It’s Our Anniversary

When March 25th rolls around every year, the song of a well-listened to group from back in the day pops into my mind. Cue ♪L(´▽`L )♪ music…

Yesterday, E and I celebrated our first decade of marriage. This year our anniversary landed on a Saturday so with our dames in tow, our crew headed over to Half Moon Bay. We first hung out a bit at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay for its views:

The four of us walked the Coastal Access path and made our way down to that beach. Cupcake and Jellybean decided to play chicken with the waves. At one point, none of them would move and got mo-ded by a big wave, of course wetting their new sneakers *rolls eyes*.

To prevent any more of that, we adults decided it was time to make our way to downtown Half Moon Bay. Starting to walk on one side, my husband pointed out a store I’d like:

The girls and I went in while my man made himself comfortable on the outside bench. The tween and the baby have been in enough yarn stores to feel comfortable enough to wander about on their own. I walked through the whole store, mentally noting what brands were carried and figuring out if I was going to pick up a souvenir.

Remember how I mentioned Cupcake and Jellybean were happily perusing about by themselves? The youngest found this DMC Top This! yarn kit. Guess why?

On my end I decided to hunt for sock yarn because Fengari may have had brands I don’t see around often in the Bay Area. I found this skein of Online Supersocke. The colorways are inspired by Mexico. Oh what agony to have to choose a color! After minutes of deliberation, I finally chose this ball, one the 4th grader told me to pick in the first place:

Whistles were parched so a quick break happened:

It’s hard work diggin’ into that shaved ice, yeah? After killing time, our crew headed over the Sushi Main Street for our 5 p.m. reservation:

Our bellies were very happy! We decided to have dessert back in town and in the way our family likes to end a good day:

Ice cream always hits the spot! Once the four of us got home, we got fresh and clean. And once into our jammies, our crew watched Sing, a thumbs up.

What a beautiful day I had with my loved ones. For E and I, our daughters have been a special part of our history since the day we had met. So it was definitely appropriate to have them along on this momentous occasion.

Well, Jellybean is gettin’ impatient as I promised her we’d make jello after this I get this post up. TTYL and it’ll be soon!


14 thoughts on “It’s Our Anniversary

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  2. What fun pictures of your special day. Your girls are adorable and you and your mister make a very handsome couple. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂


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    • The hub and I ate there once when we had a belated honeymoon. I had found a deal on Groupon or Living Social and we stayed at the Mill Rose Inn. We were so spoiled by the morning breakfasts.


  4. What a wonderful way to spend your special day. I even enjoyed it from my computer! Your girls are adorable and growing up way to fast. Happy anniversary Stefanie


  5. Happy Anniversary…belated! What a cute picture of the 2 of you and the girls are getting so big……what happened to those little girls you used to have? LOL! What a great day and beautiful views and ocean and ice cream! Yum! I think maybe you should change her name to Jellobean! LOL! What a fun day!


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