when I can. I’m also linking it to my Gift Knitting posts.

I have made lovely progress on my niece’s Sunday Sweater. I have separated for the sleeves and got a few rows in on the body. Now that I’m on the body, I’ll be working on it for a while since I have to reach 17″. I already have about 8″ from the top of the sleeves.

Like I wrote before I really love Ginny’s pattern. I think it’s easy for a confident beginner and heck, I’ve only been Portuguese knitting for almost two and half months and I’m smoothly knitting away on it! If you need to whip up a gift for a baby girl/toddler/up to 10 years old, this is the pattern.

Okay; gonna call it a night. I’ll be in tomorrow. I’m really excited to debut something I created! Have a good evening! TTYL.


10 thoughts on “Yarning Along & Gift Knitting VII

  1. That sweater is darling. I too, took up Portuguese knitting. It has truly helped take the strain off my arthritic hands, fingers and wrists.


    • Andrea Wong has a Craftsy class if you’re interested :O). A knitter who had sat next to me at the STITCHES class loved it. She took the STITCHES class to refresh her memory in person.


    • ^__^ I love it. I read some ppl complained about some parts were repetitive but why rewrite the instructions of a row that was done before? I have no issues with that.

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  2. That is a really pretty sweater! I can’t wait to see the finished project. And kudos again for sticking with the Portuguese Knitting style. I keep saying I’m going to get back to it; however haven’t done it yet. Maybe I’ll pull out my practice washcloth again and work on it.


  3. I have gone many places with my knitting pin still attached to my blouse. Mine is magnetic and I made it. It actually looks like a piece of jewelry.


  4. Totally agree that Ginny’s pattern makes a sweet cardigan. I kinda want one for myself! Love how yours is knitting up. Keep on rocking that Portuguese knitting!
    (I aspire to blog on schedule like you and so many other bloggers that I admire. Alas, that doesn’t seem to jive with my schedule lately and I’m lucky to post every few weeks or so)


  5. Okay, I need to take the Portugese Knitting class! I love that sweater….is it just for girls? Too feminine for my grandsons? I need to find some boy patterns! Yours is turning out just beautiful. I don’t know if it’s your camera or your knitting or both but your projects always look so gorgeous! Great job and thank you for the tips and hints and links!


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