Gift Knitting V

Aloha! I send each of you a mahalo nui loa for your visits and comments. Mahalo for your patience while I’m around inconsistently.

Guess what?! I have an FO for you today! Last night during Moana, I was able to finish the main rounds of the second sleeve. This morning, I bound off using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Afterwards, I had the tween go through a photo shoot.

Are you ready? Roll the photos of Chloe’s Sweater Project, counting it as a second FO of My Sister’s Knitter’s Stash Down 2017!

I used the pattern, Flax, by Tin Can Knits; it’s the third time I’ve knitted this pattern. This yarn is Knit Picks, their Swish Worsted – a 100% merino. The colorway is Cobblestone Heather.

My gauge is 5 stitches per inch, unblocked, from a size 7 (4.5 mm), interchangeable Chiagoo Red Lace circular. About 6.5 out of 7 skeins were used.

I knitted a size XS. Cupcake’s chest measurement fits the size 8-10 but I wanted this sweater to last longer. Her body type needs the length.

All ribbing is twisted rib. For nonknitters, this mean each knit stitch is knitted through the back loop instead of the front.

This photo shows off the garter stitch panel that runs down each sleeve. The sleeves in these pictures look like they could be longer but with blocking the sweater will grow. Right now there is no time for a wet-blocking since the weather’s been warm lately; thankfully there will be some rain next week so her jumper will get some use.

It feels so good to have this tween jumper off the needles! I definitely want one for myself one day, maybe in Susan B. Anderson’s Barrett Wool Co. However, I will need a break from a sweater project after I finish up my own colorwork WIP. Believe me, I already know what I’ll cast on next.

Mahalo plenty for hangin’ out with me today. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. TTYL! Aloha.


20 thoughts on “Gift Knitting V

    • Thank you, Karen. She likes it for sure. She doesn’t like wearing jackets so this will be a good piece to especially wear in the mornings when it’s 40 something degrees out.

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      • My pleasure. There’s so many choices out there for us knitters. I know the Signatures are popular but oh boy was I shocked to learn they’re $47 a pop! A knitter who sat next to me in my STITCHES class bought one and she got irritated at how it took her a bit to find the right groove to screw in the metal needle attachment. Robyn, of Cherry Purls podcast, didn’t like how the cord kinked up. But each of us have her own preferences.

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  1. It turned out great and fits her wonderfully. I love the action shots too. Seriously thinking of knitting up one for my son since it looks like a comfortable sweater to wear.


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  3. Your Cupcake’s sweater turned out so gorgeous and I love the action shots too! After being in Hawaii all last week, I have been freezing at temps of middle 60’s this week in the Bay Area. It makes me long for my own cozy sweater to be finished 🙂 Maybe one day!


    • Thank you. What a lovely time you had there. Since moving to the east bay, I now understand why friends from the islands got cold when it was like 65 degrees.


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  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! It’s FABULOUS!! Well done on finishing (that seemed to happen so quickly for me! 😉 ) and it looks absolutely beautiful! It also looks so soft and gorgeous and I love the contrasting detail on the sleeve. I think I need something in merino now although unfortunately mine will be purchased from a shop!

    Half of your knitting talk is a foreign language to me but I can appreciate all the work that has gone into that.

    Your tween is a stunning model by the way!!


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