Gift Knitting VI

Aloha. Howz it? Have you had any wacky weather lately?

Oh boy has this week flown by. Last night there was a rainstorm like a well emptying onto us. And now the sun is out among puffy clouds, drying up the pavement.

Hump Day yesterday was such a productive day of knitting for me. My Chiaogoo Interchangeables and I were happily moving as one while fabric grew and flowed from them.

I’m blogging today because I don’t know how I’ll be feeling the rest of the week. I have a periodontal surgery tomorrow, something I’ve been dreading and slightly stressing out about. Genetics let me inherit the severe bone loss genes of my paternal grandfather’s side where I’m part of the 8% of the population with this condition. I’ve had at least five, perio surgeries in the past – I’ve had 58% of my teeth extracted (a jackpot for dental students, you know), a few bone grafts done (Damn, they’re brutal.), and implants put in. My lower crowns are all done but my uppers hit a roadblock where the angles aren’t in the right place and need to be redone. E is taking off tomorrow since the procedure will be done up in the city and the girls will spend some QT with my parents. I am so not looking forward to recovery but I will be armed with jook from my mama and a big box of Ensure. Cross your fingers for me, pls.

Anywho, enough of the maudlin and let’s skip on down the road to knitty, fiber happiness!

Meet Sunday Sweater. This is a girls’ cardigan pattern by Ginny Sheller. This is a pattern I kept eyeing last year. I made myself wait until 2017 to buy it because I knew I was only going to knit Christmas presents for my toddler niece and nephews.

The yarn is Berroco Vintage in Aster. Let me back up a bit to its backstory:

I don’t think I had blogged about it in 2016. I was knitting up a Lacy Loo but that jumper was designed for aran weight and this Berroco is worsted. To compensate I had to knit a way bigger size for my niece because I didn’t like the fabric of her true size knitted up with larger needles. I ended up messing up in the front, lace panel section and had ripped and ripped back. Couldn’t figure out where the heck I was so it became frog food. Once I got through Christmas socks last year, I had to decide whether to use the yarn again or the pattern again. The former would need me to buy another pattern and the latter would need heavier weight yarn. The first choice won out.

I am not disappointed at all at with my choice. I ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ love Ginny’s pattern! I was nervous to start it because I knew I’d be knitting in the Portuguese style. Would you believe I even knitted a gauge swatch? I used a US 10 and went down to a US 9 after the swatch dried.

Here’s a close up of the lacy bits. In these parts I had to get my rhythm down with Portuguese knitting:

(more true to color)

I am doing well in those sections as I just adjust my left hand a bit to a modified Continental. Last night I sat in bed and happily clicked and clacked away on this keiki WIP. I have six more rows before separating for the sleeves. It feels good to be zooming along on a project.

Time to sign off here! Hopefully I’ll get to TTYL this week. Mahalo for kickin’ it with me this morning. Until our next hang ten session, have a good Thursday. Aloha.


8 thoughts on “Gift Knitting VI

  1. Good luck on your oral surgery! I know how it is having gone through three failed implants and having to go through the bone graft surgeries, etc. again 😦 I also have those crappy genes. I’ve got one implant / crown back in and the other two are just waiting for me to gather the money after Mr. Tax man got his 🙂 I love your new knit…the color is gorgeous and it looks like a charming pattern. I can’t wait to see it when you are finished 🙂


  2. Oh dear, I’m not a fan of the oral surgery, but I do have a lot of gum issues so my heart goes out to you. I will be thinking good healing thoughts your way, Stef. I’m glad your family is there to keep you comfortable during your speedy recovery! The sweater is knitting up so lovely. I can’t wait to see the finished piece!


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