Once Upon a Sock, three

Good evening. Do ya got dinner in the oven? I wish you could smell the chicken (seasoned in fajitas spices on a hot pan with slices of bell pepper and onions) cookin’ up in here. Your stomach would definitely rumble.

It’s the first Thursday of April where I link up with Paula (Spin a Yarn), Katherine (Fiber and Sustenance), and Kat (Felinity Knits) because there is sock progress!

I recently finished knitting up the foot of Speckle Me Waffles #2. The next section to work on will be the rounded toe. After that, I’ll put in the afterthought heel.

As mentioned before, I’ve been Portuguese knitting on this second sock. I didn’t want to practice the Portuguese style separately anymore and so took the plunge. I decided it would be okay for one sock to be a tad snugger. The first sock is (unblocked) 8.5 stitches per inch which is about a 6.5″ circumference. The second sock is (unblocked) 9 stitches per inch which is almost 6.25″ in circumference.

I’ll record a little video one day of me knitting. I’m getting better at this new style; it’s been a month since my class. I’m a little bit faster but no way as quick as with Continental. Most of the time it flows. I feel more comfortable tensioning the yarn in my right hand, but I do adjust when needed as sometimes my purling gets loose. I feel that maybe a knitter who throws has a slight advantage because she is used to holding the yarn with her right.

What I love about Portuguese knitting is if I forget my pin at home, I can loop the yarn around my neck. I do usually use my knitting pin. Here are some examples of knitting pins. I hope to one day buy one of Andrea’s magnetic ones which prevent the creation of holes in one’s garment. I definitely want to support her. She had told us a story in class where she loved this Etsy seller who made something like a knitting pin. My teacher asked the seller if she could make such and such design. Andrea was told they don’t do custom orders and now this seller is selling magnetic knitting pins! I thought that was so rude.

When you have time, please check out the other bloggers’ sock posts. If you’re a sock knitter or even new to it, don’t be afraid to join our monthly link up. We’d love to have you part of Once Upon a Sock. TTYL!



16 thoughts on “Once Upon a Sock, three

    • Thank you, Karen. I’ve been a bit lazy with finishing up the last touches on my jumper and this sock. Andrea Wong has a Youtube channel showing the basic knit and purl of Portuguese knitting; she was also on Knitting Daily years ago; there’s a video of that too if you Google it.

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    • Thank you, Katherine. I think I may knit some Hermione’s next and need to peruse my sock yarn, but maybe I’ll use the sparkly skein I got at STITCHES.


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  3. Your sock looks awesome and you’re almost finished too. Great job! I haven’t been practicing my Portuguese style of knitting much lately and I’m so glad to hear that you’ve kept up with it. I have the Craftsy class with Andrea Wong and I love it because I can rewind and play the lessons over and over 🙂 Definitely a worthwhile investment if you are going to continue with it and need a little help from time to time.


    • Thank you, Paula. A San Diego knitter who had sat next to me in class took her Craftsy class first. She highly praised it as well. I bought Andrea’s book to remind me in case I needed it. One of these days I will try out color knitting Portuguese style.


  4. I love your sock dedication! I am intrigued by the various knitting styles, Portuguese being one I have watched a lot of videos on. I feel that there needs to be a dedicated amount of knitting time to set up with this style and since I am a knit-on-the-go kind of gal, I more than likely would forget my yarn is pinned to me or wrapped around my neck lol! Also, not conducive to the demands of my 5 year old who loves to sit in my lap while I “yarn”. I’ll tuck this technique away for future reference 🙂


    • Mahalo plenty ^__^. Sorry I’m so tardy. I have no idea where time went. Sometimes after I workout and shower, I seem to become glued to this chair. One of these days you’ll get to trying out Portuguese. Your 5 year old is much more important.

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    • Kat, I will put in your link. My brain has been everywhere this week. If you ever try the afterthought heel, I highly recommend Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks pattern.

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  6. Love your sock and good for you with the Portugese knitting! I would like to try…. anything to speed up my knitting as I have so many plans in the works! LOL! You go girl!


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