A Year of Projects, Week 39

Twice in one day? Yeah, boy! I couldn’t justify blogging about our anniversary any day later so I posted about it today; you can read about our day trip of lovely sights and good eats here.

And with today being Sunday it’s also YOP1617. Once I got the tween’s sweater done (read here all about it), I was able to make some solid progress on my own jumper (part of My Sister’s Knitter Stash Down 2017 KAL as well):

Two weeks ago you saw most of the colorwork section completed. For today, not only did I finish up the 28 rounds, I also knitted the 2″ of ribbing.

Want a laugh? So pleased as punch I used my nostepinne to rewind what I had left of the two skeins of Sweet Georgia (grapefruit) that had been alternated with one another. Weighing them my yarn scale read 25 grams, about 55 yards. It then hit me I still had the sleeves and the neckline to knit up. I looked at the pattern to read that section’s directions and started panicking: Ho crap! There is no way I was going to have enough yarn! Oh man, I have to buy another skein? Then the light bulb finally went on – I should have another yarn cake in the project bag. I looked inside and duh! *smh Doh! Homer Simpson moment* 

All done here and off to read the posts of fellow, YOP group members. TTYL and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Bye.



10 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 39

  1. Happy Anniversary! Great pics and very delicious looking food. It’s making me very hungry to think about it!

    Your finished Flax sweater is gorgeous and fits her beautifully! Well done!!!

    And your colourwork looks beautiful too. Glad you found that extra cake!


  2. Oh boy – so glad you had more yarn. I did not want to hear the wailing I was expecting to hear as I read your tale. The Pink Flamingo is looking wonderful!


    • Thank you :O). My mind is a seive sometimes. I’ve been using my yarn bowl for that project and its project bag is on my craft table behind me. Don’t look there much, LOL.


  3. Happy anniversary! And whew on having more yarn, stuff like that is always a bit scary. Pink Flamingo is coming along so great!


  4. You crack me up. I think we all have that DOH moment. What a feeling of relief though, when we find we have exactly what we need. I really like the colors of your jumper. Looking forward to seeing it finished completely and modeled.


  5. Tween’s sweater turned out gorgeous…you are such a fine knitter! Everything you make looks so perfect. I had previously printed off the pattern for that sweater too! I love Tin Can Knits. Your color work sweater is to die for and you are really getting so much knitting done….I’m ashamed! LOL! So glad you found the other ball of yarn! Whew! Have a great week!


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