A Year of Projects, Week 43

Annyeong haseyo. What are you up to this Sunday? Church? Catchin’ up on zzz’s? What about a run or bike ride? Or like me crafting? Whatever it is you’re doing today, I hope it’s relaxing and fun.

Kamsa hamnida for your recent visits. How wonderful they’ve been. I’ve been trying to be good by responding ໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७✎▤ personally to you if you’ve dropped a comment.

As you saw last Sunday, I finished my first pair of socks for Box of Sox KAL 2017. With no sock WIP on the needles of course I CO another! I even knitted up a mini swatch because I had read in one knitter’s notes how her sock in this yarn expanded after a wet-blocking. Thank goodness I found that tidbit because this new yarn ended up having the standard 8 sts/in., one whole stitch bigger than the pattern’s gauge (9 sts/in). So my CO number (56) has been adjusted to a smaller number than what the pattern uses (64).

This is Erica Lueder’s Hermione’s Everyday Socks. It’s another sock pattern I have wanted to knit for ages. The yarn is indie dyer, Space Cadet, her Lucina base; the colorway is Gentle. When I saw this skein hanging in her booth at STITCHES West, it caught my eye because of this:

See the sparkles?!  Aren’t they fun? This is the first time I’m knitting with sparkle yarn. I love it. You can see the tight twist it has.

I chose Space Cadet’s yarn to knit up for socks because it reminded me of Hermione Granger at the Yule Ball. Therefore I named this sock project, Yule Ball. This will be the second pair of socks for my Box of Sox KAL 2017 box. I’ll try to show that next time.

I’m also using Knitter’s Pride Karbonz DPN’s in a US 0 (2.0 mm). I used to be such a bamboo snob and thought these too slick in the past. But now, I believe I like these carbon fiber needles so much more. With Portuguese knitting the yarn slides better on them.

So like, um… m(¬0¬)m I haven’t fixed my Pink Flamingo on the Lawn jumper yet. I haven’t had the mojo to do it. I am hoping next week I will pull up my big girl britches and work on it.

Because I was facing the uncomfortable healing process after implant surgery, I decided earlier in the week to cast on a new accessories project. I wanted something easy to knit on while I recuperated.

Back when Susan B. Anderson published her Pioneer Girl pattern, my eyes were drawn to it like a bear to honey. I bought it and started knitting it up in a camel-cashmere light fingering. However, I ended up frogging it because I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn and the company who had made it (That’s when I met the talented and sweet Gail.) had closed their doors.

I watch Espace Tricot’s podcast where Melissa and Lisa #espacetricot are always wearing lovely shawls styled wonderfully. It’s because of them I was actually itchin’ to knit a shawl! I remembered Pioneer Girl while perusing my Ravelry library. I noticed most of the knitters knitted it in a single color and maybe two used different colors. One of them knitted up the shawl like stripes in a blue and purple and the purple was used for all of the lace edging. This was inspiring for me because I have always been considered edgy, mostly due to my hairstyles but also honestly, I can be tough and have quite a potty mouth when my back’s raised up. I wanted to bring my edginess to Pioneer Girl. During some stash diving in my sock yarn bins, I came across these skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light (The Radness) and Cascade Heritage (black). I thought they were perfect as the speckled yarn is fun and different and the color black is one I wear a lot + it has a tough and edgy vibe.

I’m using my Chiagoo Interchangeable circular in a US 5 (3.75 mm). The mini swatch of The Radness gave me 6 stitches per inch, what the pattern’s gauge is. The Cascade Heritage has a 6.5 sts/in gauge. When I switch to the black yarn, I will go up a needle size.

I love this WIP. Every time I look at The Radness I smile; it’s like a winter white with highlighter speckles of pink, yellow, and orange + those specks of black. It is so soft to the touch. This garter stitch section is super easy for any level. I feel relaxed when I knit it. I’m excited to get to the applied edging where the drama of the black will bring out those speckles and give the piece that modern edge.

This post is quite a mouthful, yeah? If any of you, especially those of you who are nonknitters, have any questions about what the heck I’m talkin’ about, pls don’t hesitate to ask. Have a good Sunday and TTYL. Annyeong kaseyo.


19 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 43

  1. Your Pioneer girl is looking great. I can totally understand the need to cast on more socks and I do like the hermiones everyday sock. I love the sparkles although I am yet to knit with any – I am coveting the sparkly yarn I have at the moment!


  2. Im thinking of socks too. BUt I came across a hood/cowl pattern and If I had the right yarn I’d cast on. Im stuck. Perhaps I should force myself to wait on it until I have the right yarn. I think I may. SO all my prep today is for something else I guess. SOcks. socks. socks.. Here I come


    • Yay for socks! I was going to cast on another neck accessories project but I didn’t like working with the intended yarn. So it’s peculating right now if I should a trio of yarns instead as I’d really like to use stash yarn instead of buying new one.


  3. I absolutely love the Hermione Everyday Sock pattern. Your choice of yarn is outstanding. The sparkle in it is the perfect touch. Your Pioneer Girl will be stunning with the choice of yarn. You have a great eye for yarn vs pattern.


  4. I love your close-up pics, Stefanie. The first shows your pretty and perfect knitting. And the second picture makes just want to squish that yarn! The sparkles are just beautiful in that ball. And what a perfect name for such a gentle-colored yarn. 🙂


  5. Love those new socks! I’m a big fan of that pattern (and good for you doing sock gauges! I never do and end up having to rip back!) Also really loving your new shawl … those speckles are so fun and I love the idea of the black for the edging!


    • Thank you, Katherine. I started making mini swatches because I had the same problem of having to start over a few times for socks with those recent finishes. I got tired of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh, Stefanie….I did not know you had surgery….I’m so sorry I haven’t been a very supportive blogging friend. I hope all is okay now. Your knitting and yarns are exquisite as usual. I am on my 2nd sock of Hermione’s and I too am trying for the Box of Socks this year and also The Harry Potter KAL with Inside #23. I love the yarn with the sparkles and the yarn for the shawl is awesome….so pretty! You helped me with my daughter’s Christmas present too…..she love’s LHOTP as I do too and I think that shawl would be a great gift to her. I’m so excited now! Always love your projects and I hope you are doing well! Hugs ~ Sam


  7. lol.. i have almost no idea what you just said but it is interestingly nonetheless.. for us nonknitters it helps us understand how technical the process is.


  8. I love your choice for Hermione’s socks 🙂 I started that pattern a very long time ago and got Single Sock Syndrome. Alas, I cast on for the second sock; however it’s never been finished. I wonder now if it would even be worth it because I’m sure my gauge has changed since that time.

    I’m desperately trying to get back to my stash and hopefully will soon…once I have everything I’m knitting for Baby Rainbow complete. I absolutely love stash diving and highly encourage you to pull that stuff out and mix / match to your heart’s content 😀


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