A Year of Projects, Week 37

*stretches* ٩(´Д` ;)۶:.* Well hello there. Is your internal clock feelin’ like mine – groggy? Why can’t Daylight Savings start on a Saturday so we’d at least have two days to adjust? I don’t know why these ppl don’t think these things through.

Other than that, our crew had a fun time up in the city yesterday. My mum hosted a belated (schedule conflicts) birthday dinner for my brother who had turned the big 4-0 end of February. She was inspired to make an early Easter dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and mashed potatoes. I put together a 6-layer dip appetizer after inquiring after my brother’s preference. There were also baked shrimp with cocktail sauce + cheese and crackers. Dessert was Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream roll cake, J’s favorite and thumbprint cookies made by the tween. What a delightful gathering we had, catching up and watching my four-year old niece boss around Jellybean while the tween watched over my two-year old nephew. I of course held my newest nephew for a while, talking to him. I got some smiles and cooing!



I’m happy to report progress is still running alongside my knitting! Last Sunday I told you I was on round 20 of the colorwork chart. I am currently on the third to last round!

Can you see how those green triangles are taller? I really love how they stand out in this WIP.

Once I get this part done I’ll move onto the sleeves which are really short and not much work at all. I can see the finish line!

Here’s the second of Speckle Me Waffles:

I’m feeling a bit bummed because my Box of Sox KAL participation has been slow. I know that’s the perfectionist in me as I have high expectations of whatever I do. However, I know I’m doing what I can and that lots has been goin’ on in life.

I have three more repeats of the four-row stitch pattern. After the first set, I had switched my knitting to the Portuguese style. I told myself, enough with the separate practice of Portuguese knitting. I need to jump in and can do so with this sock WIP. I can tell my gauge is a little tighter but that’s okay. I’m happy knitting away while waiting in the car during pick up sessions.

It’s 11:47 a.m. here. Jellybean is eagerly awaiting for me to finish so we can watch Alice Through the Looking Glass, a movie we missed in the theaters last year and one her and her sister spotted on Netflix or Amazon recently during a bout of TV watching. So off I must go and start the air popper! Thank you very much for your past visits. Have a good Sunday and TTYL.


17 thoughts on “A Year of Projects, Week 37

  1. Everything is looking so good! I, too, need to just jump in with the Portuguese style knitting. I have a washcloth I was practicing on; however really haven’t been using the method lately. Cheers to both of us mastering the skill!


  2. Yeah… why doesn’t the time change happen on a Saturday? That would make a lot more sense in MY world. lol I’m drooling reading about the yummy eats at your brother’s birthday party. Mmmmm. Your Pink Flamingo is looking wonderful! I love the green contrast.


  3. I adore that sweater and the colors you chose for it. The trees really do stand out and you do such beautiful work! The socks are so pretty and look at you go with the Portugese knitting! I am missing my knitting and I think I need to keep going with that class and books or whatever to learn how to fix mistakes so I don’t have to always start over! LOL! I so admire everyone else’s beautiful, perfect knitting…..I don’t know how you all do it.


  4. I forgot to mention….i agree about the time change….and wish they’d get rid of it! Animals do not change their feeding times or anything else so it’s confusing for all of us!
    Plus, I love your Mother…smart woman! I noticed she combined your brother’s birthday, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day all into one marvelous celebration!


  5. Well, definitely starving now!!! Ha ha. All the food for the party sounded AMAZING! I hope you enjoyed it all!

    I haven’t watched Alice through the Looking Glass yet either but I hope you enjoyed it (and the popcorn!!).

    Have a lovely week!


  6. love the contrasting color of your colorwork, it is gorgeous!! happy birthday to your brother 🙂 I agree that the time change should be on Saturday…


  7. You are flying with that sweater!!! Wow. I love it. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are getting lots of stitches in on the sweater. well you answered one of my questions already, you eat corned beef and cabbage! Glad you had fun family time this weekend.!!


  8. Springing forward is more difficult for me than falling back for some reason. Love how the color work section is looking on your pullover. Your family celebrations always sound so fun! Corned beef & cabbage is one of my all time favorite comfort food meals.


  9. That sounds look a delicious meal.
    I know how frustrating it is to want to do something a particular way even though it takes more time.. There are always easier quicker ways to do things but being the perfectionist is who you are and it wouldn’t feel right to do it any other way.


  10. Ha so true about daylight savings time. I’ll just come right out and say it- I hate the time change. 🙂 There I feel better.

    The food sounds wonderful, love a good dip and shrimp… mmm… and Baskin Robbins cake. We had a BR and could get their cakes there but they went out. 😦

    Glad the crafty stuff is going well. Enjoy your week!!


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