Post IX: What’s cookin’ good looking?

Good morning. How is your Hump Day going? I’ve been up for a few hours. The tween just had some cereal and the baby is, I suspect, still burrowed under her covers. Man can that girl sleep!

The three of us have been having a lovely spring break: Toy shopping, tea, outdoor play, and the latest…Beauty and the Beast. What a wonderful movie it was. It pretty much follows the original but there are just a few twists. I smiled throughout the whole film. I’m a big fan of Emma Watson. From seeing the trailers and ads on YouTube, I was a bit worried about the singing, but she did a terrific job. Oh boy was that Gaston a hunk! And I loved Dan Stevens as the Beast. From knowing him so well as Matthew Crawley, I could hear his voice and see his movements well.

Well it’s been a spell since the last What’s cookin’ good looking? post. There has been a couple of new recipes tried out in our kitchen:

  • Thumbprint Cookies

I have mentioned before how one trip to the bookstore with her dad the tween picked up a highly discounted, cookie cookbook where there’s hardly any pictures (It drives me crazy when I can’t see what the final product is supposed to look like.). For her February birthday BFF’s, I let her choose what she wanted to get them; she chose to bake.

These thumbprint cookies Cupcake first made for a How-to speech for her communications class. The original plan was to have some for class and the rest for her girlfriend. However, because she used a scoop, she didn’t have enough and needed to have 24 for every student + the teacher to try. So another batch was made which of course my daughter was pro at, and she even baked a third for her uncle’s birthday. Our crew can attest that each time was yummy.

  • Irish Soda Bread

When I was a teacher, every St. Patrick’s Day my Irish co-workers would gussy up the teacher’s lounge with a decorated table of goodies. I oinked out each time. Irish soda bread is something I had wanted to make for ages. This year I finally sucked up the courage to try Broma Bakery’s recipe.

What a great, learning experience for me. I was extremely worried when the dough was sticky. I worried even though I had followed each direction to the tee. The final results? Some pretty and good bread. I used whole wheat flour; next time I’d like to try either a mix of wheat and white, all white, or maybe even cake flour. The first day of eating this bread spread with jam was delicious. The next few days I would lightly toast slices before slathering them with PB or with apricot jam.

Afterwards, I had to satisfy my curiosity about the stickiness of my dough because other recipes I had looked at did it differently. I Youtube’d Irish Soda Bread and found a baker in Ireland whose dough was as sticky as mine. I was relieved I had gotten it right and thankful I had gotten good results.

  • Banana Bread Waffles

So the four of us usually have the standard waffles when I’m in the mood to make them. I wanted to try something different for more flavor. I found Diethood’s recipe on Pinterest one morning.

I’m only showing you this shot, the side view of the stack. The reason why is a bit Jekyll and Hyde:

  1. Our breakfast was delicious! You can taste the banana and walnuts.
  2. The waffles got super dark in my waffle iron; the second batch I had tried a few minutes less but they still came out dark so they weren’t pretty to the eye, but tasty on our palettes.

  • Kimchi

Kimchi is another dish I have wanted to try for years. I found a simple way to take a step in through Beyond Kimchee‘s recipe.

It is easy. This photo is from the first batch where I had used Persian cucumbers. The seasonings were more abundant to consume because I had used small cucumbers and thus gave my Korean husband a kick.

I made a second batch, buying four, English cucumbers to double the recipe. The seasonings were more incorporated and so the kick wasn’t as strong. My man still liked it; it still had a baby kick for his palette. A neighbor of ours ate it with rice and said it wasn’t spicy at all so I dunno; to each his own, yeah?

It feels very good to catch up finally. I need to remember to post sooner. I have some new knitting and a small batch of cards to show you. I’ll put in calendar reminders for myself. Have a good Wednesday and TTYL!


8 thoughts on “Post IX: What’s cookin’ good looking?

  1. What fun you’ve been having in the kitchen! I’ve seen different versions of banana bread waffles and they’ve been tempting me. I’m almost afraid to make them because my family is more than a little weird and I’m afraid I’d be the only one to eat them but I might give it a try. My Irish Soda bread is always a little sticky and I’ve found that I prefer white flour but that’s because I don’t really like the taste of wheat flour. I do like the texture a little better with white too. How fun on the kimchi. I’ve been wanting to give it a try too but haven’t yet.


    • Thank you. I have always wanted to make those cookies. Is it common, do you know, to put the jam in after it has baked and not have the jam bake in the oven with the cookie?


  2. Spicy is definitely a subjective taste non? It sounds like the kimchi was a crowd pleaser, spicy or not, and that is definitely what counts. I keep threatening to make thumbprints but then I end up doing something else. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. I’ve been wanting to do a chocolate version.


  3. I’m glad you loved Beauty and the Beast – I’m thinking about going to see it again I loved it that much!

    I need to make Jam Drops (thumbprint cookies) with my small person and I’m also dying to get a waffle mould! Yours look divine and I didn’t think they were too brown at all.

    Your kimchi also looks amazing and now I want cucumbers. 🙂


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