It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Aloha. Howz it? Did you get to enjoy some warm weather? What is one thing you enjoyed from your weekend? For me I have two to share:

  1. This Holy Crab burger I had ordered for Saturday’s early dinner after a trip up into the city. It was very good. I crave burgers sometimes because it’s something I don’t make at home because the keiki don’t like them.
  2. I got crazy and decide to marathon the second season of Good Witch while looking around Netflix Saturday night. I started around seven and finished near four in the morning. Twelve episodes. I enjoyed the second season.

And how was your reading this week? Mine was simple so my post today is short. One of my 2017 goals this year is to continue some of the series I’ve read in the past. I enjoyed the first of The Carsons of Mustang Creek series. I had this second one on hold and immediately dived into it once it was my turn.

It was good. I liked the brotherly banter between Drake and his brothers. I always enjoy the presence of animals in a story. I wasn’t overly impressed with the development of the relationship; it was simple and like a total beach read. The plot actually had an interesting minor storyline of a situation with wild horses. I wish that had been more developed because it was intriguing to read about the behavior of these mammals and how they can affect ranch life. Three stars.

This cozy mystery series is highly rated on Goodreads. I am so glad I picked it. I loved it! The narrator did a great job with her voice portrayals of the characters. I liked Maura’s time in Ireland, from how she became part of a simple, happy community that had interesting members to how she was able to shed the last of her Boston troubles and gain some footing. While there was a murder, this book was about Maura.

Four stars. I have requested the second book. I wish it was an audiobook version since I liked the narrator but I can’t be choosy since it’s free. I’m looking forward to continuing the series.

Currently Reading/Listening to

  1. Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett
  2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling
  3. The Jane Austen BBC Radio Drama Collection: Six BBC Radio Full-Cast Dramatisations
  4. On the Way to the Wedding (The Bridgertons #8) by Julia Quinn
  5. Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

What the Dames Are Reading

  1. Dear Pen Pal (The Mother-Daughter Book Club #3) by Heather Vogel Frederick & Free Verse by Sarah Dooley
  2. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #43 by Thom Zahler, Tony Fleecs (illustrator)

18 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I am checking out Buried In A Bog because of you…I think you would love The Black Witch because of some of your other reading choices…it’s over 600 pages but my sister read it in 2 days…she could not tear herself away from it!


  2. Hmmmmm, crab burger…….might be interesting. I do love a good beef burger now and then. I just started reading ‘The Girl in the Train’. I am assuming everyone else has read it by now but I’m a bit behind in my reading. I am also reading ‘The Empty Cup’ by Sarah Price. An interesting look into Amish life.


  3. I remember thinking that about the Miller book that I wanted more about the wild horse, sometimes authors cut short what readers want most! Have a happy week and hope that burger was totally yummy.


  4. What went through my mind was that I’d LOVE you to join in with Yarning Along on a Wednesday (or any other day as the link will be up all week until the following Wednesday.) It seems you’re a keen bookworm too.


  5. We don’t do burgers at home much either for the same reason. Saturday was my the junior to cadette bridging ceremony in San Francisco. My daughter and I are sore and sunburnt from our adventure but we had fun. Come see what I’m reading.


  6. That burger! You know I like a good burger and try not to eat them too often, but if I’m out and there’s a yummy one on the menu… hand it over lol!


  7. I have the Boy Who Lived with Ghosts on my night stand.. haven;t started it yet.. and even reconsidering it due to it’s dark nature.. but it has great reviews..
    That burger looks really good.
    I finished watching Big Little Lies and loved it.
    Now watch Legion. It’s a bit trippy but liking it so far.


  8. I’m giggling because I first read holy crab burger as holy crap burger….I need new glasses! I’m reading a middle school book called a curious tale of the in-between. It’s mildly entertaining and I’m ready to finish to start something else.


  9. Yeah, books…but OMG that burger though. It looks soooo good. I live in the Caribbean so check on the warm weather, fav weekend jaunt – cross island road trip and beach day. Reading, going slowly. I feel like I’ve been saying almost finished Closure for a few weeks now…but, almost finished Closure.


  10. That burger looks delish and I am sure it was!!! The Buried in a Bog book looks like something I would enjoy for sure. I did not know The Good Witch was on Netflix….thank you! I love that series! I am now ready for HP #5 and movie #3….I love both the books and the movies!


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