A Year of Projects, Week 40

Sunday already? I swear this week had whizzed by. I was busy getting in my workouts, made a Costco run, and one of the mornings I helped the librarian and others set up Book Fair.

So how’s your weekend been? What are you up to today? Friday evening I got in some good knitting on a new gift WIP (post later this week); this made me very happy. Saturday, I totally slept in! I would be awake now and then and then crash out again over a 12 hour span. It felt good and was much needed. Saturday I had energy to do some cooking and I basically made two birthday cards for the bulk of the day which involved some experimenting before the final draft and some redoing. Today I finally tried out a kimchi recipe while trying to tackle some laundry and while my honey, after running a 5K in Oakland, is putting together our new coffee table and the girls are reading in their rooms.

I can show you this today:

I managed to get the sleeves in. I tried this on and there is room in the sleeves. I could probably layer under this jumper although the colorwork area hugs my waist just right. I am wondering if there will be some give after a wet-blocking? I’m not sure. The neckline seems wide but I have yet to knit its ribbing so that will help some. Already in my brain I’m imagining what I’ll be wearing with Pink Flamingo on the Lawn for its photoshoot!

Well, it’s lunchtime here on the west coast so I’m off to quiet the tummy rumbling. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. TTYL.


11 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 40

  1. It has been so much fun watching your Pink Flamingo on the Lawn progress. Every week I look at it and I am so impressed with how the pink part came out (with you alternating skeins that were of different dyelots). It’s such an awesome example of how to work with such a situation and yours has worked out so perfectly.


  2. I am in love with that sweater although short sleeves is not a good look on me! LOL ! You’re going to look darling in it and I can just imagine what the photo shoot will be. My ex loved Kimchi as he ate it when he was in Vietnam. I’m not sure if all the recipes are the same but I never tried it as it is ‘hot’ from what I’ve heard but he loved it! I hope yours turned out. Have a great week!


  3. Pink Flamingo is looking awesome! Must feel so good to be almost done with it. I saw your kimchi pics on IG and it looked yummy & spicy. My mom has a family recipe that she makes which I want to try out one of these days. Kimchi fried rice is total comfort food.


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