Gift Knitting IV

Good morning. My brain is still waking up as I’ve had a late start to this Saturday. My Aleve is still kickin’ in so I’m waiting for that sinus headache to be banished away. I really meant to post this week but time was several steps ahead of me I’m afraid. Workouts have been my focus, my husband inspiring me. I’ve completed a third week of 4x a week and I’m feelin’ really good about that. I wanted to get in a third session of weights yesterday but I was still sore from Thursday which had some added in exercises to target abs and thighs. I didn’t want to injure anything. So Friday I made myself power walk a longer distance: 4.59 miles in 1:09:07! I listened to a 90’s Dance mix on Soundcloud since iTunes’s selection of mixes are usually not the original artists. I’m happy power walking; when I’m out pounding on that pavement I’m in the zone, not wanting to quit til I reach my front steps!

On the knitting front, the weather is slowly changing here in the East Bay. We’ve had warmer temperatures for a few weeks now. I’ve been a monogamous knitter on Cupcake’s jumper. A month ago you saw everything but the sleeves. Here is where I am now:

Earlier I had thought I was home free as my tween had first told me she had wanted 3/4 length sleeves. Of course she changed her mind! I knitted an extra 25 rounds to get to the ribbing on the first sleeve. With the numbers now known, I am zooming along on sleeve two. I have 10 more rounds to knit and then 10 rounds of ribbing.

I doubt the 12-year-old will let me block it as she had cried out when I first made her try it on during the week, “But I won’t get to wear it!” There’s rain forecasted for most of next week so she should be able to make good use of this sweater then.

This is my main focus for today. What’s yours?


13 thoughts on “Gift Knitting IV

  1. That sweater is just gorgeous, Stef! Beautiful knitting as always, and that pattern and color are perfect! Makes me want to knit one myself! I’m working on a sweater, too.


  2. Lovely sweater!! You must be thrilled that your daughter wants it done quickly so she can wear it:)
    Good for you upping your workouts. I can’t wait for the snow to be gone so I can get outside and walk.


  3. It’s a lovely sweater and I love the way you deal with the way she changes her mind…you are such a good mom and knitter. I have no focus today at all…just reading!


  4. Stef, she is one lucky daugther! I cant wait to see a photo of her wearing it!! Sorry about the headaches…ugh. Good for you and the workouts. !!!! that takes a lot of self discipline


    • I have two DVDs that I like using when it rains out. I’d like a few more for back up. I think we’re getting light rain as it’s turning spring around here so who knows if that’s the last of it. Thank you about Cupcake’s sweater. I’m glad I can check it off.

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  5. Oh no – I’m sorry your sinuses aren’t happy at the moment. 😦

    Well done on so many workouts – I have been super lazy lately and really need to get outside some more!

    The sweater looks amazing! Ha ha – kids love exercising their prerogative to change their minds – and our patience when they do!!

    My main focus for the day is packing and spending time with my husband before the small one and I start our trek on Tuesday! Hope we both have successful weeks!


  6. Sweater looks gorgeous, I have a sweater that I have been knitting for about ten years!!!! I think I only have to do the neck ribbing. But because I hardly wear them any more the motivation isn’t there. Wish we had colder winters. Great power walking I am in in awe.


  7. That sweater is gorgeous! I hope Cupcake gets lots of wear out of it with the cooler temps coming up. I’m a fan of 3/4 sleeves – they’re so good for transition type dressing. Hope your sinus headache went away and you’re having a fantastic weekend!


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